New 10:10 campaign: “Climate Perks” – to help employers cut employees’ CO2 from holiday trips – by offering paid “journey days” if they don’t fly

An interesting new scheme – Climate Perks – has been created, for employers – to help cut the carbon of their staff’s holiday arrangements. It has been started at a time when more and more people are becoming aware of the real danger the climate emergency we are now in, and many want to cut their own carbon emissions. Climate Perks is encouraging employers to offer paid ‘journey days’ so staff can travel on holiday, by means other than by air. Globally, flying is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases. Flying less is one of the most powerful actions we, as individuals, can take to cut our carbon footprint. Many people want to cut their carbon, but with only a short holiday period, cannot (or do not wish to) eat into that in order to get to and from their holiday by surface transport – not by plane. The 10:10 campaign, behind the Climate Perks scheme, estimates that avoiding two flights to a Mediterranean destination would save around as much carbon per year as avoiding having a car. Employers who will give staff paid days, for land-based travel on holiday, would get Climate Perks accreditation in recognition of their climate leadership.


New campaign called Climate Perks. To help employers cut the carbon of holiday trips made by their staff

A campaign by 10:10

Lead on climate. Empower your staff. Kickstart a movement for clean travel.
Climate concern is rising. Appetite for action is growing. Now half of us are ready to reduce flying.

Climate Perks employers offer paid ‘journey days’ to empower staff to live their values and choose low-carbon holiday travel.

Ready to lead?

Climb aboard.

The problem

The climate crisis is hotting up. We all need to take urgent action.

Globally, flying is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases – yet only 5% of the world’s population have ever flown.

With time dwindling to take action, the truth is we don’t have a fossil-fuel-free plane waiting in the wings. This is our problem to solve, and everyone’s problem if we don’t.

Compared to other planet-friendly behaviour, flying less is one of the most powerful actions we can take to cut carbon. But modern life moves fast. For many, getting away from it all means zipping through the skies.

What if we could all find the time to travel lightly?

The opportunity

Climate Perks is kickstarting clean travel by land or sea.

We found that 50% of people are ready to reduce the amount they fly in response to climate change – but only 3% of us do. There’s a key barrier: time.

Climate Perks works with climate-conscious employers to offer paid ‘journey days’ to staff who travel on holiday by train, coach or boat instead of flying – empowering them to act on their values.

In exchange, employers receive Climate Perks accreditation in recognition of their climate leadership.

Don’t just get ahead of the curve, help bend it in the right direction. Join the Climate Perks pilot for take off in 2019.

Employer benefits

Employee well-being
Enable staff to live their values

Cut carbon
Spark behaviour change for a low-carbon world

Climate leadership
Build a new movement for clean travel

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Employer benefits

The Climate Perks pilot programme is open to any employer ready to boost their staff offer and lead on innovative solutions to the climate emergency.

Employee well-being
Concern about climate change in the UK is higher than it has been for a decade. Three quarters of people under 54 are concerned: the majority of almost any workforce. Our research found that 50% of 18-44 year olds would prefer to work for an employer that helps them to take clean travel on holiday. Climate Perks employers can meet this rising demand from staff, and potential recruits, assisting them in making lifestyle choices that reflect their values – strengthening staff well-being, satisfaction and loyalty.

Cutting carbon
Because there is no technological solution to flying on the horizon, behaviour change is key to cutting carbon from flights. With the workplace so central to modern life, employers can harness the social power of their staff to unlock this new way to cut carbon – pushing beyond more traditional business-focused environmental policies.

As action on climate change rises up the agenda, Climate Perks will help climate conscious companies speed up that action, protecting the future prosperity of staff and employers alike.

Building a reputation as a climate leader
As we approach the 2020s, it is becoming more and more important for organisations to demonstrate climate leadership. Founder members of Climate Perks will be part of an innovative and timely employer-led intervention in one of the hardest areas to decarbonise. Being part of Climate Perks means building momentum, forging a path for other employers to follow.

All Climate Perks pioneers will be able to use the Climate Perks accredited stamp of recognition, be listed publicly on the Climate Perks website and be invited to benefit from public PR and press coverage.

Employers can register their interest here