ICAO workshops to help States prepare action plans to reduce international aviation emissions

5.5.2011  (GreenAir online) 

The first of five three-day regional workshops to assist ICAO Member States in
producing national action plans for reducing international aviation CO2 emissions
ended in Mexico City yesterday.
Hosted by the Mexican government, the workshop was attended by representatives
from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean States nominated by their
respective governments, as well as other stakeholders such as regional civil aviation
organisations, the Inter-American Development Bank, IATA, ACI and CANSO.
The plans, to be submitted to ICAO by June 2012, result from the agreement reached
at the ICAO Assembly last October that States achieve an overall 2% increase in
global fuel efficiency [presumably annually, and not in total !] up to 2050 and an aspirational goal of stabilising CO2 emissions levels by 2020.
Although not mandatory, by submitting action plans, States can benefit from technical
and possible financial assistance in reducing aviation emissions.
“ICAO environmental action plans will help States identify the most appropriate
measures to reduce emissions from international aviation,” said ICAO Council President
Roberto Kobeh González. “They will also allow ICAO to monitor progress by States
in achieving global aspirational goals and help address specific needs.”
To assist States develop their action plans, ICAO has prepared a “comprehensive
programme” that includes guidance material, a web-based template for the submission
of plans and preparation training workshops.
“The workshops provide an opportunity for the exchange of views and experiences
in order to help States formulate policies and measures that are in line with
differing realities,” said Ambassador Juan Manuel Gómez Robledo, Mexico’s Undersecretary
for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights.
Further regional workshops are due to take place in Bangkok (May 25-27), Dubai
(June 14-16), Nairobi (July 4-6) and Paris (July 11-13). ICAO says these efforts
will make it possible for all regions to receive the initial information necessary
to launch the preparation of their action plans by the middle of the year.
In addition to submitting action plans, States are “encouraged” to report annually
to ICAO on their international aviation CO2 emissions.
The action plan process is one of the few measures adopted by the Assembly climate
change resolution that ICAO has been able to implement at speed. Other major contentious
issues, such as medium term aspirational reduction goals and market-based measures,
are now in limbo and subject to a ‘cooling off’ period. It is believed they are
likely to be outsourced through a tender process to outside contractors for further


ICAO Action Plan Workshop Mexico programme (pdf)

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European Commission signs Memorandum of Cooperation with ICAO

Date Added: 5th May 2011


European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas and the Hungarian State Secretary
for Infrastructure Pál Völner, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation providing a framework for enhanced cooperation and
stronger EU involvement with ICAO. 
Kallas said both ICAO and Europe will benefit.  It will allow EU to contribute to the preparatory work for policy and standard setting
in ICAO in safety, security, environment and air traffic management

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