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 Some news stories about Glasgow Airport:

Campaign for Better Transport urges a ban on UK domestic flights (where the train takes under 5 hours) and subsidised rail travel

The Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) says domestic flights should be banned on routes where the train journey would take under 5 hours (or to islands). They also want long-distance domestic train fares subsidised, in order to reduce the carbon emissions from travel within the UK. There should NOT be any cut in the rate of Air Passenger Duty for domestic fights, as the aviation industry is lobbying for. The CBT says there should also be mandatory emissions labels on tickets and a frequent flyer levy for those taking more than three international flights per year. There can be no justification, in terms of carbon emissions, for flights – for example – between Manchester and London, London and Edinburgh or Birmingham and Glasgow. Sadly at present, rail fares are often FAR higher than plane fares. In a staged “race” from central London to central Glasgow, the person taking the train arrived two minutes later (5 hours 17 minutes, and 19 minutes), and the train journey emitted less than one-sixth of the carbon emissions of the flight – 20kg compared with 137kg. But it cost twice as much at £109 v £52.

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MSP Gil Paterson writes to Scottish Government, to get noise help for those overflown by Glasgow planes

Aircraft at Glasgow airport fly over some districts at little more than 400ft and yet Glasgow Airport, whose attitude towards its disadvantaged communities has been notoriously bad, refuses to provide them with proper sound insulation – which is all they have been asking for.  Now an MSP, Gil Patterson, has done a survey of the noise nuisance suffered. This shows a considerable % of those polled were “moderately, badly or severely” affected by the noise, both daytime and night. There are well established negative impacts of noise on health.  Gil has written to the Scottish Government, asking for help for those suffering so much aircraft noise. He says: “Before the pandemic I was engaged with Glasgow Airport, West Dunbartonshire Council and the Scottish Government putting together a noise insulation package for residents in the 63 dB area, but things have been very slow to materialise and to be honest the 63 dB contour area is much too narrow to resolve the impact of noise on human health.” …”Whilst I accept that air transport powers are limited to the Scottish Parliament as part of our Government’s commitment to eradicating inequalities and our anti-poverty policies, we must use all the levers available to resolve this appalling situation being experienced by my constituents who live under the flight path.”

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Heathrow runway would increase Scotland’s aviation CO2 by more flights Heathrow to Scotland

If Heathrow got a 3rd runway, it is very likely to increase the amount of carbon produced by more flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow, to Heathrow. The extra flights and destinations at Heathrow would entice more Scottish people to fly south, to make the connections.  It is estimated this might be an extra 5,000 flights per year (ie. about 14 more per day), with several hundred thousand extra tonnes of CO2.  If travellers from Scotland, wanting to fly from Heathrow, took the train, there would be less carbon emitted.  Increasing flying, whether from Scottish airports, or from Heathrow, is entirely at odds with Scotland’s aim of cutting carbon emissions and becoming a net-zero country by 2045, which is 5 years earlier than the current (inadequate) UK target of 2050. Colin Howden, director of the sustainable transport alliance, Transform Scotland, said the Scottish government’s plans to cut a tiny bit of aviation carbon by looking at electric planes for some short trips in the Highlands and islands, would be entirely eclipsed by the increase in flights to Heathrow.

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Local campaign gets Glasgow airport to pay up to £8 million to sound insulate 800 badly affected homes

Glasgow Airport is to pay out up to £8m over the next 5 years to help with noise insulation costs for the 800 homes near its runway. The assistance packages, worth around £10,000 per home, will be used to help pay for triple glazing and loft insulation.  Recent studies showed aircraft noise levels experienced at night by residents in some areas exceeded substantially the safe levels approved by the World Health Organisation.  However they were deemed not high enough to allow properties to qualify for compensation. The airport’s owner, AGS Airports, has agreed to reduce the qualifying level for support to homes experiencing the noise, from 66 decibels to 63dB.  The effort to improve the situation, particularly in Whitecrook, Clydebank, where the worst levels were recorded, has been driven by a long running campaign by SNP MSP, Gil Paterson. Allegedly the insulation in the loft cut the noise level in a bedroom below to 50dB. when it had been 63dB, with the noise outside at 84dB. It is claimed that upgrading double glazing to triple glazing further cut the noise to 45dB (as long as no window opened ….. and still deafening in the garden ….)

