Plane Stupid brands Glasgow Airport Terminal 2 as unethical

12.2.2010     (Plane Stupid – Johnny’s blog)

On the day the world’s leaders were to release their global emissions target, Plane Stupid Scotland unveiled a new sign welcoming people to Glasgow
Airport. Giant letters read “T2 closed” and “Closed for Ethical Rethink”, pointing
to the increasingly struggling  airport.

The action is the first in a growing campaign to keep Terminal 2 shut for good.
It was closed over the winter as a cost saving measure after passenger numbers
fell by 11.3% to 7.2 million. Glasgow airport operates a huge number of short
haul and domestic flights.

Local residents have had fewer sleepless nights due to the decreased air traffic
and the airport’s emissions have also reduced from the 618,539 tonnes of Co2 it
emitted in 2008 (although unsurprisingly BAA won’t tell us by how much). This
trend must continue if we’re to meet our emissions targets, or the “world’s greatest Climate Change Bill” (copyright Scottish Parliament) will become the world’s biggest embarrassment.

Reggie Whittaker, who lives by Glasgow airport explained: “T2 really is plane stupid. It’s unsustainable and unnecessary.”