Airports Commission adds an Addendum document on noise levels to its consultation

The Airports Commission put out their consultation on the three runway schemes, on 11th November.  But on 19th December the Commission added a document on noise, entitled the “National and local noise assessment addendum”.  It was prepared for the Commission by Jacobs, as many other papers including those on noise. The addendum deals with Imminent/Future Aircraft Modelling Assumptions.  There are tables indicating the noise levels of current and future aircraft; the latter must be partly speculative. Jacobs says these future aircraft types have been modelled by using an existing similar aircraft as a surrogate type and adjusting the noise levels as required, for arrivals and departures separately. The noise forecasts for the runway options partly depend on the noise level of the aircraft in future as well as a forecast of the mix of aircraft using each runway. There is inevitably a large degree of uncertainty in any such forecasts. 




Additional airport capacity: noise analysis

19.12.2014 (Airports Commission)

The Commission has added another document to its consultation. This is

National and local noise assessment addendum

Airports Commission publishes consultation on shortlisted options for a new runway

These reports support the noise analysis in the consultation on the Airport Commission’s shortlisted options for additional airport capacity.

Jacobs Consultancy’s ‘Baseline’ report looks at the expected noise environment over a 60 year period on both a local and national level. It reflects expected developments in traffic growth and technological development against a ‘do minimum’ scenario with no airport expansion.

The ‘Local assessment’ considers noise impacts of schemes on the areas surrounding the expanded airport.

The ‘National assessment’ examines the national level noise impacts of schemes. It considers both their impacts on traffic at the expanded airport and the expected consequences for traffic at other major UK airports.

Large maps included in these documents have been published separately in the ‘Figures’ document.



The documents on Noise in the consultation are at

The document added is the

National and local noise assessment addendum


Local assessment

National assessment



5. Noise:  Baseline and Local Assessment
Methodology Addendum


This document is an addendum to two Jacobs Noise technical reports completed on behalf of the Airports Commission; 5. Noise: Local Assessment and 5. Noise: Baseline. These reports were published on the Airports Commission website on 11 November 2014 for public consultation and this paper is an addition to those reports.

The purpose of this document is to ensure complete transparency for the work that has been undertaken in terms of noise modelling for the three short listed schemes as determined by the Airports Commission.

The information contained in this report consists of additional information on the Air Transport Movement Schedules related to Standard Instrument Departures and Standard Arrival Routes used for noise modelling by ERCD of the three schemes. There is additional information on the surrogate aircraft used, together with information regarding the corresponding departure and arrival noise adjustments made to that surrogate aircraft to model the future aircraft.

Points to note on this additional information provided:

– If this information is used for modelling purposes by stakeholders, the noise adjustments are only relevant to the ANCON model, so have limited meaning when used in other models

– Other modellers would be able to re-run the scenarios without these adjustments

– If these adjustments are used for modelling by stakeholders, the resulting contours will not match the ANCON contours

– In the appendix of the Noise technical reports, the process for establishing the adjustments has been outlined already, allowing stakeholders to derive their own assumptions which are appropriate for their own models.

– Further detail on the methodology is available in the appendix of the Noise technical reports previously published.


Environmental Research and Consultancy Department

Noise Modelling for the Airports Commission: Imminent/Future Aircraft Modelling Assumptions and Aircraft Allocation

December 2014

1.1 The Environmental Research and Consultancy Department (ERCD) of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been commissioned by the Airports Commission to calculate forecast
noise exposure contours for the three short-listed proposals to meet long-term capacity demand in the south east of the UK.

1.2 This technical note comprises four tables which present information to accompany the traffic forecasts prepared by LeighFisher.

1.3 Tables 1 and 2 contain the assumptions used in the noise modelling of Generation 1 imminent aircraft, and Generation 2 future aircraft. Information is given on the aircraft category, type, number of seats and approximate entry into service date. Information is also given on the surrogate aircraft used, and the corresponding departure and arrival noise adjustments made to that surrogate aircraft to model the future aircraft.

1.4 The traffic forecasts provide numbers of operations for a list of aircraft types. Where these are named by aircraft model and variant, the description is explicit and refers to that single model type. In cases where the aircraft are not described so explicitly, or are given generic descriptions, the respective operations have been allocated to aircraft types that can be used in the noise modelling. Some of these allocations were advised by LeighFisher and others were allocated according to the methodology described in the document referenced below.

1.5 Tables 3 and 4 present information on the aircraft allocation for Heathrow and Gatwick respectively. The difference between the two is that turboprop aircraft do not currently operate at Heathrow, and are assumed not to operate at Heathrow in the future.

1.6 Further details and background are given in the CAA document: Noise Modelling for the Airports Commission: Methodology and Assumptions, which can be found in:

 Appendix A.3 of the Jacobs report: 5. Noise: Local Assessment, prepared for the Airports Commission (November 2014); and

 Appendix E of the Jacobs report: 5. Noise: Baseline, prepared for the Airports Commission (November 2014).


there follow a large number of technical tables ….