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Residents alarmed at proposed changes to Glasgow Airport flightpaths using PBN

Planned new flightpaths into Glasgow airport will see planes flying over some of Scotland’s wealthiest suburbs, so there can be slight fuel use reductions and the airport can handle increased passenger numbers. The changes to the routes will see flights take off or land over areas such as Bearsden, Bishopbriggs and East Renfrewshire to cut down on the time it takes planes to reach international flightpaths. The proposals are aimed at “modernising” Glasgow’s airspace to handle increasing passenger numbers, larger aircraft and (allegedly) greenwash the plans and “to make flying less harmful to the environment.”  Community groups in affected areas are worried about the impact on their communities and are urging the airport to rethink the plans, which are out to consultation till April 13th. The system will change from older ground navigation, to new satellite systems (PBN), and will enable flight paths to be concentrated, so particular areas get intensified plane noise, as plane after plane follows the same track. One village that fears it will be badly affected is Uplawmoor, which currently is tranquil, where residents are angry they were not consulted until “very late in the day”. People want a more open and honest consultation, and for the CAA to ensure that happens.

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Ryanair to axe Glasgow Airport base, cutting number of routes from 23 to 3

Ryanair is to close its base at Glasgow Airport, warning that 300 jobs could go as a result. The airline, which also operates out of Prestwick, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, will cut the number of routes out of Glasgow from 23 to 3. Ryanair’s Chief commercial officer David O’Brien tried to blamed the change on the cost of APD and said Glasgow “simply could not bear the burden”. APD is very unlikely to actually be the reason for the move; it is actually just £13 for any adult (kids go free) on any return European flight, and most of Glasgow flights are European, or domestic (domestic return flights pay £13 APD for each half).  Glasgow Airport said it was “bitterly disappointed” by Ryanair’s decision. Ryanair made the announcement as it unveiled its schedule for winter 2018, confirming that only its services to Dublin, Wroclaw and Krakow would continue from Glasgow. Instead 11 new routes would be added to its Edinburgh schedule. Ryanair is ruthless in its treatment of airports, cutting them if they are not sufficiently profitable. For many – Prestwick included – it’s the only passenger airline, and it’s not afraid to use that leverage. Glasgow airport routes had lower prices and tighter margins – just not profitable enough – easier to make money at Edinburgh.

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Airports operator AGS appoints new chief executive


AGS Ltd, the company which runs Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airports, has appointed a new chief executive, Derek Provan.  He will succeed Amanda McMillan as both chief executive of AGS Ltd and managing director of Glasgow Airport in April. Mr Provan is currently interim chief operating officer at Heathrow Airport. He joined Heathrow in 2013, having spent three years as managing director of Aberdeen International Airport.

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Glasgow airport consultation on flight path changes, modernising for satellite navigation

Glasgow airport has a consultation currently (ends on Friday 13th April) on changes in future to its flight paths.  The airport says: “… it is our intention to request permission from the CAA to implement these new procedures which will minimise the amount of time aircraft queue, both in the air and on the ground,” and make some minimal fuel (CO2) savings. It is claimed changes are needed to cope with increased passenger numbers and airspace congestion, and are part of the UK Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) driven by the CAA, due to the change to satellite based navigation.  Ground navigation aids currently used by Glasgow Airport will be decommissioned in 2019. There will be a number of drop-in sessions for the public. Feedback will be presented to the CAA before the necessary approval can be granted. The Scottish Green Party commented that the proposals would see an increase in flights over areas including parts of Kilbarchan, resulting in more noise pollution for local residents. They are urging people to respond. “The projections show that parts of Renfrewshire will see the biggest increase in noise. Edinburgh Airport’s recent attempt to ignore the views of communities backfired spectacularly, so Glasgow Airport would be wise to listen to the concerns of those living in Renfrewshire carefully.”  New flight paths were strenuously opposed at Edinburgh airport ….

