Teeside Airport News

Some Recent News about Teeside Airport (used to be called Durham Tees Valley Airport):

Tees Valley airport loses link to Heathrow. Is the airport even needed?

Heathrow (always keen to make more money) wants to charge the maximum possible on its take-off and landing fees.  Airlines and people who like to fly are angry about their trips costing perhaps £10 more than before …. that ignores the fact that rail journeys are hugely more expensive than flights, which are crazily cheap. Teeside airport has now lost its link to Heathrow, as Loganair says it cannot make money on the route, if the Heathrow charges are a bit higher.  Councils like the kudos of having an airport, and the Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, is very keen on the airport increasing its number of passengers are routes, regardless of the increased carbon emissions.  Some are asking if there needs to be a Teeside airport, as it is 44 miles from Newcastle airport.  The recent launch of a direct train service from Middlesbrough to London means the Heathrow cancellation isn’t much of a loss.

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By March 2021 Teeside airport had liabilities of £27.48m and net assets of £1.8m

Teesside Airport has reported a £13.4m operating loss as the pandemic caused a 90% fall in passenger numbers in the year to March 2021. The airport’s newly published  show its turnover for the year fell 38% to £4.8m, down from £7.7m from the year ending March 2020.  The number of passengers fell to  just 14,521 from 139,448.  It incurred £2.73m costs associated with contract termination, including a contact with Close Security Protection.  During the year, a total of £20m was drawn down from two loan facilities – a £34.4m facility from Tees Valley Combined Authority and a further £23.6m set up last year to fund development of the airport’s Southside business park.  The airport hopes to get thousands more tourists for holiday flights this year, to destinations such as Alicante, Palma, Corfu and Faro.  The airport benefited from Government support packages of £886,278 – including £407,439 from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and £478,839 via the Airport and Ground Operations Support Scheme run by the DfT and used to cover business rates during the period.  The accounts show that at the end of March 2021 the airport had liabilities of £27.48m and net assets of £1.8m.

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Teeside Airport bottomless pit for council cash – given another £10 million by TVCA

Teeside Airport is to get an extra £10m from the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA), hoping to keep it afloat after Covid impacts. TVCA spent more than £40m buying the loss-making airport in 2019 following a previous election pledge by Mr Houchen to take it back from previous owner Peel. TVCA has also provided a further £19.4m to support operational expenditure, along with £15m towards capital expenditure, which has helped pay for a multi-million pound terminal redevelopment, new passenger lounges, bars etc. The Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) said in November 2020 that the airport made a £2.6m loss in the previous 12 months. Its advocates say it could be profitable in about 6 years. Teeside Airport Ltd is governed financially by TVCA via another limited company, Goosepool, both being subsidiaries of TVCA, a structure which has been criticised by some for its apparent lack of transparency. Stobart Aviation, which operates Teesside Airport, has a 25% shareholding in Goosepool. Opponents of the handouts to the airport say too much is being spent on the airport and “The time for vanity projects is at an end – it’s time he started to deliver on the real needs of our people.”

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New Heathrow flight for Teesside Airport as Loganair to begin service in March


Agreements have been reached with major airlines allowing passengers to travel on one ticket for onward international journeys.  A new route between Teesside International Airport and London Heathrow has been announced. Loganair will initially operate a service twice a day Monday to Friday with a single flight on Sundays from March 8.  Weekend services are expected to increase to one morning flight on Saturdays and two on Sundays from March 28. Loganair has also secured partnerships with some of the world’s biggest airlines, including British Airways, KLM, Air France, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines and Qatar Airways to provide international travel for people from Teesside, the North East and North Yorkshire.


Teesside Airport flight subsidy – an unknown amount of public money – divides mayoral contenders

New flights from Teeside airport (used to be called Durham Tees Valley airport) are being subsidised by taxpayers. Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) has contributed funds to support six routes from the airport. The amount has not been released due to “commercial sensitivity” but it was believed in 2018 that there would be subsidies of £1 million over 3 years.  Now Tees Valley mayoral candidate Jessie Joe Jacobs said the figure should be made public. She said:  “If subsidies are going to flights, are we going to see subsidies for buses for places like Port Clarence, where people cannot get to their local hospital without getting a taxi?”  With more awareness of climate breakdown, flying shame and increased rail usage, is helping people to take domestic flights sensible use of scarce public funds?  The airport was brought back into public hands at the start of last year for £40m as part of a £588.2m investment plan agreed by Labour council leaders and Tees Valley Mayor Houchen.  It is owned in a 75/25 split between the TVCA and Stobart Aviation.  Its business plan forecasts losses until 2025 after which it just might make a small profit.  But who knows, so far ahead. Voting in the mayoral elections will take place in May.

