Protest by the German Robin Wood group against Frankfurt airport expansion

3.6.2010 (Robin Wood campaign in Germany – Frankfurt)

* Less Air Traffic for More Effective Climate Politics

* ROBIN WOOD-Climbing Activists in Frankfurt Against Airport Expansion

“Save the Climate: Stop Airport Expansion”: a 130 cubic meter banner with this
demand was unfurled from the arm of a building crane on the construction site
for the expansion of the Rhein-Main-Airport near Frankfurt (Main) by ROBIN WOOD
activists this morning at approximately 6am.

The activists publicly criticize the UN climate talks which are currently taking
place in Bonn.   Their message: “Don’t wait for governments to save the climate.
Become active yourself, create pressure from the base and join together to resist
environmentally unfriendly development, such as the expansion of airports like
in Frankfurt.”

“In Bonn they’re talking about reducing climate change and here work is being
done to further the climate catastrophe,” remarked ROBIN WOOD activist Daniel
Häfner. “We demand a stop to airport expansions.”

Greenhouse gas emissions in international air travel have increased by 50% since
the Kyoto Protocol.   More than 3 million planes already traverse German airspace
every year.  

The three largest German airports of Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin are currently
being expanded or are set

to begin expansion soon, which alone would lead to a doubling of airport capacity
and the negation of national climate protection goals.

“National and state politicians talk about protecting the climate, but do everything
in their power to do just the opposite,” said Häfner.     “We’re tired of the hypocrisy.  
Instead of words we want to see action. In the aviation industry this means taxing
kerosine in order to fund climate protection projects in the global South and
no more airport expansions.”

After the failure of the climate talks in Copenhagen, ROBIN WOOD continues to
see the importance of mobilizing for climate protection from the base.   This begins
with one’s own lifestyle and consumption

practices, but means much more.   For example, involving oneself in local initiatives
in order to together fight for climate protection and climate justice.

For the individual, there is no one more effective way to harm the climate so
fast, so intensively and so inexpensively than through air travel.  It is therefore
an important contribution to climate protection to no longer, or at least more
seldomly, fly.

At only the Rhein-Main airport already half a million planes takeoff and land
yearly.   Through the construction of the new landing strip, which is scheduled
to be opened at the end of 2011, an increase to up to one million planes is possible.
 In order to make room for their new asphalt strip, Fraport had approximately
250 hectares of mixed forest cleared; trampling on both the flora and fauna of
the region, as well as the citizen’s initiatives and ROBIN WOOD and independent
activists who stood in their way.

ROBIN WOOD is also involved in the activities surrounding the UN climate change
talks in Bonn and invites you to join the demonstration for climate justice on
Saturday, June 5th.   The demonstration begins at the

Kaiserplatz in Bonn at 13:00. More information can be found at:

Monika Lege, Transportation Campaigner,

Ute Bertrand, Press Contact,

Photo and film material can also be obtained from Ute Bertrand, Photo: