Chief executive of Leeds Bradford Airport in plea to Government to tax others more

Chief executive of Leeds Bradford Airport in plea to Government

26.6.2011 (Ilkley Gazette)

The chief executive of Leeds Bradford Airport is calling on the Government to
reduce the tax burden on regional airports.

John Parkin is one of a number of airport bosses to sign a joint letter urging
the government to abandon its ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to aviation taxes,
which they believe penalises the regions.

The letter, whose signatories include the chief executive officers of all airports
in Yorkshire and Humber as well as Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Birmingham,
welcomes the national consultation on air passenger duty.

Regional airport bosses want to see a charge on the busiest airports.

In their letter they say: “Air Passenger Duty is now at a level which is by far
the highest in the world, with taxes of up to £170 per flight making it incredibly
difficult for us to attract airlines to commence new services.

“That’s not just bad news for airports and air travellers, it’s bad news for
jobs, inward investment and wealth creation in the regions we serve.

“The tax disproportionately affects airports outside of London’s Heathrow and

“Regional airports have been hit the hardest by the downturn, and have a far
lower percentage of business travellers, inbound tourists or wealthy passengers
with a high propensity to fly.

“Without decisive action, the gap between the largest London airports and those
in the regions will go on increasing.

“The Government is committed to constraining the growth of London airports, preferring
to see regional airports take the strain, but unless decisive action is taken,
that simply won’t happen.

“We believe the Government should provide incentives to encourage airlines to
move out of the busy London airports.

“If passengers and airlines want to fly out of airports which are congested then
they should pay a premium for doing so, just as motorists pay a premium to drive
in central London.”



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and Gatwick

Date Added: 17th June 2011


10 regional airports, including Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Bristol,
say a  congestion tax should be charged on passengers and airlines flying out
of Heathrow and Gatwick. The 10 airports have told government that APD has a damaging
and disproportionate impact on the regions, and makes it difficult for non-London
airports to attract airlines to start new services, consequently hitting jobs,
inward investment and wealth creation in the regions.
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