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Unknown airport operator company ‘very interested’ in talks with Tees Valley Mayor about running Durham Tees Valley

In a key election pledge of the Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, to take an airport into public ownership is now another step closer to becoming reality. Mr Houchen said a confidential agreement is in place with a private “well-known established airport operator” which is “very interested” in running Durham Tees Valley Airport. There have been discussions with the current majority owner of the airport, Peel, that have progressed so far that a “non-disclosure agreement” has been signed, indicating that negotiations have reached a detailed and delicate stage.  Mr Houchen said: “It is all in the balance at the moment – we are making some really serious progress with Peel, and the significance of that and signing the non-disclosable agreement shows we are in an advanced stage of talks. … we have to make sure we have an experienced well-established airport operator to actually run it, and we do have that confidentially agreement in place with a well-established private sector operator who is very interested in coming along on the journey with us to make sure Teesside Airport is what we all think it should be.”

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Possible £1m of public money in Durham Tees Valley Airport deal to bring in new flights

A £1m deal sweetener to attract airlines to Durham Tees Valley Airport has been recommended for approval. Dubbed the “Air Connectivity Facility”, the deal requires airlines bid for a seven figure sum in return for strengthening ties with the beleaguered airport.  The money would be paid out by the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) over three years, if the plan is given the green light this week. The money is being offered to help strengthen ties with airlines, and get more flights using the airport. A meeting of the TCVA discussed the possibility of a deal in February with public money earmarked to help reduce the risks for airlines looking to branch out. The importance of flights to Schipol Airport (Amsterdam) from the airport were stressed. Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen backed the deal, saying this was a key part of his “longer-term plan if we get hold of the airport.” Passenger numbers are tiny, and fell from 140,902 people in 2015 to 132,369 in 2016. A report on the £1m fund proposal pointed out the airport’s perilous predicament with the continuing decline of the airport labelled a “significant risk” to the region’s economy.

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London mayor Boris Johnson warns expanded Heathrow will not help Teesside connections

Boris Johnson has alerted business and political leaders in Teesside that they face the prospect of not regaining its aviation route to Heathrow, even with a 3rd Heathrow runway. The number of British cities served by Heathrow has fallen from 18 routes in 1990 to just 7 today. Teesside has not had a London connection since 2009 when flights from Durham Tees Valley Airport (DTVA) to Heathrow were scrapped. Boris has written to 11 regions and more than 480 key UK businesses to highlight the “staggering” fact the Airports Commission’s own analysis has forecast that an expanded Heathrow would accommodate even fewer domestic routes. This would mean there would only be 4 regional airports with Heathrow flights, rather than 7 now. It is therefore increasingly unlikely DTVA will regain its connection. Boris, of course, instead wants his “Boris Island” airport in the Thames estuary …People in Teeside can already fly to Amsterdam or Schiphol to connect to international flights. DVTA wants to reposition itself to focus on business routes, expanding general aviation activity and broadening the base of aviation-related activity on the site – to stay afloat.

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Councillors are told Durham Tees Valley Airport must focus on its Amsterdam routes if it is to survive

The strategic planning director of Peel group, which own the airport, says that its existing routes to Amsterdam and Aberdeen must be prioritised ahead of new London or international routes. The Peel Group gave an overview to local Darlington Borough councillors, of the airport’s masterplan to develop businesses and houses at the airport site. Peel says any future London routes were dependent on increased capacity being granted at Heathrow or Gatwick airports something that could take more than 15 years to get through government. Peel say the airport should secure its routes to Schiphol and Aberdeen, while keeping an eye on the London opportunities, as and when they arise. Durham Tees Valley lost its route to Heathrow in 2009. That was not because it was not making money, but Heathrow could make a lot more money by using the slot for a long haul route. A councillor commented: “To keep the airport going we need to accept that expanding leisure flights is not viable. You can’t get enough of those flights to keep the airport paying its way.” Peel want to “look at the site as a whole by growing the airport, the employment park and also the community aspect with the housing.”

