Kate and William choose to staycation in England rather than jet off expensively abroad

3.5.2011 (TravelMole)

Pre and post nuptial events set trend for green UK holidays

Although there has been a great deal of speculation about the destination for
the royal couple’s honeymoon – the current top favourite is the UK’s Scilly Isles.

Wherever they choose, the couple have already made their preferences for UK stays
clear by both using close locations for their pre-nuptial bashes.

Prince William had his stag do in the secret surroundings of Clarence House where
his minders could ensure his wild behaviour (if Prince Harry got his way) was
kept under wraps. Kate, on the other hand, had a celebratory evening in a friend’s

Even the post-nuptial mini-moon was kept to a few days in a secret destination
in the UK.

The question now is “Where will the romantic couple’s honeymoon be spent?”

In the same way that the family-run Goring Hotel was shot to world-wide prominence
by being Kate’s base prior to the grand wedding – any destination that the couple
choose will become a ‘must-do’ for the stylish and wannabe stylish crowd.

As royal watchers continue to try to be the first to know about every detail
of the royal wedding, the honeymoon is now the new topic of speculation.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported that Palace officials don’t want the newlyweds
jet-setting on a pricey foreign holiday while other Brits are still having trouble
paying the rent. Their source confirmed, “William and Kate are acutely aware that
in these difficult times being seen to take a luxury honeymoon would not look
good and send out entirely the wrong signal.”

Moreover the UK Prime Minister has urged Britons to follow his lead by “staycationing”,
saying they should be proud of their country and what it has to offer – putting
his bathing trunks and his bucket and spade where his words were.

The prime minister and his wife were snapped midway through their break in Cornwall
last year– enjoying the beautiful view across Daymer Bay, which lies between the
towns of Rock and Polzeath.

And the William and Kate’s father-in-law – Prince Charles, is both a committed
green campaigner and advocate of everything that the UK has to offer.

So, it looks like the Scilly Islands – will known to Brits as the holiday destination
of long term past prime minister Harold Wilson.


Off the Cornish coast to the west, the isles are gorgeous but are not well known.

The five islands of the archipelago include St. Mary’s, St. Martin’s, and St.

St. Mary’s is the most populated, but unlikely to be the destination of the couple
who surely will want a bit of privacy after their very public wedding. And for
that, the islands of St. Agnes and St. Martin seem to be perfect.

St. Agnes is a beautiful island that is known for its gorgeous beaches and its
quaint feel. The island has everything William and Kate could want, including
homemade chocolate and ice cream and farmers markets to wander through.

St. Martins is also a very private island with cafes, a pub and one hotel. William
and Kate might enjoy strolling through St. Martins winery while tasting some of
the local wine as well as having a romantic afternoon picnic in the island’s flower
farm. St. Martins also has the beach that was voted best beach in the U.K. – Great

And, like the engagement ring that Kate now wears (Diana’s), a trip down memory
Lane for William who has fond memories of a family holiday taken there with Charles,
Diana and Harry in 1989.

So, with all of the rumors surrounding the Isles as a possible place to see Prince
William and Kate there in the near future, the official tourism site has tripled
its amount of traffic. The tourism industry hopes this rise in popularity turns
into more bookings.

And a trendsetting green, moneysaving, sustainable staycation.

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