Luton airport launches Draft Noise Action Plan Consultation


The Airport has launched its "Noise Action Plan" for public consultation until
17th January 2010.     LADACAN’s (The Luton and District Association for the Control of Aircraft
Noise)   –  –   says their involvement in its gestation through the Consultative Committee
does not encourage them to expect too much by way of action on noise,  but LADACAN
will take a fresh look at the consultation draft and post  their views on their
website, once they have had time to digest them.

The consultation details can be found on the environment section of the Airport
public relations web site under the "Draft Noise Action Plan Consultation" tab
together with details of the two planned exhibitions on 12 October and 4 January.

The European Environmental Noise Directive says  the  aim  of the NAP should be
 "measures to reduce noise exposure" but airports have chosen instead to merely focus on  "measures
to manage noise exposure".

The Luton NAP has no targets and dates, other than a few mentions of increased
monitoring of noise.   There is no mention of reducing aircraft noise, and no measures
that might inconvenience or add costs to airlines.   The only mention of “reduce”
is in the numbers of people affected by noise.



The Luton Airport website says:

2010 – 2015

This Draft Noise Action Plan has been prepared in partnership with representatives
of the London Luton Airport Consultative Committee, our air traffic control provider
and airline partners. London Luton Airport has held a pre-consultation workshop
with representatives from the London Luton Airport Noise and Track Sub Committee
to obtain early views on the approach to be taken in developing the Draft Action
Plan and the level of noise control sought by stakeholders. Noise & Track
Sub Committee members also had the opportunity to supply comments on a pre-consultation
draft of the document before full public consultation commenced.

We now wish to obtain your views on this Draft Noise Action Plan. We would be
grateful to receive your response to a number of consultation questions, and additionally
we would welcome any general comments you might have relating to the Draft Noise
Action Plan.

This consultation was launched on 28 September 2009 and will run for 16 weeks closing on Sunday 17 January 2010.

During the consultation period, we will engage further with Planning and Environmental
Health Officers within neighbouring local authorities and attend meetings on their
request, to explain the Draft Noise Action Plan. In addition, London Luton Airport
will host two public exhibitions before the scheduled London Luton Airport Consultative
Committee meetings:

10:00-13:00, Monday 12th October 2009 and Monday 4th January 2010

University of Bedfordshire

Putteridge Bury Conference Centre

Hitchin Road




These public exhibitions will be advertised in the local media and open for anyone
to attend. Representatives from London Luton Airport will be available to answer

All information relating to the Draft Noise Action Plan consultation process
will be published on this web site. Copies of the Executive Summary are available
on request.

If you have any queries regarding the document or the consultation process, or
would like to discuss a particular issue or request an Executive Summary, then
please contact us by telephone on 01582 395382 or via email at

Please send your completed consultation responses by Sunday 17 January 2010 by
post to:

Draft Noise Action Plan Consultation

c/o Airfield Environment Office

London Luton Airport Operations Limited

Navigation House

Airport Way



London Luton Airport Operations Limited, as the designated competent authority,
will publish the final Noise Action Plan once approved by the Secretary of State
for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. In accordance with the Noise Action Plan
Guidance, we will also publish a summary of the consultation responses received
and a reasoned justification for the response to issues raised.

Final copies will be sent to key stakeholders and those who participated in the
consultation process. It will also be published on  this  website.