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Airport objects to being included in a neighbourhood plan that could stop its housing development plans

The Northern Echo: FUTURE PLANS: Bosses at Durham Tees Valley Airport have disagreed with parish council plans to influence their development

BOSSES at Durham Tees Valley Airport have flexed their muscles at a parish council and demanded the facility be removed from a local planning document that could affect its proposals to build 400 homes in its grounds. Airport director Peter Nears said it is “wholly unnecessary” to include the site in Middleton St George’s proposed neighbourhood plan and argued the parish council did not have the knowledge or resources to comment on airport planning. Middleton St George Parish Council has spent months working on a neighbourhood plan, a legal document setting out what the village is willing to allow in terms of future housing or business developments up to 2025. The parish council was spurred into action by a number of planning applications that would add several hundred properties to the village, which locals say is already overstretched, and had planned to include the airport – which lies partly within the parish – in the document. Residents fear the airport’s economic masterplan, which includes proposals to build 400 homes in its grounds, close to Middleton St George, will put extra strain on village services.

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Facebook campaign launched by local frequent flyer to ‘save’ Durham Tees Valley Airport

March 3, 2014

A frequent flyer who uses Durham Tees Valley airport has launched a Facebook campaign to ‘save’ the Airport. She is concerned about the airport’s “master plan.” This aims to secure the airport’s long term future by the development of 400 homes on land to the west and north of the terminal which officials say would generate millions of pounds of investment to put back into the airport. The frequent flyer says she gets “so frustrated that we cannot use Teesside Airport.” The Facebook page has over 2,000 “likes” with many people irritated by the behaviour of t he owners, Peel Holdings. One typical post says: “COME ON people of the North East…..we have a mountain to climb ……we MUST get our message across to politicians and councils (supposedly who have our interests at heart) that we are not prepared to sit back and watch this “BEAST” of a company take our airport away !!!” The airport had 159,300 passengers in 2013 compared with over 900,000 in 2005 and 2006.   Click here to view full story…


Durham Tees Valley Airport should go for Government cash a third time, claims Sedgefield MP

1 Nov 2013           . Durham Tees Valley Airport bosses should try to secure Government regeneration cash a third time, Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson has claimed. MP for Sedgefield Phil Wilson says the Government needs to play its part in keeping Durham Tees Valley Airport going, despite 2 failed bids by its owners for Regional Growth Fund (RGF) cash to pay for road infrastructure. Meanwhile, Balkan Holidays has said it was naturally “disappointed” by the airport’s decision to drop its August 2014 Bulgaria flight. The MP said: “The Government needs to play its part. I would encourage the airport to put in another bid for RGF cash but I can understand any reticence in not doing so. “Peel can’t carry on losing millions a year. They’re doing their best, but the Government has turned them down twice.”  http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/business/business-news/durham-tees-valley-airport-should-6262956

Durham Tees Valley Airport scraps mainstream holiday flights – now just links to Schiphol, Aberdeen and Jersey

Date added: October 30, 2013

Durham Tees Valley Airport has decided, after a review of its business, to axe its holiday flights in order to concentrate on business travel. The struggling airport will continue passenger flights to Amsterdam, Aberdeen and Jersey only – but all holiday charters will end next summer. Scheduled daily passenger flights to Schiphol (Amsterdam) – operated by KLM – and Eastern Airways’ flights to Aberdeen will continue as normal, and Flybe link to Jersey. But the airport will be “streamlining operations and moving away from all mainstream holiday charter programmes”. Tour operators affected by the move are Thomson/First Choice and Balkan Holidays. Thomson Holidays has cancelled its two flight destinations for 2014 from Durham Tees Valley. The terminal will undergo changes, making the operational area smaller . Investment in the new layout will make it more suited to customers on scheduled flights with “new retail offerings and business services”. They are trying to keep some aviation use for the airport and will have their masterplan for public consultation from mid-November.     Click here to view full story…


Failing Durham Tees Valley airport new “Master Plan”; sound strategy – or a last throw of dice?

