crisis ?????


What exactly is this “airport capacity crisis”?

– are ALL of the South East airports full? … (NO)
– are they likely to be full in the short term? … (NO)
– are there passengers unable to get flights, regularly turning up just to be turned away because their flight is overbooked etc (?  … NO)
– are businesses unable to increase their turn over/profits just because they can’t fly somewhere? …  (NO)

So what exactly is the crisis?


So what exactly is the crisis?

? BAA/BA see their dominance slipping from them.

Meanwhile they fan the flames by suggesting the horrors that Londoners
might have to change flights at someone else’s hub airport because
they don’t have the runway capacity to do direct flights to everywhere
from theirs.

They have contributed to the decline in Heathrow reliability by
overfilling the capacity and have no plan to reduce it to manageable
levels by organising and policing the slot schedule on proper data to
something that works………