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“Rail link essential for airport”. Glasgow Airport to get rail link from £1.13 billion from public funds

Glasgow Airport needs a range of transport options including a rail link to and from the city centre for future success, according to management. Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael visited the airport with Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson and Renfrewshire Council leader Mark Macmillan to see recent improvements and discuss future plans. The City Deal, approved last year, provides Glasgow and surrounding councils with £1.13 billion to invest in projects that will create jobs and provide long-term infrastructure. A rail link to the airport is one of the key projects that will be funded by the city deal cash. The UK Government pledged £500m which was matched by the Scottish Government with the rest coming from the councils. Mr Matheson said  “It is vital that we do all we can to ensure that Glasgow Airport retains its position as the gateway to Scotland, so I am delighted that, thanks to our £1.13bn City Deal, work will soon start on a new rail link between the airport and the city centre.”

Heathrow Airport Holdings has completed the sale of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports.

December 18, 2014

The three airports have been sold to a consortium formed by Macquarie and Ferrovial. Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said: “This sale enables us to focus on improving Heathrow for passengers and winning support for Heathrow expansion.” Southampton Airport issued a statement this morning saying it was ‘very much business as usual’ under the new ownership. “We will still continue to operate independently as an airport under local management in a similar way to before. It is very much business as usual as we head into the busy Christmas period,” said MD Dave Lees. Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton are the last airports, outside Heathrow, owned by the former BAA after regulators forced the sale of Gatwick, Stansted and Edinburgh.


Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports sold to Ferrovial and Macquaire, by HAH, in £1bn deal

Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports have been sold by Heathrow Airport Holdings (HAH) in a £1 billion deal. All three will now be owned by a consortium formed by Spanish firm Ferrovial and Australia-based Macquarie, and managed locally. The sale is expected to be completed in January 2015. Ferrovial already part-owns Heathrow, and holds a 25% stake in HAH, which was previously known as BAA. So from January 2015, HAH will only operate Heathrow, while some years back it owned and ran seven airports. Heathrow itself is 25% owned by Ferrovial with other stakes controlled by investment vehicles from Qatar, Quebec, Singapore, the US, and China. (Nothing English). By passenger number in the UK, Glasgow ranks 8th, Aberdeen 14th and Southampton 18th. The airports are not anticipating any particular changes due to the sale. The uncertainty over ownership has not been helpful for the airports, but the investors will be wanting a return on their billion pounds.

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Ryanair cuts Prestwick flights by a third and moves them to Glasgow

29 August 2014

Ryanair will operate 16 routes from Prestwick next summer, compared to its current 24 routes. This comes after Ryanair halved its winter schedule at Prestwick (taxpayer-owned), relocating most services to Glasgow. Michael O’Leary said (whatever it means) that Ryanair remained “heavily committed” to Prestwick, where it stations 3 aircraft and operates a major maintenance site. Ryanair will soon launch its winter schedule from Glasgow, its newest Scottish base, in October with 7 services (Dublin, Stansted, Derry, Riga, Warsaw Modlin, Wroclaw, and Bydgoszcz). Ryanair’s summer 2015 schedule will add 2 more routes (all holiday places).  There will also be 32 destinations from Edinburgh, including one new route to Stansted.

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Glasgow, Aberdeen & Southamptom Airports put up for sale by owners Heathrow Airport Holdings by end of 2014

July 31, 2014

Heathrow Airport Holdings want to complete the sale of the three airports by the end of the year. Key staff at Glasgow Airport were given the news at a briefing this afternoon. Spanish-owned BAA later issued a statement through Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd. “Over recent months Heathrow Airport Holdings group shareholders and management have been considering their strategic position in relation to our three airports, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton. As a result the group is now formally entering a sale process. Whilst there is currently no certainty that a sale will be concluded, the group intends to work towards completing a transaction by the end of the year.” BAA’s sold Edinburgh airport for £807 million in May 2012 to Global Infrastructure Partners. A Glasgow Airport source said: “The feeling here is that BAA need to raise cash to invest in Heathrow, but they are carrying too much debt.”