Date added: October 14, 2013

Durham Tees Valley airport, owned by Peel Holdings, has been doing very badly in recent years. It has twice failed to secure government funding for its expansion, but has now bought land it says could be used for “engineering, storage and distribution operations”. Since February it has been involved in taking apart and recycling old planes. The airport’s management say they will shortly be putting out a Master Plan, which is an aspiration of how they would like the airport to develop. Peel Holdings said the proposals would safeguard the airport’s flights to Schiphol and Aberdeen. A local MP said “This must not become an excuse to transition it being an industrial estate that happens to have a runway.” An airport manager commented that few airports can survive from passenger traffic revenue only. Commentators say the Master Plan could be seen as either the last throw of the dice, or a viable and coherent strategy. Though it suggests the airport plans to develop the commercial potential to retain passenger services, the unstated implication is that the battle is lost. Changes in the market and the end of the low-cost air travel boom mean there is no need for another passenger airport between Leeds Bradford and Newcastle.     Click here to view full story…


Durham Tees Valley Airport bid for Regional Growth Fund money rejected again

August 3, 2013     Durham Tees Valley airport has been wanting £4.6m from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund (RGF) to help create an overall investment of £46.5m for the airport. But now for the second time, their bid has been refused by government. If approved, it would have meant a new access road on the south side of the airport and might – the airport claims – have led to the creation of “1,400 new jobs over the next ten years.” Hartlepool councillors are not happy, and it was agreed at a meeting of the full council to write to Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Innovation and Skills, to express their “disgust” over the decision. Labour councillor Robbie Payne, chairman of the council’s regeneration committee, said: “The decision has not only put our region at a disadvantage but makes Durham Tees Valley more unsustainable.” The RGFofficials did not include the bid among their 102 successful projects, including 6 in the Tees Valley. In October 2012 their bid for funding for a freight terminal was rejected by the RGF.     Click here to view full story…


Airport bids to turn car park into caravan storage site

12.3.2013   As the airport has had such a large drop in numbers in recent  years, it has applied to turn part of its long-stay car park into a storage area for caravans in a bid to generate income.  The decline means that a large part of the airport’s long stay car park has become surplus to requirements, with a large section cordoned off and left unused. The airport’s owner, Peel Holdings, has now applied to Darlington Borough Council to change a 1.7 hectare section of the car park – more than 900 spaces – into a storage area for caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles for the next three years.  Click here to view full story ….


Plan revealed to dismantle planes at Durham Tees Valley Airport

February 20, 2013     Durham Tees Valley Airport is set to become a centre for the storage and dismantling of unused planes, and recycling parts. Sycamore Aviation has set up its base at the struggling airport and has already begun work on taking apart a number of airliners. The airport has a long runway, enabling it to handle larger planes, and plenty of hangar space. There are apparently “huge numbers” of aircraft retiring across Europe. A Sycamore Aviation spokesman said one airline alone is likely to need to dispose of 20 jumbo jets and 20 Boeing 737 aircraft in the next 3 -4 years – an illustration of the potential scale of demand. They say that across Europe between 500 to 700 aircraft a year need to be decommissioned and currently there are just not enough facilities to meet the demand. The number of passengers using Durham Tees Valley airport has fallen steadily from around 912,000 in 2006 to 165,000 in 2012.     Click here to view full story…


Bosses at Durham Tees Valley Airport express “acute disappointment” at bid failure

19.10.2012     AIRPORT bosses  expressed their “acute disappointment” at the Government’s decision to reject a bid for regeneration cash. However, Durham they said they remained committed to the Southside freight terminal development – despite the failure of the £5.9m Regional Growth Fund (RGF) application. DTVA chairman Robert Hough said the company would be demanding an explanation from ministers after the RGF bid was turned down. “It was hoped the £5.9m scheme, which would take ten years to complete and create up to 1,500 jobs, could breathe new life into the airport, which was close to going out of business last year amid falling passenger numbers.”   Click here to view full story …


Government orders research into regional rate for air passenger duty

June 20, 2012    Chloe Smith, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, has said – at a meeting with the Sedgefield MP and Newcastle airport and Durham Tees Valley airport – that the Government has commissioned research into varying APD on a regional basis. The research, planned to be published this summer, will consider the potential impact of a regional APD rate as well as devolving the power to set the tax north of the border to the Scottish Government. There has been a campaign in the region, by the Journal newspaper, to get APD changed, claiming it has adverse economic consequences. Newcastle Airport wants APD to be charged at a higher rate at the biggest, most congested airports (south east), and a lower rate from uncongested regional airports.    Click here to view full story…


Durham Tees Valley airport applying to Regional Growth Fund for freight distribution centre

