Nantes airport opponents plan 25 km human chain around proposed airport site on 11th May

The opponents of the planned replacement airport for Nantes, at Notre-Dame-des-Landes are planning to make a massive 25km long human chain, on 11th May at 2pm. The chain will surround the ZAD (what they call the Zone á Dèfendre) where the airport is planned, and which the opponents have fought hard to occupy over the past 6 months. It will go along local roads and lanes. The organisers hope to get at least 40,000 people and perhaps 80,000.  The chain will demonstrate the extent of the opposition to this new airport, which is regarded as unnecessary, hugely damaging to the environment and local farming,  a white elephant and economically unjustifiable. Planning has been going on for several months already.


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The chain will be made at 2pm on the 11th May 2013, on the ZAD (Zone a Defendre).

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45 years our politicians, both left and right, trying to impose a new airport at
Notre Dame des Landes.

Constantly pushed into a corner by the opposition (citizens, farmers, local …), they have, over time, changed their arguments. They first advanced the need to accommodate the Concorde, then the danger flying over the city of Nantes and the next saturation of Nantes-Atlantique airport, the opening of the West and now the restructuring of the city of Nantes. ..

An objective analysis of these arguments * shows how the new airport is a an ABERRATION :

This project is unnecessary , MORE

This project is wasteful of public funds , MORE

This is a project destructive land feeder : LEARN MORE

This is a project that would boost the traffic on the Nantes ring road LEARN MORE

This is a project activity displace South Loire Loire to the north , MORE

This is a project that weaken the activity of Airbus Industrie Bouguenais.




Vidéo de l’AG 25 janvier 2013 Chaine Humaine Citoyenne contre le projet d’aéroport de #nddl. |







Notre-Dame-des-Landes : des prévisions de trafic gonflées ?  (Traffic forecasts exaggerated?)

4.3.2013   La légitimité de Notre-Dame-des-Landes serait-elle en train de s’effriter ? Faute d’intégrer sérieusement la concurrence du TGV dans ses prévisions, le trafic du futur aéroport a été surestimé. Sommée de s’expliquer, la DGAC s’embrouille. (Is the legitimacy of Notre-Dame-des-Landes crumbling? By not seriously including the impact of the TGV in its forecasts, future airport traffic was overestimated. Summoned to explain the DGAC – the Directorate of Civil Aviation – is confused).  Click here to view full story ….. 


Nantes: Opponents apply to European Commission to look into breaches of EU law by French government

February 22, 2013     The opponents of a new airport at Notre Dame des Landes, near Nantes, have applied to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament on breaches of European law, by the airport project. They have submitted petitions to the European Parliament asking them to get the French government to look possible infringements of Community law. Opponents say there has been non-compliance with the Directive on the assessment of environmental, the water framework directive, and the directive says on “Birds” and “Habitats.” Brussels confirmed it has requested information from the French government. Sandrine Bélier, a Green member of the European Parliament) said the Commission shared their analysis of a potential breach of Community law and they have launched a pre-litigation procedure called “EU Pilot” Sandrine said there is still time for legal, economic and environmental sense to prevail and for the repeal of a costly and mammoth project, which is contrary to the law.     Click here to view full story…



Nantes: Legal victory for opponents in Notre-Dame-des-Landes – delay in expropriations of perhaps two and a half years

February 6, 2013   The Supreme Court in France has ruled that no expulsions will be made at Notre-Dame-des-Landes (for the planned new airport at Nantes). Lawyers say the delay could be for at least two and a half years. The Court made its judgement on January 29, and this means is put on hold until the outcome of the other legal remedies. There are at least 5 legal appeals to be decided. The company, Vinci, that plans to build the airport, will not be able to move the protesters – for a long time. The expropriate orders cannot be valid until the administrative judge confirms the legality of previous judgements listing the plots of land to expropriate people from. The company AGO (Airports Great-West), wanted the immediate rejection of the appeal, without waiting for the completion of administrative remedies. Meanwhile, farmers and their animals have re-occupied Bellevue farm, which had been cleared earlier.    Click here to view full story…






The financing of the new airport project

The airport project is announced for the runways and 12 km of roads  some €572 million. Local authorities have had to contribute, which does not usually happen for a concession. This money would be refunded if the company, Vinci, that owns the airport earns profits above those projected (so only if profits are very high, which is unlikely). The announced budget does not take into account all the related work, and the whole would amount to more than 4 billion euros.

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