Liberal Democrats launch Manifesto including policies on aviation

14.4.2010   (Lib Dems)

The Liberal Democrat election manifesto was launched, with a short section on aviation:

This states (page 78):

restricting aviation growth

The emissions from rising aviation are a serious problem in the fight against
climate change.   But in some more remote parts of the country, flights are a vital
lifeline, and aviation is important for the economy as a whole.  Liberal Democrats
believe that we should do all we can to ensure people use alternatives where that
makes sense.

We will:

• Replace the per-passenger Air Passenger Duty with a per-plane duty (PPD), so
capturing freight movements by air for the first time.

• Introduce an additional, higher rate of PPD on domestic fl ights for which
alternative and less polluting travel is readily available.

• Cancel plans for the third runway at Heathrow and any expansion of other airports in the South East.



The manifesto commitment of Labour on aviation  says  (page 14) :

“Heathrow is Britain’s international hub airport, already operating at full capacity,
and supporting millions of jobs, businesses and citizens who depend upon it.  
We support a third runway at Heathrow, subject to strict conditions on environmental
impact and flight numbers, but we will not allow additional runways to proceed
at any other airport in the next Parliament.”  


The manifesto commitment of the Conservatives   on aviation say (page 23):

Because travel abroad is so important for our economy and for family holidays,
we need to improve our airports and reduce the environmental impact of flying. Our goal is to make Heathrow airport better, not bigger.     We will stop the third runway
and instead link Heathrow directly to our high speed rail network, providing an
alternative to thousands
of flights.     In addition, we will:

• block plans for second   runways at Stansted and Gatwick; and,

• reform Air Passenger Duty to encourage a switch to fuller and cleaner planes.



On Climate the Liberal Democrats have a lot to say.   Climate change …. Pages. 8, 11, 57-62, 64, 79, 84


a green future: protecting the planet

(page 11)   “Liberal Democrats believe that protecting the environment is one
of the greatest challenges this generation faces. We must hand on to our children
a planet worth living on. That requires action across government – this is everybody’s
responsibility, not just one climate change minister’s. It is because we believe
concern for the environment is important in every part of people’s lives that
we have identified policies in every chapter of this manifesto to protect the
planet. These policies are highlighted with green side tabs.”


tackling climate change

(page 57)   “Climate change is the greatest challenge facing this generation.
Liberal Democrats are unwavering in our commitment: runaway climate change must
be stopped, and politicians must follow the science in order to make that happen.  
We will set a target for a zero-carbon Britain that doesn’t contribute at all
to global warming – making the British economy carbon-neutral overall by 2050,
reducing carbon emissions in the UK by over 40 per cent of 1990 levels by 2020
as a step on the way.”

Our response to climate change will give the British people more secure energy
supplies, reduce air pollution and related health costs – and create thousands
of new jobs.


leading the fight against climate change

(page 60)   “Liberal Democrats are committed to securing a legally binding global
agreement on limiting the increase in global temperatures to below 1.7 degrees
Celsius.   We believe that such an agreement must be based on reducing emissions
overall, while equalising emissions between the developed and developing worlds
– the principle of contraction and convergence.   Strong and credible EU ambition,
with effective UK leadership, are essential for achieving a global agreement,
so that total greenhouse gas emissions peak no later than 2015.   Liberal Democrats
will work within Europe and internationally to give renewed urgency to global
efforts to combat climate change.

We will press the EU to:

• Promote the transition to a low-carbon economy in Europe, by moving unilaterally
and immediately to an EU emissions reduction target of 30 per cent by 2020, adopting
new long-term targets and policies for clean energy and energy efficiency; and
expand investment in energy technology innovation, within Europe and internationally.


On 2020 targets, the Conservatives  say –  nothing
Labour:   “Internationally, we will continue to work for an ambitious, fair and
legally binding climate change agreement, building on the Copenhagen Accord to
limit global temperature rises  to two degrees Celsius. In the next Parliament,
we will use our leadership in the EU to push for a strengthening of Europe’s 2020
emission reductions from 20 to 30 per cent by 2020 as part of an ambitious global
deal. This would mean the UK increasing its current target of a 34 per cent reduction.
As part of the negotiations, we believe Europe should agree a second Kyoto commitment
period, provided all countries are brought within a clear legal framework.”