May 26, 2012     An expansion plan is being drawn up for loss-making Durham Tees Valley Airport and will be handed to the Government within weeks. The airport is preparing a bid to the regional growth fund to develop a 250-acre south side of the airport, for freight services/distribution (does not say whether any air freight is included). The application will include a new internal road, installing gas, electricity and drainage connection, and perhaps new buildings. Peel Holdings Ltd, the airport’s owner (owns 80%), has to submit the bid to the £1bn fund by the deadline of June 13th. There has been an 80% fall in the number of passengers since 2006, from 912,000 down to 190,000 in 2011. The focus on freight confirms the expectation the airport will find it difficult to increase passenger numbers. However, their airport’s air freight tonnage has plummeted to almost nothing in the past two years      Click here to view full story…


Durham Tees Valley campaign to ship travellers over to Amsterdam for connections

5.5.2012   Durham Tees Valley airport is running a publicity campaign with KLM, to let people know “The World’s on Your Doorstep”. The local authority, Hartlepool Borough Council is also backing it. The aim is to promote the KLM flights (3 per day) to Amsterdam, and then all the other destinations that can be reached from Amsterdam. The Air France/KLM group operates flights from 14 cities in the UK to their hubs in Paris and Amsterdam.  There are flights each day to Heathrow from Newcastle airport, which is only about 35 miles from Durham Tees Valley airport.    http://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/news/local/airport-campaign-1-4518265


Durham Tees Valley airport lobby to get Public Service Obligation route to London

March 15, 2012    Phil Wilson, the Labour MP for Sedgefield, will table an amendment to legislation currently before MPs to require airlines to maintain routes if investment and jobs depend on it. He wants to revive air links to London from regional airports such as struggling Durham Tees Valley. The idea will also be put to Aviation Minister Theresa Villiers when a delegation, led by Mr Wilson, meets her on April 24, to discuss the Durham Tees Valley Airport problems. He wants the committee considering the Civil Aviation Bill to examine the possibility of a clause, which would require an obligation to continue to fly because of the impact on the Tees Valley of withdrawing flights to London.    Click here to view full story…


Owner of airport seeks help from MPs

17th February 2012   (Northern Echo)   The new owner of Durham Tees Valley Airport (DTVA) has sought the help of politicians to secure a long-term future for the business. The Peel Group has lobbied Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle and Louise Ellman MP, chairwoman of the Commons Transport Select Committee, about the importance of the airport to the local economy. Peter Nears, Peel’s strategic planning director, has also begun a round of meetings with the area’s MPs.  Six Tees Valley councils own a minority share in the airport.  Mrs Ellman said it was important that the role of regional airports in promoting employment was recognised.   Click here to view full story ….


Durham Tees Valley Airport’s future secured by takeover by Peel Investments

February 12, 2012    Previous owners Peel Airports has sold its 75% majority share-holding in the airport to Peel Investments (DTVA). So the airport can continue in business and get over its current crisis. Peel Airports is 65% owned by Vantage Airport Group (formerly Vancouver Airport Services) and 35% by The Peel Group. Peel Investments is now the majority shareholder in the airport, with the rest of the shareholding (25%) continuing to be owned by the six local authorities, including Hartlepool Borough Council. Peel Airports Limited, (as different part of the Peel Group) continues to be a major shareholder in Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster. Durham Tees Valley airport had less than 22% the number of passengers in 2011 as it had in 2006.   Click here to view full story…


Buyer sought for nose-diving Durham Tees Valley Airport

December 16, 2011   Peel Airports has put their 75% stake of the airport up for sale, as it is losing money had too few passengers. Most airports have seen a drop in traffic, but for Durham Tees Valley it’s been more of a nose-dive than a controlled descent. In 2006, more than 900,000 passengers passed through its doors. This year that will have come down to 200,000. The recession has hit and airlines have also increasingly deserted Durham Tees Valley for the safety of bigger airports.    Click here to view full story…


Peel serve councils ‘dilution notice’ on Durham Tees Valley Airport

10.12.11 Local authorities on Teesside have been ordered to pay £4.3m to retain their current stake in Durham Tees Valley Airport, the Journal reports. They have been informed by majority owners Peel Airports Limited (PAL) that they must either pay the cash or face a reduction in their shareholdings. Peel has informed Stockton Council – the lead of the six local authority shareholders – of its intention to serve a ‘dilution notice’. That means unless the councils of Stockton, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland, Hartlepool, Darlington and Durham, agree to proportionately match investments made by Peel, their shareholding will be reduced At the moment they hold shares of 25%. However, these will be reduced to 10.8% if the money is not contributed.  (UK Airport News  link)

