Complaining about Gatwick noise

It is important that people affected by aircraft noise complain about it.

It is also important that they complain not just once, by repeatedly (once a week perhaps, not every single day – that takes too much of people’s time and energy!) – if the noise problem continues. One complaint is not enough!

How to complain to Gatwick, if you are bothered by their aircraft noise

How to complain to Gatwick, if you are bothered by their aircraft noise

Gatwick Airport has a complaints form. There is also a way to complain by mobile phone.

How to complain to Gatwick

If you wish to raise a complaint with Gatwick, have as much of the following information ready as possible:
•    Your name and address including postcode.
•    Date and time of the incident
•    Count the engines on the aircraft.  Other details might well be useful (eg Airline).
•    The nature of your complaint (noise, low flying etc).
•    Any other details you may have of the aircraft and flight.

The complaint form is at


Flight tracking apps can help you find out about the aircraft and its flight details, for more information about these see our FACTS section.

If you are dissatisfied with the response you can contact one of the local community groups around Gatwick in your area, who may be able to suggest further action.



1.  Ask for written reply.
2.  If appropriate, ask for a print out of the aircraft track, and details of its height over your house (or where you are complaining from).
3.  If told aircraft did not exceed noise limits, point out that the monitors do not detect all infringements because not all aircraft fly over them. Nor, probably, are the few monitors that exist near your house (they are about a mile from the end of the runway).
4. If told that the matter will be taken up with the airline, or with Air Traffic Control, or with some airport committee, insist on seeing response or action from that body.
5. If still dissatisfied, write to your MP.
. Please copy your complaint, and any responses,  to GACC please.                                     Email:


Flight Performance Team

If you want to know more about noise from planes or the airport, or have a specific complaint, then please contact our Flight Performance Team (FPT).  [This used to be called their Flight Evaluation Unit (FEU).].

If you want to contact Gatwick by email or by phone, see

This page says you can, as well as the online complaint form, contact them by:


Telephone: 0800 393 070  [Website says it is Freephone, but there is a cost of around14p per minute from mobiles].

Gatwick Airport Ltd Flight Performance Team Destinations Place Gatwick Airport West Sussex RH6 0NP


Annual reports

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Quarterly reports

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 Gatwick’s noise policy says:

Numbers and summary details of complaints will be reported quarterly at the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM) and the Noise and Track Monitoring Advisory Group (NaTMAG), along with Noise Infringements, Continuous Descent Approach performance and Track Keeping performance.

Gatwick’s Noise Report for 2013 is at
Gatwick says there were 2,979 noise complaints in 2013 (Page 19)


Gatwick’s pages on Performance Reporting are at

FPT reports

Publications and studies from the flight performance team.

NATMAG minutes

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