Biggin Hill Airport

Biggin Hill Airport – some key information:

General aviation and business only – no scheduled passenger flights.

Airport Owner:

In May 1994, the airport was leased – by the London Borough of Bromley – to Biggin Hill Airport Limited (BHAL) for 125 years.  BHAL is now a subsidiary of Regional Airports Ltd.


In 2001, the London Borough of Bromley as freeholder of the airport succeeded in an action in the Court of Appeal.   The court ruling prohibits the airport operators from allowing tickets to be sold for flights into and out of the airport, thus preventing its use for scheduled
or holiday charter flights, but allowing business aviation and corporate shuttles.

Biggin Hill is the location of one of the four “stacks” for aircraft landing at Heathrow Airport, and is used by aircraft approaching from the south east.


Airport Website:                   London Biggin Hill Airport

Local community group:

Flightpath Watch  

which is linked with BRAAD (Bromley Residents Against Airport Development) 

Wikipedia information:         Wikipedia on Biggin Hill airport



Business Aviation:   Number of business flights (= private jets):

CAA  statistics, annual figures – Table 3.1

2007           6,080     (out of a total of 69,244 aircraft movements)
2008           5,459
2009           4,134    (out of a total of 58,279 movements)
2010           4,176   (out of a total of 49,830 movements)
2011           5,083   (out of a total of 47,354 movements)
2012           5,335   (out of a total of 44,264 aircraft movements)
2013           4,951   (out of a total of 41,493  aircraft movements)
Total annual aircraft movements:   (CAA airport statistics, Table 3.1)
2007           69,244 (including 44,513 aero club)    2007 – Annual
2008           62,211 (including   38,740 aero club)   2008 – Annual
2009          58,279   (including 38,501 aero club)   2009 – Annual
2013          41,493   (including 22,430 aero club   2013  – Annual
Some Recent News about Biggin Hill airport:
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