Partners Group including Strathclyde Pension Fund also bidding to buy Glasgow airport

February 22, 2014

Ferrovial has recently made a bid to buy Glasgow airport as well as Southampton and Aberdeen airports. Now Glasgow city council’s pension fund – the Strathclyde Pension Fund (the wealthiest council pension fund in the UK) – is part of a bid consortium that is also bidding for Glasgow airport. The consortium includes Partners Group and Zurich Airport. Partners Group is a global private markets investment management firm. A decision by the Strathclyde Pension Fund group to try and buy Glasgow could spark a bidding war. The bid is supported by the Glasgow city council leader and the Renfrewshire council leader. If their bid was successful, public involvement in a takeover for Glasgow would place it in direct competition with Prestwick, which was bought by the Scottish Government last year. That could mean a political conflict between Labour-run Glasgow and the SNP administration at Holyrood. The Strathclyde Pension Fund has spread its investments across a wide range of areas and has a stake in Samsung and Apple, as well as property portfolio which includes a Wolverhampton shopping centre and an office block in Hong Kong.

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Ferrovial makes bid to buy Aberdeen, Glasgow & Southampton airports – hoping to make more profit than at Heathrow

February 18, 2014

Ferrovial had made an offer – for an undisclosed amount – to buy Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports from its partners in Heathrow Airport Holdings. The price might be as much as £800 million. Ferrovial is the largest shareholder in Heathrow, with 25%. Heathrow Holdings has made it clear for sometime that it is eager to sell its other remaining airports. It is understood that Ferrovial is not making the offer in partnership with any other company, though some reports suggest that Australian infrastructure companies Macquarie and Industry Funds Management are also involved. It is not known if Ferrovial’s bid will be accepted. A Portuguese bank has valued the 3 airports at £952m using an equity value/earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of 12.3 times for Aberdeen and Glasgow and 10.7 times for Southampton. Ferrovial bought BAA in 2006 for £10.3bn. It has since offloaded Gatwick, Stansted and Edinburgh in order to lower its debt. Now it is keen to buy again. Ferrovial hopes UK regional airports will grow strongly for the next few years, if the UK economy starts to grow, as they have a large amount of unused capacity. By contrast, the CAA has limited the amount Heathrow can charge airlines for landing charges, so decreasing the return available from Heathrow.

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Speculation that GIP, Ferrovial and MAG interested in buying Aberdeen Glasgow and/or Southampton airports

November 13, 2013      Sky News has learned “from banking sources” that various infrastructure investors are interested in buying Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports – amid expectations that their owner, Heathrow Holdings, will opt to sell them – to focus on its ownership of Heathrow. It is understood that Heathrow is considering a plan to offload, following a string of unsolicited approaches from prospective buyers. Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) which owns Gatwick and City airports, has expressed an interest in buying Aberdeen airport, although it has not yet made a formal bid. A number of Heathrow’s shareholders and board members are said to be keen to dispose of the 3 regional airports but its board has not yet made a formal decision. Ferrovial now only owns 25% of Heathrow,and is reported as now likely to be interested in buying one or more of the airports, through a separate vehicle. MAG is also understood to want to buy one or more of them.

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Scotsman speculates that Heathrow Holdings may sell Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton airport to raise cash for Heathrow runway

November 4, 2013       The Scotsman speculates that Heathrow Holdings Ltd (aka BAA) is considering selling Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, for a figure in the range of £1 billion, so it can focus more on Heathrow and getting a third runway. Some 8 0 – 905 of its business comes from Heathrow. The Scotsman says it has learnt that Heathrow Airport Holdings has held talks with advisers with a view to seeking buyers. Ferrovial, which has reduced its stake in Heathrow to 25% since buying BAA in 2006, is thought to be considering a deal to buy out the other shareholders in the 3 regional airports. Heathrow Airports declined to comment, but analysts believe a decision to sell makes sense, particularly if the airport was to secure approval for the extra runway. The sale would help Heathrow raise capital for a new runway. The potential prices will depend on passenger numbers. It is speculated that Glasgow might sell for £600 million, and Aberdeen + Southampton might go for £450 – 500 million for the two. They are all thought to be marketable.       Click here to view full story…


Emirates considers direct flights to the USA from UK northern airports, not Heathrow

July 26, 2013     Dubai’s Emirates Airline is interested in getting into the competitive transatlantic market, and offer flights from Dubai to the US via the UK. This market is currently dominated by BA, Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines. Emirates will need to get regulatory approval first. Emirates believes there is strong unmet demand for flights from the north of England to the USA and last year carried 800,000 passengers on its routes in and out of its hubs in the north of England: Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham. There are growing numbers of Emirates passengers and services from these northern UK airports. In October, Emirates will launch flights from Dubai to New York via Milan. Their UK vice president said they are asking the Airports Commission to look at making all the regional airports completely open skies, so anyone can fly anywhere. If they use the northern airports, there is less pressure on the south east airports, and less rationale for building another runway. “Heathrow sits in the south of England, but Manchester has a bigger catchment area in terms of a two-hour drive.” If Emirates goes through with the plan BA and Virgin will be the big losers.    Click here to view full story..


