Monthly climate data from NOAA for July 2009 to February 2011

The American National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) produces
a monthly, detailed, analysis of the global climate.  This gives details of the
global ocean temperature, the global land surface temperature, and the combined
land and ocean temperature.
And each month there are charts and graphs showing more detail by area, and underlying
For the most recent months, a table has been put together, summarising the key

NOAA global climate data for July 2009 to Feb 2011 

Of these most recent 20 months:
Combined land and ocean temperature
9 months were either the hottest or second hottest since records began in 1880
Land surface temperature
8 months were either the warmest or 2nd warmest
Ocean surface temperature:
8 months were either the warmest or 2nd warmest
A La Nina developed in July 2010, lasting till January 2011, with subsequent
cooling.   Therefore the last 5 or so months have not been particularly warm.
Details and monthly analysis at NOAA at
Though the recent La Nina is very much weakened, NOAA cannot predict with any
certainty whether it will continue for more months. Neither can it predict when
or if another El Nino will develop.