“Make” try to sell their £23bn plan for Stansted 4-runway airport by saying it would cut flights over London

In October 2012 “Make” architects put forward outline proposals for a 4 runway Stansted. Now Stuart Blower from “Make” says: “One of the great advantages of our Stansted proposal is no aircraft need to fly over London” so reducing the aircraft noise, over London. “Make” are also saying that there is a low population density around Stansted, compared to that around Heathrow, so far fewer people would be affected.  They do at least condescend to acknowledge that a huge Stansted would create more noise for residents living near the airport.  At present the average journey time by rail beween Stansted and Liverpool Street is about  47 minutes, and the airport is lobbying to get this journey time cut.  “Make” is proposing that the new Crossrail line should be extended to Stansted, so it would only take 25 minutes from Canary Wharf to Stansted. However, the extra cost of this Crossrail link would be some £5 billion. The anticipated cost of the “Make” airport scheme would be £18 billion, so the total would be £23 billion. Along with all the other airport and runway proposals, this scheme will be submitted  by “Make” to the Airports Commission by the mid July deadline.  Any plans to expand Stansted, let alone to become a monster mega-airport, will be strenuously opposed locally.  


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A computer generated impression of how 4 runways at Stansted could look

£23bn plan for Stansted hub airport to replace Heathrow

By Andrew Parker ( Financial Times)

Full FT article at  http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/3778d956-c229-11e2-ab66-00144feab7de.html#axzz2U7X7UPNS

Stansted should replace Heathrow as the UK’s hub by transforming the Essex airport into a four-runway operation with improved rail links at a cost of £23bn, according to proponents of the scheme.

Make, the London-based architect, is proposing to curb the jet noise suffered by residents living under Heathrow’s flightpaths by recommending that Stansted become the UK’s hub by 2028 – capable of dealing with 120m passengers every year.

….Make is planning to submit its Stansted scheme to the commission chaired by Sir Howard Davies

….Manchester Airports Group, …..is expected to evaluate the case for turning the Essex airport into a large hub in the coming months.

Full FT article at http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/3778d956-c229-11e2-ab66-00144feab7de.html#axzz2U7X7UPNS




Mega-Stansted ‘would cut flights over London’

 Plans: London-based architects Make have drawn up proposals to turn the Essex airport into a mega-hub twice the size of Heathrow by 2028
by Jonathan Prynn, Consumer Business Editor  (Evening Standard)

23 May 2013

Backers of ambitious plans to turn Stansted into a four-runway hub airport today claimed the scheme would reduce the number of flights over London.

London-based architects Make have drawn up proposals to turn the Essex airport into a mega-hub twice the size of Heathrow by 2028.

Stuart Blower, one of the Make architects behind the £23 billion project, said: “One of the great advantages of our Stansted proposal is no aircraft need to fly over London.”

This is mainly because the four runways proposed for Stansted run from the northeast to the southwest.

The architects also point out that the countryside around Stansted has a population density of 100 to 249 people per sq km compared with 2,500 to 4,999 around Heathrow.

Make intend to submit their plans to the independent commission chaired by Sir Howard Davies looking at how to increase aviation capacity in the South-East. However, they are certain to be opposed by local groups.

The Stop Stansted Expansion group has said in its submission that there is no need for more runways in the South East.  Its economics adviser, Brian Ross, said: “If there was demand for another 100 flights a day to China, there would be ample capacity to accommodate that straightaway. In fact, the overall demand for business flights is declining: overseas business trips by UK residents have fallen by a fifth since 2000.”

The Airports Commission will produce an interim report this year and its final recommendations by mid-2015.





4-runway mega-hub at Stansted airport proposed by “Make” architects

22 October 2012

Plans for a new four-runway London mega-hub at Stansted capable of handling 150 million passengers a year have been unveiled. The plan is by architect Ken Shuttleworth, the architect behind the Gherkin in the City. The plans from his practice, “Make” Architects, would see Heathrow either entirely redeveloped or drastically reduced in size.  They would involve building three new 4km-long runways at Stansted and creating a new Crossrail link from Stansted to Stratford, reducing train journey times to 25 minutes. The Norman Foster-designed 1991 main terminal building could also be transformed into a train station under the plans but full architectural details have yet to be revealed. Timescales and construction cost have also yet to be confirmed. Boris is in favour of this new Stansted hub, if he cannot get his Thames estuary airport.