News about Glasgow Airport can be found on the UK Airport News website:


10.11.11 Loss of Glasgow – Heathrow flights hit businesses
09.11.11 Iberia launch Glasgow – Madrid flights
01.11.11 easyJet Amsterdam flights take off from Glasgow Airport

16.10.11 Scottish consortium to bid for BAA airport
15.10.11 Glasgow Airport expects passenger surge
14.10.11 Scottish aviation industry push for APD cuts
13.10.11 BA increase Glasgow – Heathrow flights
08.10.11 BAA to sell Scottish airport before Stansted
21.09.11 Direct Glasgow – Iceland flights take off
15.09.11 Third plane at Glasgow Airport for Jet2
12.09.11 Glasgow – Norway flights take off
01.09.11 Jet2 announce Crete and Rhodes flights from Glasgow Airport

25.08.11 Eastern announce first Glasgow flights
25.08.11 Loganair announce Glasgow – Donegal flights
13.08.11 Glasgow Airport passengers up for seventh month in a row
05.08.11 Jet2 announce Glasgow – Rome flights

19.07.11 Spanish airline announced Glasgow – Madrid flights
11.07.11 BAA June passengers up 4.4%
04.07.11 Report calls for better worldwide connectivity from Glasgow Airport
15.06.11 Glasgow Airport passengers at six year high
08.06.11 Five new Spanish routes from Glasgow for Jet2
24.05.11 Ash cloud affects Scottish flights
24.04.11 Blow to Glasgow Airport rail link plans as some land sold
21.04.11 easyJet to relaunch Glasgow – Amsterdam flights
09.04.11 Scottish Labour Party make resurrecting Glasgow Airport rail link plans a key policy
01.04.11 Jet2 launch Glasgow flights

26.03.11 easyJet add ‘breakfast’ Glasgow – Gatwick flight
25.03.11 easyJet announce Glasgow – Jersey flights
12.03.11 Glasgow Airport passengers up for second month
26.02.11 Scottish airports spend over £3m on snow ploughs
18.02.11 Scottish airports raise APD fears
17.02.11 Loganair to operate Sunday Glasgow – Barra / Tiree flights this summer
12.02.11 First rise in Glasgow Airport passengers since August 2007
01.02.11 BMI suspend Glasgow – Heathrow service

23.01.11 BMI to axe loss making Glasgow – Heathrow service?
22.01.11 Meeting announced for businesses on Glasgow Airport masterplan
14.01.11 Snow sees Glasgow Airport report worst passenger figures for 5 years
13.01.11 PIA axe Glasgow route, but could expand other UK services
08.01.11 Glasgow Airport to get £11.2m upgrades


Plan for 2nd Glasgow runway ditched in draft Master Plan with lower passenger forecasts

9th February 2011     BAA, the owners of Glasgow Airport, have dropped plans to build a 2nd runway and slashed forecasts for passenger growth under a new 30-year development plan.  It expects to see 10 million people a year use Glasgow International by 2020, compared to 6.5 million passengers in 2010, with 16.4 million passengers a year expected by 2040. But this is far lower than the earlier forecast of over 20 million passengers by 2030, needing runway 2.      Click here to view full story…


Glasgow airport has lost around 2m passengers, but hopes to get more long haul

6th December 2010    Despite losing nearly two million passengers over the last two years, Managing Director Amanda McMillan said the airport had retained its position as Scotland’s leading hub for long-haul destinations and traditional bucket ’n’ spade charter holidays. She said Glasgow was now well placed for recovery, with long-haul and charter flights both increasing in popularity.  (But with the usual whinge about APD … ) Click here to view full story…

BAA told to sell one of its two main Scots airports

14th October 2010    Glasgow or Edinburgh airport could soon be put up for sale after the Court of Appeal in London decided that BAA should dispose of one of Scotland’s 2 main airports. With one operator owning two airports within an hour’s drive of each other there has been little incentive for them to introduce competition on routes, tickets or charges. Business leaders are split over which would provide a better return on investment as BAA attempts to cut a £10 billion debt.    Click here to view full story…


