Eskimo accused of ‘apocalyptic green spin’ in row over Stansted expansion

Flying Matters, chaired by Tony Blair’s former Energy Minister Brian Wilson,
said 59-year-old Mr Lynge’s claims that Britain’s foreign-holiday habit was causing
the melting of ice floes near the North Pole were exaggerated.   Mr Wilson said:
“An apocalyptic campaign of green spin confuses the issues rather than doing anything
to resolve them.   “Trying to stop ordinary people doing what the vast majority
of them do only very occasionally is a complete dead-end.”     His comments mark
a dramatic raising of stakes in the industry battle with environmentalists, who
claim that flying must be curbed to save the planet.   Until now, airlines have
been shy of head-on confrontations with green campaigners.   But Flying Matters
will launch advertisements showing images of iconic holiday sights such as the
Statue of Liberty and Taj Mahal alongside signs saying ‘No Entry’.   The aim of
the campaign, provocatively timed to coincide with Mr Lynge’s visit, is to mobilise
Middle England against environmentalists seeking new taxes on foreign holidays
and curbs on airport expansion.

(21.7.2007     Daily Mail)

One of the Flying Matters adverts – against the environmentalists