Consultation underway on Bristol Draft Noise Action Plan


Under the requirements of the Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EU and the
Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006, Bristol International Airport
has produced a Draft Noise Action Plan.  

This draft document aims to build on the existing noise management framework
in place at Bristol International and, where possible, reduce the effects of noise
on surrounding communities.

The Draft Noise Action Plan can be downloaded here.

Consultation runs from 1 September to 22 December.

If you would like to discuss the document with members of the airport’s Environment
and Community Relations teams, the following meetings have been arranged:

2pm – 7pm on Tuesday 13 October at Hangstones Pavilion, Stowey Road, Yatton

2pm  – 7pm on Tuesday 10 November at Felton Village Hall, Felton



Have your say on Bristol Airport noise

3.9.2009     (This is Bristol)

Bristol Airport is asking people to give their views on its plans to limit noise.  
It comes as planners consider a £150-million planning application to expand the
airport.   This would mean the number of planes taking off and landing each hour
would rise by eight, to 13.

The airport has drawn up a Draft Noise Action Plan and is asking local people
for their views during the next 16 weeks.

The airport says a rigorous framework for the management and reporting of noise
is in place.   It also says measures to curb noise from aircraft on the ground
and in the air are already in place.

They include restrictions on the use of generators and encouraging airlines to
operate quieter aircraft.

New proposals include reviewing where aircraft park and the introduction of a
tracker system to record the routes taken by planes using Lulsgate.

Alan Davies, the airport’s planning and environment director, said: “We take
consultation seriously, and are keen to hear the views of local stakeholders on
this plan.”

The plan has been drawn up to cover the parishes of Yatton, Congresbury, Cleeve,
Wrington, Backwell and Winford.

Hilary Burn, of the Stop Bristol Airport Expansion (SBAE) campaign, said: “It
is about time that the airport recognised the problems caused by noise, but the
airport should not be drawing up its own action plan.

“Noise action plans on road and rail operations are drawn up by independent organisations.
Why would an airport operator impose constraints on their own operations that
could possibly lose them business?”

SBAE is calling for a reduction in the number of night flights, moving to a total
ban, and fewer flights early in the morning and late at night .

Ms Burn said: “At first glance, what is on offer is more mitigation from the
impacts of noise rather than an actual noise reduction.”