Labour party manifesto backs Heathrow 3rd runway but no other new runways

12.4.2010   (Labour Party Manifesto)

The Labour Party Manifesto was published today.   On airports, it states (page 14) :

“Heathrow is Britain’s international hub airport, already operating at full capacity,
and supporting millions of jobs, businesses and citizens who depend upon it.  
We support a third runway at Heathrow, subject to strict conditions on environmental
impact and flight numbers, but we will not allow additional runways to proceed
at any other airport in the next Parliament.”   (However, see proviso below)

On climate change, part of what the Labour manifesto  says (page 55):

“We have established low-carbon policy as one of the principal engines of our
economic recovery and future growth.   Our aim is to create 400,000 new green jobs
by 2015. The foundation of Labour’s approach has been leadership on climate change.
The 2008Climate Change Act made Britain the first country in the world to put
its carbon targets into law.

“Internationally, we will continue to work for an ambitious, fair and legally
binding climate change agreement, building on the Copenhagen Accord to limit global
temperature rises  to two degrees Celsius. In the next Parliament, we will use
our leadership in the EU to push for a strengthening of Europe’s 2020 emission
reductions from 20 to 30 per cent by 2020 as part of an ambitious global deal.
This would mean the UK increasing its current target of a 34 per cent reduction.
As part of the negotiations, we believe Europe should agree a second Kyoto commitment
period, provided all countries are brought within a clear legal framework.”

There is no mention of regional airport expansion in numbers by Labour, Conservatives
or Lib Dems.

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BBC     13.4.2010

Labour U-turn on second runway at Stansted Airport

The Labour Party is no longer in favour of a second runway at Stansted Airport
in Essex, it has said.

In its manifesto the Labour Party said it was still supporting the idea of a
third runway at Heathrow, but it had changed its mind about Stansted.

“We will not allow additional runways to proceed at any other airport in the
next Parliament,” the manifesto said.

Theresa Villiers, shadow transport secretary, said: “Just three weeks before
the general election a tired Labour government has finally caved in and accepted
the Conservative position on Stansted.

“Conservatives have opposed a second runway for years and will stop it happening
if we win the general election.”

Inquiries needed

The Liberal Democrat shadow transport secretary Norman Baker said: “Any party
that supports a third runway at Heathrow cannot be serious about climate change.

“Labour are wedded to a third runway and the Tories can’t be trusted to reverse
it.  Only the Liberal Democrats can guarantee there will be no airport expansion
across London and the South East.”

Stop Stansted Expansion campaign director Carol Barbone said the inquiries needed
before a second runway could be built would take the lifetime of parliament.



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Other policy statements (not the manifestos) on the party websites are at
Conservatives do not mention Stansted or Gatwick.  
Lib Dems would not allow runways at Stansted or Gatwick.
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Though the manifesto sounds as if it rules out a runway at Stansted, this may
not be the case.   If BAA put in permission for a 2nd runway and it then went to Public Inquiry, it would be more than the lifetime
of this next Parliament before the Government was called upon to make a decision.  
If this is right, Labour has promised nothing more than the current situation.