£ millions written off as ousted Glasgow Airport Rail Link firms move back

6th October 2010    Businesses which were paid millions of pounds to relocate in order to make way for the Glasgow Airport Rail Link – cancelled in 2009 – are being offered the land back at a fraction of the original cost paid by taxpayers. Transport Scotland has confirmed it is in negotiations with a number of businesses whose properties were obtained using compulsory purchase powers and now have first right of refusal to buy back the land. (Herald)      Click here to view full story…


Drop in Scots airport passengers in July and further decline of Glasgow

11th August 2010       Edinburgh, Scotland’s busiest airport, had a +0.6% rise in passengers in July, compared to July 2009, to 961,000 partly due to Ryanair. But Glasgow had a fall in passengers of – 3.6% to 789,000 and Aberdeen had a fall of – 4.1% to 270,000. Overall, BAA’s UK airports had a rise in passengers in July of only +0.3%. BAA’s 6 UK airports handled nearly 58.5 million passengers in the first seven months of this year – a 4.5% drop on the January-July 2009 total.     Click here to view full story…


Glasgow Airport set for £200m revamp

4th June 2010    Plans for improvements at Glasgow airport have been released. The first step in a £200 million project will be a revamp of the confusing and congested passenger pick-up and drop-off zones. The airport plans to make the system simpler and easier to use in a £12m reorganisation. It is on track to be finished for the summer rush of holiday makers on 2nd July.    Click here to view full story…

High Court Ruling on Heathrow 3rd runway throws expansion plans at Scottish airports into question

26th March 2010     Plans to expand Edinburgh, Glasgow and other Scottish airports were thrown into serious doubt today when a High Court Judge said that the Government’s 2003 aviation policy didn’t fully take into account the effects of climate change and the Climate Change Act 2008. The ruling means expansion plans at Heathrow and dozens of other airports around the country, including Scotland, need to be re-thought. The Aviation White Paper has to be be radically overhauled.    Click here to view full story…

Glasgow Airport ‘more likely’ to be sold as trade lags Edinburgh

21st February 2010     Pressure on BAA to sell Glasgow Airport is set to intensify after new figures revealed it is lagging behind Edinburgh in winning new airlines and passengers. Glasgow is said to be struggling to replace the lost business from the collapse of Flyglobespan, while Edinburgh is getting new flights.  Glasgow would find it “difficult to get other carriers to commit to backfilling” this year, and is less attractive than Edinburgh as an inbound destination.  (Scotsman)     Click here to view full story…

Plane Stupid brands Glasgow Airport Terminal 2 as unethical

12th February 2010     On the day the world’s leaders were to release their global emissions target, Plane Stupid Scotland unveiled a new sign welcoming people to Glasgow Airport.  Giant letters read “T2 closed” and “Closed for Ethical Rethink”, pointing to the increasingly struggling airport.  The action is the first in a growing campaign to keep Terminal 2 shut for good. It was closed over the winter as a cost saving measure after passenger numbers fell by 11.3% to 7.2 million. (Plane Stupid)      Click here to view full story including photo…


Glasgow Airport secures further capacity boost following Globespan demise

21st January 2010    Glasgow has secured further additional capacity following the demise of Globespan, as new operator Kiss Flights announces plans to fly to 12 popular sunspots this year from Glasgow. Kiss Flights operates from 8 UK airports but this will be its first time in Scotland. The company is launching flights to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey from early April. (BAA)
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Air travellers increasingly pick Edinburgh over Glasgow

12th January 2010     The gap between Glasgow and Edinburgh airports grew to nearly 2 million passengers last year.  More than 1 in 10 customers deserted Glasgow Airport in 2009, with around 7.2 million passing through its doors, while Edinburgh continued to buck the effects of the recession, with 9 million taking flights through the year.  Disruption caused by the weather and the collapse of Scottish airline Flyglobespan dampened signs of a recovery last month.  (Herald)       Click here to view full story…