Recent UK Airport News stories about the airport:

02.10.11 Durham Tees Valley complain about wind farm plans

20.09.11 New boss pledges to ‘save’ Durham Tees Valley Airport

16.08.11 MP wants RAF to move to Durham Tees Valley Airport

14.08.11 Eastern to axe Durham Tees Valley – Southampton flights
11.08.11 Durham Tees Valley boss says airport at risk of closure

21.07.11 Durham Tees Airport boss departure not part of cost cutting plan

16.07.11 Durham Tees Airport boss leaves
09.07.11 Hundreds back ‘Teesside Airport’ campaign

29.06.11 Fresh call to rename Durham Tees Valley Airport

12.06.11 Durham Tees Valley award ATC replacement contract

08.05.11 Durham Tees Valley Airport ‘can survive’

08.04.11 KLM launch summer schedule from Durham Tees Valley

05.04.11 Just six turn up to Durham Tees Valley Airport train flashmob  !

13.03.11 Big jump in passengers at Durham Tees Valley Airport

12.02.11 Durham Tees Valley Airport second from bottom in Europe

10.02.11 Councillor rules out cash support for Durham Tees Valley Airport

27.01.11 Huge slump in Durham Tees Valley Airport passengers

12.01.11 Ryanair axe last route from Durham Tees Valley

20.12.10 Durham Tees Valley – Jersey flights confirmed for next summer


Durham Tees Valley Airport to charge £6 for departure

16th November 2010

Passengers will have to pay for the privilege of being allowed to board their
flight from today. The airport is introducing a charge for access to its departure
lounge, which is the only way to actually reach the plane. They will have to pay
£6 for adults and £2 for children aged between three and 15. This is part of the
overall strategy to stabilise its financial situation and follows the introduction
of similar schemes at other regional airports.     Click here to view full story…


 Durham Tees Valley airport wins 4 year legal battle with bmibaby

6th May 2010

The Appeal Court has ruled that bmibaby had breached its contract with the airport
when it axed its services in 2006. The decision reversed a High Court ruling last
year, which found that the terms of the contract were so vague and uncertain that
they were unenforceable. Three judges sitting at London’s Civil Appeal Court yesterday
found bmibaby in &lquot;repudiatory breach&rquot; of the contract. The airport lost money
for 8 years when a contract was cancelled. (Echo)       Click here to view full story…


Peel Holdings to sell airports (Liverpool, Doncaster and Durham Tees Valley) to fund purchase of ports company?

9th March  2010

It seems likely that Peel Holdings, a private company, intends to sell a majority
stake in its airports division to help fund the £800 million acquisition of Forth
Ports, one of Britain’s biggest port operators. Peel Holdings is fundamentally
a property developer, and has 3 secondary level airports (Doncaster, Durham Tees
Valley, amd  Liverpool, as well as a general aviation facility at Manchester City
airport. Two of  the airport  are in direct competition with the primary level Manchester
Airport.      Click here to view full story…

Durham Tees Valley gets support from top MP William Hague

19th February 2010

William Hague has  offered a personal plea to local people to support their local
airport and use it, but said that building a new runway at Heathrow would not
guarantee the region access to the capital. Mr Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary
and Richmond MP, was discussing the airport’s future with its director and the
PPC.   He said the airport had had a huge knock with a loss of the regular flights
to London, so passenger numbers are down by more than a half on the previous year.

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Durham Tees Valley: Vancouver Airport Services and Peel Holdings in talks

4th February 2010

It appears that that talks are ongoing between Vancouver Airport Services and
Peel Holdings, which operates Durham Tees Valley Airport, near Darlington. Peel
Holdings would not confirm or deny this. but reiterated the firm’s desire to sell
part of its airport business, Peel Airports. VAS operates 18 small to medium sized
airports around the world, and has turned many around. (Echo)     Click here to view full story…

Durham Tees Valley – passengers down – 55.4% in 2009

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Durham Tees Valley Airport continues damages claim

