Aircraft improvements likely to be “insignificant until 2045”

28.5.2008     (ENDS)


EuropeDAILY 2551,

Improvements in aircraft efficiency will not dramatically affect the all-round
environmental performance of the German air fleet until after 2045, according
to a new study for the German environment ministry.

“All industry efforts to reduce emissions are welcome, but they have to be strengthened,”
German junior environment minister Michael Maller said.

The study analyses aircraft industry goals to halve aircraft fuel consumption
and noise emissions and cut nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions by 80%, all by 2020.

It concludes that although more efficient engine features are now available,
improvements beyond 10% are not in sight.

Fuel efficiency goals cannot be achieved simultaneously with improvements in
NO2 and aircraft noise emissions, due to weight and engine efficiency conflicts,
it says.   New, more efficient planes now going into service would not be a major
part of fleets until 2017, researchers found.

Follow-up:  See German environment ministry press release and study.   (Both in German)