Glasgow airport plans expansion

28th December 2009      Glasgow airport has announced a £25m expansion plan to improve facilities over the next two years.  Planned developments include improving the airport road system, a new food court, a new runway lighting system and upgrades to the airfield taxiway.  The airport will invest £12m in 2010, followed by a further £13m in 2011.  In 2014 Glasgow hosts the Commonwealth Games.  (BBC)     Click here to view full story…

Rival Glasgow airport chief says scrap subsidy for Prestwick

24th December 2009    Glasgow Airport’s MD has launched an outspoken attack on the “unfair and anti-­competitive subsidy” given to its main rival.  She says the Government money that funds the rail link to Prestwick must be scrapped as it benefits Ryanair, the airport’s main carrier, at the expense of other airlines. Also that the Scottish Government must restore the air route development fund. (Herald).     Click here to view full story…

18.12.09 Virgin add Glasgow flights after FlyGlobespan collapse
02.12.09 Only two houses qualify for noise insulation at Glasgow Airport
15.11.09 Report on Glasgow Airport future planned
14.11.09 Glasgow Airport terminal to close next week
12.11.09 Glasgow Airport passengers continue to fall
07.11.09 Adonis and Brown blast SNP over Glasgow Airport Rail Link axe
03.11.09 Pilots back Glasgow Airport rail link
28.10.09 Glasgow Airport boss says rail link decision a ‘backward step’
11.10.09 Glasgow Airport could close terminal this winter
09.10.09 Glasgow Airport boss enters rail link row
27.09.09 Glasgow pilots blinded by laser attack
21.09.09 Job loss fear over Glasgow Airport rail link axe
12.09.09 Big passenger fall at Glasgow Airport

and many more stories from  UK Airport News website:

Glasgow Airport set to suffer 28% fall in business to North America

18th March 2009     Glasgow Airport has struggled to replace the hole in its schedules caused by the collapse of Zoom last year, with the seating capacity on flights to North America dropping by more than a quarter this year, according to booking forecasts. Capacity on scheduled flights from Glasgow will fall by 10.6% between January and August this year, compared to the same period last year. It will fall at Aberdeen airport by 6.5%, and grow 5% at Edinburgh. (Herald)     Click here to view full story…


Glasgow Airport launches surface transport strategy

3rd March 2009    BAA has launched a 5-year plan to improve public transport access and reduce private vehicle use at the airport. The measures have been outlined in the new Surface Access Strategy which sets out a series of targets and actions to be delivered by 2013, when the Glasgow Airport Rail Link is due to become operational. At present, 11% travelling to and from the airport use public transport. BAA aims to get that to 15% or 1.2m by 2012. (Transport Briefing)    Click here to view full story…



Fears that swan flock could cause disaster at Glasgow Airport

21st January 2009     The airport fears roosting birds could cause a catastrophic plane crash similar to last week’s near-disaster in New York. Aircraft could be in danger due to flocks of whooper swans which migrate from Iceland to live near the runways during the winter. BAA admitted they want to get rid of the birds, which can weigh up to 15kg, because of the risk but cannot move the birds from Black Cart Water, as they are a protected species on an SSSI. (Daily Record)     Click here to view full story…




05.03.09 New EAT for Glasgow Airport

27.02.09 Plan to cut car use at Glasgow Airport
26.01.09 Glasgow Airport noise protesters plan film
21.01.09 Glasgow airport fear swans could cause air accident
19.01.09 CAA backs sale of Scottish airport – but doesn’t care which one

27.12.08 Flyglobespan announce Glasgow – Canada flights
26.12.08 Glasgow Airport rail link ‘two years late’
21.12.08 Green light for Glasgow Airport rail link work
10.12.08 New summer sun flights from Glasgow Airport
06.12.08 Staff accuse BA of bullying over Glasgow Airport base closure
05.12.08 BAA to upgrade Glasgow Airport for 2014 games

20.11.08 Glasgow Airport fills gaps left by Zoom and XL
08.11.08 BA cuts Gatwick and Heathrow routes; including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester shuttles
05.11.08 Glasgow Airport protest grounded after tip off
04.11.08 Big backing for campaign to save BA Glasgow Airport base

28.10.08 Next phase of Glasgow Airport Skyhub opens
27.10.08 Icelandair suspend Glasgow flights
08.10.08 BA ‘still committed to Scotland’
08.10.08 Unite slam BA decision to close Glasgow base
07.10.08 Meeting over fears BA will pull out of Scotland
06.10.08 Dutch register ‘definite interest’ in Glasgow Airport
02.10.08 Canadian Affair adds Canada flights from Glasgow

