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There is a website called Luxury Insider, which has webpages devoted to 5 of the airlines with the most luxurious facilities.

For example, on Singapore Airlines:


With one of the world’s youngest airline fleets, Singapore Airlines is today known as an industry trend-setter with a reputation for innovation and superb inflight hospitality. Flying to 98 destinations in 40 countries, it also holds the record for the longest non-stop direct flight ever.

There are just eight seats in the new First Class being introduced on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft plying selected routes. Furnished by fashion house Givenchy, the hard-backed seats measure 35 inches across, and fold fully flat to create a natural sleeping position.The seats are upholstered in leather, with warm tan and acorn color tones, while mahogany wood trim and bold stitching complete the classic furniture effect.
Passengers each get a 23″ LCD television screen, a built-in laptop power supply, and a USB port so they can choose to work on board. Phitek anti-noise headsets are provided as well. Personal storage is provided for inside a lighted compartment within the seat’s accompanying Ottoman, and a “vanity area” for freshening up without getting up is part of each seat. Salvatore Ferragamo provides the fragrances and toiletries, with women getting body lotion and hand cream while the men are provided with after-shave emulsion and a shaving kit. All passengers get Givenchy sleeper suits with suede lounge slippers as well.
A constantly changing fine-dining menu created by the appointed International Culinary Panel is available for consumption at any point during the flight save for take-off and landing. China and Bone tableware is made by Givenchy, and will eventually be used on the rest of the Singapore Airlines First Class fleet.
First Class travelers are treated to an elegant check-in lounge furnished in marble, wood panels, and embossed leather. They also are afforded access to Singapore Airlines’ Silver Kris lounge to relax in before the flight.
Passengers are greeted at the terminal by senior passenger-relations officers, who will escort them to the premium check-in reception. Overhead stowage bins allow for increased headroom.

On British Airways:

British Airways is the United Kingdom’s largest international airline, flying to over 550 destinations and with more flights from Europe across the Atlantic than any other operator.

The seats in British Airways FIRST are designed to be exclusive, personal demi-cabins that transform into fully-flat beds measuring 78 inches in length. The seat cushions are 20 inches wide, and feature a “buddy seat” on which traveling partners or colleagues can sit temporarily while chatting or eating in privacy.
Entertainment systems are on-demand in FIRST. Each passenger receives a pair of luxury velvet slippers with the optional Turndown Service on selected flights, as well as a sleeper suit. Anya Hindmarch washbags with select personal products are provided.
Pre-flight dining is an option available to passengers who want undisturbed privacy during the flight. For those who choose to eat on board the plane, a la carte meals are made to individual order. If flying from London, a selection of wild fish – the Catch of the Day – is available to complement the selection of wine and champagne on board.
A lounge is available at certain terminals as well, such as at Heathrow where the lounge houses a relaxing spa as well as waiter service for food and beverages.
FIRST passengers get queue-less check-in services at selected airports.

and so on.



What’s new in the skies

From revamped cabins to wi-fi, the world’s airlines have new tricks to tempt you in 2012

29 April 2012 (The Times)
Article at

The Times gives some of the goodies that three airlines provide, to tempt the rich to buy first class tickets, and travel in ever increasing levels of luxury.

Below are just a few bits to give an indication of the sort of thing the airlines are using to persuade customers to part with their money for luxury travel and comfort, while generating even greater amounts of carbon for their luxury travel than would be produced if planes fitted in more passengers, with less space each.


Virgin Atlantic

The Upper Class cabin includes a 9ft diagonal bar, a luggage-bin-free ceiling in the cabin’s centre, and seat curves and design flourishes that are visually appealing, relaxing and functional.  ….. espresso-brown leather seats, which flip over to reveal 7ft 2in soft-fabric beds with a sleep sheet, a duvet and a pillow. Passengers get an ottoman, for dining à deux, and extra storage.  ………. Other recent improvements include new lounges — New York JFK has the latest upgrade — touchscreen in-flight entertainment and new routes.


British Airways

It has opened a new lounge at New York Newark airport, and continues to fit aircraft with its new cabin design and seats, as well as better in-flight entertainment systems. With Heathrow operating at close to full capacity, the carrier is about to add flights from London City to Mahon (Minorca), Angers (Loire Valley), Quimper (Brittany) and, from September, Aberdeen. That makes a total of 22 BA destinations from the airport, including New York, to which there are two flights a day. It, too, has ordered Dreamliners and A380s; both are expected next year.


Cathay Pacific

From next month, it will offer premium economy. Introduced on selected London flights, it has wider seats, which recline further, and a 38in seat pitch. Premium passengers will have dedicated check-in desks, priority boarding and 11lb more free baggage allowance. Cathay’s superb StudioCX in-flight entertainment system has 600 films and TV programmes, 888 CDs and, just added, a selection of audio books. Its Wing lounges in Hong Kong are being refurbished to include a larger noodle bar, a Coffee Loft and bamboo plants.