March conference

AirportWatch Conference 2009
around the theme of  
Successful Airport Campaigning
on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March, in London 



10.45     Coffee, cakes and a chance for a chat

11.15      Welcome from Chair Chris Crean

11.20       Successful Campaigning – John Stewart

Veteran campaigner John Stewart, who last year was voted Britain’s most effective
environmentalist by the Independent on Sunday, will talk about what makes a successful
campaign.   It will include a brief update on the current state of play and on
how it might develop in 2009 and 2010, particularly in light of the current economic

11.40   Making an Impact in Scotland   – Dan Glass and Tilly Gifford

Exciting things are happening in Scotland.   AirportWatch Scotland was formed
in 2008.   Through its “Plane Speaking” project, local campaign networks, rooted
in the local communities, have been set up in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.   Dan
and Tilly will tell us how the campaign in Scotland got off the ground using interactive
ways of working.  

12.00   Working in the West Country   – Jeremy Birch

AirportWatch South West was set up in 2007.   Jeremy Birch will outline the successful
regional working which is taking place in the West Country

12.20   Break-Out Sessions     (Session 1)

The importance of economics and employment  

A discussion, using examples of the reports by written or commissioned by campaigners,
on how to challenge the claims made by the industry about economics and employment.

The role of direct action

People from the Plane Stupid network will lead a discussion on if, when and how
direct action could be used in campaigning.

Tackling noise + climate change = more effective campaigning?

Noise and climate change are two of the big issues that motivate people to get
involved in airport campaigning.   A discussion around including both issues in
a campaign can make it more inclusive and effective.
1.00     LUNCH

2.00   Winning against the Odds

A plenary discussion facilitated by Chris Crean and John Stewart.     It will include:

•  The problem of unsupportive councils:   John will discuss with campaigners from
London City, Gloucester and Manchester airports how they are tackling their local
councils (with plenty of impute from everybody else!).   Then Chris will discuss
with campaigners who are also councillors what they think we could be doing.    

•  An opportunity to talk about campaigning, including your own experiences.


3.30     TEA

3.45   Break-Out Sessions     (Session 2):       The earlier ones are repeated:                                      

4.30     Creating our own flight path maps:

                                           Horst Weise and Martin Kessel from Germany
5.15     Finish

9.30     Welcome Back!

9.35     Using the Old and New Media:   John Stewart and Richard George

An interactive session on press and media work, including the use of social networking,
blogging, YouTube, and making best use of the internet.

10.30   Biofuels – why they are not the answer

11.00   Reflecting on Saturday

A chance to explore in more detail with fellow campaigners ideas which can help
make our campaigns more effective.   All the ideas that Saturday prompted in your
mind.   All those things you didn’t have time to say on Saturday!  

11.45   Moving forward

A final plenary session discussing how we can move forward together during 2009.

12.00   END