Road Transport Industry backs a 3rd runway for Heathrow

23.1.2009   (

Road transport bosses have come out in support of the government’s decision to
build a third runway at Heathrow. Earlier this month, transport secretary Geoff
Hoon approved the £9bn project, which is expected to include a new terminal and
a rail link to St Pancras station.

The runway will take about 10 years to build and require the demolition of the
nearby village of Sipson, which has 700 homes. When completed, it will increase
traffic from 480,000 to 600,000 flights a year.

Steve Bowles, Roy Bowles Transport managing director, says: “The expansion of
Heathrow is vital for the continuing viability of the airport to remain a world-class
hub airport for both passenger and the associated cargo traffic. But expansion
must be achieved with suitable road as well as rail links to serve this airport
and the West London and Thames Valley area in general.”

Piers Carroll, vice-chairman of Saints Transport, believes it is vital the government
deals with the expansion correctly, with investment in the road network, adequate
rail links and proper assistance for thosewho lose their homes.

However, he says: “It will create jobs, it will boost the economy and it will
allow us to rival other major airports around the world.”

Christopher Snelling, head of global supply chain policy at the Freight Transport
Association, says: “Few people realise that around 90% of all air freight is moved
by passenger plane and Heathrow accounts for over half of the UK’s air freight
by weight, so its operational efficiency has a huge impact on UK and international


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