21st January 2010
 Lawyers acting for Durham Tees Valley Airport will return to court next week
as they seek to overturn a judge’s decision not to award the airport £12m damages
for a claim against bmibaby. Peel – the company that owns the airport – yesterday
confirmed it had been allocated a 2-day hearing on January 26 and 27 at the Court
of Appeal in London to again contest its case about bmibaby’s decision to withdraw
its flights from the airport in Nov 2006. (Echo)       Click here to view full story…


Durham Tees Valley to cut operating hours and jobs after 53% drop in passengers in 2009

8th January 2010

Durham Tees Valley Airport is cutting staff and operating hours passengers collapsed
by 53% last year to 306,323    due to the economic downturn. Peel Group Holdings
said the moves were needed to ‘create financial stability’ in the current tough
economic times for the aviation industry. The airport will close overnight. Up
to 32  jobs would go with the remaining 143 staff being trained to do additional
jobs. (UK Airport News)         Click here to view full story…

“Long-term fears” over bmibaby’s victory – Durham Tees Valley

1st May 2009

The High Court has ruled on a 3-year-old dispute between bmibaby, and Durham
Tees Valley airport. The ramifications could be widely felt and prove a watershed
in the relationship of airlines and airport operators. Bmibaby stopped operations
there in 2006 after they became loss-making. Because bmibaby had signed a contract,
obliging it to run 2 aircraft from the airport until April 2014, the airport sued,
but the judge found in favour of bmi. (Times)         Click here to view full story…


Durham Tees Valley asks businesses to “help shape our destination”

18th February 2009
Tees Valley Regeneration and Durham Tees Valley Airport have launched a new joint
initiative to find out just how far the Tees Valley wants to go. They have produced
a website questionnaire and are asking members of the local business community
to log on and help compile a study of international trade. The survey is trying
to obtain a better understanding of company travel patterns and behaviour throughout
the area. (Durham Tees Valley Airport)         Click here to view full story…



05.02.09 Ryanair announce Durham Tees Valley flights 

04.02.09 Flyglobespan confirm Durham Tees Valley exit

 01.01.09 Flyglobespan to announce Durham Tees Valley flights decision

09.12.08 Giant plane at Durham Tees Valley Airport


26.11.08 Durham Tees Valley Airport business park approved18.11.08 Ryanair cut Durham Tees Valley flights

13.11.08 KLM use bigger planes at Durham Tees Valley

09.10.08 Big drop in passengers at Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley05.10.08 Ryanair ‘fully committed’ to Durham Tees Valley

30.09.08 Councillor appointed to Durham Tees Valley Airport committee

22.09.08 Thomson axe Durham Tees Valley route

13.09.08 bmi cut flights and jobs at Durham Tees Valley

08.09.08 £110m Durham Tees Valley Airport park ‘on course’

06.09.08 Flyglobespan still in talks with Durham Tees Valley over schedule

30.08.08 Wizz axe Durham Tees Valley flights

21.08.08 Flyglobespan denies quitting Durham Tees Valley

19.08.08 Airline could quit Durham Tees Valley for Newcastle

26.06.08 Newcastle and Durham Tees freight companies merge

23.05.08 Thomson cut Durham Tees Valley flights

22.05.08 Flyglobespan launch Durham Tees Valley Airport winter flights

15.05.08 Safety fears over wind farm near Durham Tees Valley Airport

06.05.08 New Durham Tees Valley Airport director targets growth

01.05.08 Durham Tees Valley Airport wants more European routes

27.04.08 Durham Tees Valley Airport sues bmi for £12m

18.04.08 New boss for Durham Tees Valley Airport

16.04.08 Durham Tees Valley Airport passengers up 16%

13.04.08 Newts rescued from Durham Tees Valley Airport hotel swimming pool

12.04.08 Residents concern over Durham Tees Valley Airport expansion

20.03.08 Plans for £110m Durham Tees Valley business park13.03.08Fresh call to protect Durham Tees Valley – Heathrow link20.02.08 Business park scheme for Durham Tees Valley Airport18.01.08 Durham Tees Valley Airport grassland to go wild05.01.08Improved timings for Heathrow – Durham Tees Valley Airport link welcomed04.01.08bmi to double Heathrow – Moscow flights and adjust domestic routes


21.12.07 Record festive passengers at Durham Tees Valley Airport after November up 17%

20.12.07 New Ryanair flight for Durham Tees Valley Airport

05.12.07 MP calls for Durham Tees Valley – Heathrow flights protection


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