Some of the many responses that have been sent in to the Airports Commission consultation

The Airports Commission consultation on its 3 short-listed runway options closed on 3rd February 2015. Responses have been sent in from a huge number of organisations, not to mention thousands of individuals. Heathrow and Gatwick have felt it necessary to blitz the south east (and further afield) with advertising, to get people to tell the Commission they want their runway.  What the Commission actually wanted in responses – other than the airports’ mass mailings – was considered comments on the 58 or so documents put out by the Commission, and comments on how they have carried out their appraisals, including things they have left out.  They also ask how the runway schemes could be improved, or their negative impacts mitigated.   The Commission will publish “all substantive, technical responses it has received” at the same time as it makes it recommendation  on the runway some time in summer 2015. On this page, AirportWatch intends to put links to as many responses as possible – those which have been made public. 


The Airports Commission main Consultation Document

Consultation ended 3rd February 2015.  People could just email the Commission to say in their own words what they think:


Some of the consultation responses – in no particular order

AEF – Aviation Environment Federation

AEF-response-to-Airports Commission final-consultation


Committee on Climate Change (CCC)

Committee on Climate Change response – letter from Lord Deben


GACC – Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign.

GACC response to Airports Commission


HACAN – at Heathrow


and some advice on how to understand the consultation (and its vast number of documents, constituting may thousands of pages  Consultation Special – guidance on how to respond to the Airports Commission consultation

London Borough of Hillingdon Borough Council

Equity Focused Review Report of the Airports Commission’s Community Health Relevant Assessments


Hillingdon full response to the Commission 

CAA – Civil Aviation Authority

CAA response to Airports Commission


West London Friends of the Earth

 West London Friends of the Earth response to the Commission


West Sussex County Council

West  Sussex County Council submission to Airports Commission 

Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council Airports commission response



EasyJet’s response to the Airports Commission 


Wealden Council

Wealden Council response to the Airports Commission 


CAGNE  (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions)

CAGNE response to the Airports Commission


GON – Gatwick Obviously NOT

GON suggested basis for Airport_Commission_Response


HWCAAG response to Airports Commission 


National Trust

National Trust response to Airports Commission


Leigh Parish Council (Kent)

Leigh Parish Council response to Airports Commission 


Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council (LAANC)

LAANC response to Airports Commission 


Wandsworth Borough Council

Outline of their response – (not response itself)


Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Reigate & Banstead response to Airports Commission


Slough Borough Council

(Draft) Slough response to Airports Commission

Justine Greening (MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields)

Airports Commission Submission – Justine Greening MP


Stop Flight Trials Over Englefield Green

Stop Flight Trial response to the Airports Commission 


Gatwick Co-ordination Group (local MPs)

Press release about their response

CPRE Surrey Aviation Group (Campaign to Protect Rural England)

CPRE Surrey Aviation response to Airports Commission


CPRE Sussex (Campaign to Protect Rural England)

CPRESussex_Airports Commission Response


Penshurst Parish Council

Penshurst Parish Council response to Airports Commission 

“Back Heathrow” – (lobby group funded by Heathrow airport to promote runway plan)

Back Heathrow runway document (not actually a “response” as it does not attempt to reply to any of the questions, or address the content of the Commission’s consultation – it just sets out positive comments from Heathrow supporters)


London First

London First’s comments (not so much a response as lobbying)

Resident-led Hammersmith & Fulham Commission



Richmond Heathrow Campaign 

Richmond Heathrow Campaign Response to Airports Commission 


Mayor of London – Transport for London

Links to the full list of response documents by the Mayor of London





All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)

APPG Passenger Report

All Party Parliamentary Group Wider Economy Report

All Party Parliamentary Group Surface Access 2.2.2015

Heathrow-APPG-Noise-Report-18-Dec 2014


London Borough of Hounslow 

All the Hounslow response documents – with links to separate sections




Heathrow Airport

Heathrow’s response to the Airports Commission consultation 

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport’s response to the Airports Commission consultation (Executive Summary)



Press article about the Flybe response

 ABTA  – Association of British Travel Agents

ABTA response to Commission consultation (press article)  wanting 2 runways




The Commission consultation document says: 

How your response will be treated

4.22 The Commission is committed to ensuring that its process is fair and transparent,
and has a presumption to publish all information relevant to its decision making.

4.23 The findings of the Commission’s consultation will be published in a consultation
report. This report will include details of the number of responses received and the
key topics, points and themes that the consultation generated. The report will also
contain details of the framework used to analyse the responses.

4.24 In addition, as with all its previous calls for evidence, the Commission will publish all
substantive, technical responses it has received.

4.25 Both of these publications will occur alongside the publication of the Commission’s
final report, due in the summer of 2015.


These are the questions asked in the consultation:

Questions inviting views and conclusions in respect of the three short-listed options:

Q1: What conclusions, if any, do you draw in respect of the three short-listed options? In answering this question please take into account the Commission’s consultation documents and any other information you consider relevant. The options are described in section three.

Q2: Do you have any suggestions for how the short-listed options could be improved, i.e. their benefits enhanced or negative impacts mitigated? The options and their impacts are summarised in section three.

Questions on the Commission’s appraisal and overall approach:

Q3: Do you have any comments on how the Commission has carried out its appraisal? The appraisal process is summarised in section two.

Q4: In your view, are there any relevant factors that have not been fully addressed by the Commission to date?

Questions inviting comments on specific areas of the Commission’s appraisal:

Q5: Do you have any comments on how the Commission has carried out its appraisal of specific topics (as defined by the Commission’s 16 appraisal modules), including methodology and results?

Q6: Do you have any comments on the Commission’s sustainability assessments, including methodology and results?
Q7: Do you have any comments on the Commission’s business cases, including methodology and results?

Other comments
Q8: Do you have any other comments?