25.09.08 Loganair axe Derry – Glasgow route
19.09.08 BA increase Glasgow and Frankfurt flights from London City
18.09.08 BAA to fight sale of Scottish airport
06.09.08 Glasgow Airport boss ‘no’ to noise levy
06.09.08 Glasgow Airport sale ‘may kill of Prestwick’
04.09.08 Air Transat adds 100,000 seats after Zoom failure
03.09.08 Residents call for £1 ‘noise charge’ at Glasgow Airport
01.09.08 Schiphol ‘interested in Glasgow Airport’

Glasgow aiport: Back our noise cash fight   (1.9.2008  – Glasgow Evening News)

Zoom collapse hits thousands  (1.9.2008  –  BBC)

31.08.08 Work resumes on Glasgow Airport Rail Link
28.08.08 Zoom plane detained at Glasgow Airport over payment problem
25.08.08 Seaplane emergency landing at Glasgow Airport
22.08.08 Councils ‘keen to take share in bid for Glasgow Airport’
22.08.08 Manchester ‘to make £700m bid for Glasgow Airport’
20.08.08 BAA ‘should sell 3 airports’
20.08.08 Residents call for noisy BAA to be hit with ASBO
17.08.08 Flyglobespan announce new Glasgow – Dalaman flights
16.08.08 Flyglobespan announce Glasgow – Hurghada flights
14.08.08 Aer Lingus ‘considering Scottish base’
13.08.08 Glasgow Airport ‘on the brink of sell-off’

02.08.08 BA announce Glasgow Airport flight cuts

July 2008

30.07.08 Zoom add extra flights for summer 2008
18.07.08 Glasgow gears up for the long haul
17.07.08 Glasgow Airport begins skyhub countdown
16.07.08 Glasgow boss moves to Edinburgh Airport
10.07.08 Record month for Edinburgh; passengers down at Glasgow and Aberdeen
08.07.08 BA cuts late Glasgow – Heathrow flight
June 2008

30.06.08 Glasgow Airport ‘transformed’ since terror attack
25.06.08 BA axe earliest Glasgow – Heathrow flight
24.06.08 Glasgow Airport defend expansion plans
24.06.08 Virgin launch Glasgow – Orlando flights
14.06.08 Flybe axe Glasgow – Newquay route
11.06.08 Scottish international flyers soar
10.06.08 Glasgow Airport ‘Skyhub’ on tack
09.06.08 Glasgow Airport Rail Link procurement started
06.06.08 Glasgow airport noise action plan

May 2008

29.05.08 Ryanair announce 14 routes
26.05.08 Airportwatch Scotland planning meeting
16.05.08 Edinburgh continues to top Glasgow as Scotland’s favourite

April 2008

29.04.08 Air Southwest adds new routes
27.04.08 New Mull link for Glasgow seaplane service
22.04.08 easyJet Glasgow – Faro link takes off
16.04.08 Flyglobespan announce new Glasgow – Egypt flight
10.04.08 Flyglobespan takes on 130 staff
08.04.08 Glasgow Airport celebrates skyhub milestone

March 2008

25.03.08 Plans submitted for Glasgow Airport train station
24.03.08 Glasgow Airport Skyhub gets ready for takeoff
17.03.08 New Pakistan flights from Glasgow Airport
February 2008

24.02.08 BAA in £1bn regional airports fundraising
21.02.08 Thomas Cook scrap Glasgow – Almeria flights
14.02.08 Glasgow Airport passengers down 6.1%
14.02.08 bmibaby launch Glasgow – Knock flights
10.02.08 Wind farm rejected over Glasgow Airport concerns
January 2008

31.01.08 Scottish air travellers doubled over last 15 years
24.01.08 Glasgow Airport to shut runway to help pay for £9m revamp
12.01.08 Glasgow Airport upgrade plans revealled
12.01.08 Flyglobespan Edinburgh – Portugal flights to stop off in Glasgow
December 2007

08.12.07 easyJet announce new routes from Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Luton
01.12.07 Scotland’s route development fund to be scrapped

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