What the Labour Manifesto says on runways, climate etc (not a lot …)

Only thing the Labour Party Manifesto  says on the airport / runway issue is:

“Following the Davies Review, we will make a swift decision on expanding airport capacity in London and the South East, balancing the need for growth and the
environmental impact.”

On climate it says: “Our country faces global challenges of climate change, terrorism and the spread of disease. In particular, tackling climate change is an economic necessity and the most important thing we must do for our children, our grandchildren and future generations.” And “We will put climate change at the heart of our foreign policy.”

And: “We want an ambitious agreement on climate change at the UNFCCC conference in Paris, in December. We will make the case for ambitious emissions targets for all countries, strengthened every five years on the basis of a scientific assessment of the progress towards the below two degree goal.”

……….. and there are a few more mentions of climate in relation to development etc. …

Also on carbon emissions:

“We will work to make Britain a world leader in low carbon technologies over the next decade, creating a million additional green jobs. This aim will be supported by ambitious domestic carbon reduction targets, including a legal target to remove the carbon from our electricity supply by 2030, and a major drive for energy efficiency. ”


“Our industrial strategy for the green economy will end the current uncertainty for investors, with a timetable for the Green Investment Bank to be given additional powers so that it can invest in green businesses and technology. We will create an Energy Security Board to plan and deliver the energy mix we need, including renewables, nuclear, green gas, carbon capture and storage, and clean coal.

“For onshore unconventional oil and gas, we will establish a robust environmental and regulatory regime before extraction can take place. And to safeguard the future of the offshore oil and gas industry, we will provide a long-term strategy for the industry, including more certainty on tax rates and making the most of the potential for carbon storage. ”




Labour pledges ‘swift decision’ on airport expansion

A future Labour government will make a “swift decision” on airport expansion, the party has said.

Outlining the commitment in its 86-page manifesto, Labour said following the Davies Review a quick outcome will help “balance the need for growth and the environmental impact” of expansion in London and the south east.

The manifesto also stated Labour will introduce a small charge on non-visa visitors to the UK, in order to recruit an additional 1,000 borders staff. The party also reiterated its support for the construction of HS2 but there was no mention of Air Passenger Duty.

The British Air Transport Association welcomed the decision on airport expansion and said a “speedy decision will enable substantial progress to be made during the life of the next Parliament”.

“Whichever option is proposed in the Commission’s final report there will be controversy and some disagreement, but the UK cannot afford further delay,” BATA CEO Nathan Stower said.

Stower added that while extra border staff is needed a new charge on non-visa visitors is “not a sensible approach”.

“Visitors from countries like the USA and Australia already pay the highest air passenger tax in the world to visit the UK by air at £71. Adding yet another charge will make the UK more uncompetitive in attracting international tourists, business travellers and inbound investment,” he said.






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What the Conservative manifesto says on runways (nothing), climate etc (not a lot)

The Conservative Party manifesto was launched on 14th April 2015. On runways or airports, its only mention is to say: “We will deliver on our National Infrastructure Plan and respond to the Airports Commission’s final report.” ie. there will be no “swift” decision as per Labour. Does that mean they will revisit the Estuary airport idea, or Stansted? There is little on climate, other than to say (carefully chosen, non-committal wording) that: “We will push for a strong global climate deal later this year – one that keeps the goal of limiting global warming to two-degrees firmly in reach. At home, we will continue to support the UK Climate Change Act.” They say: ” Our tax cuts have encouraged record levels of investment in existing North Sea gas, and the birth of a new industry, shale gas, which could create many thousands of jobs.” They say they will build new infrastructure in an environmentally-sensitive way: “We will build new roads and railways in a way that limits, as far as possible, their impact on the environment.” [But there is no mention of building a new runway in an environmentally sensitive way!] And they “will protect the Green Belt, and maintain national protections for AONBs, National Parks, SSSIs and other environmental designations.”

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