Heathrow News in 2010

Some of the news about the airport:



Theresa Villiers: government knew Heathrow was not prepared for snow and will fine airports unprepared in future

27th December 2010     The aviation minister admitted that the government knew about Heathrow’s inadequate
preparations for winter as she confirmed that airports could face fines when passengers
have their travel disrupted. The government is now pushing for legislation which
would give the CAA the power to fine airport owners when they fail passengers,
or do not prepare adequately for severe weather. Heathrow spent just £500,000
on snow clearing equipment this year       Click here to view full story…


Unprepared Heathrow refused to let airlines clear runways and had cut its snow defence budget

23rd December 2010         BAA has admitted that it was ill-prepared for the snow. Phillip Hammond revealed
the government offered BAA troops to de-ice the runways but were told BAA could
handle it by itself. One source says Heathrow had just 10 snow ploughs and 7 de-icing
vehicles, while Gatwick, a smaller airport, has 14 snow ploughs. Another source
says Heathrow has 69 vehicles allocated to keep the runways clear, including 28
snow ploughs – and Gatwick has 47 and 29.     Click here to view full story…


BAA raises profit forecast on predictions of record-breaking year for Heathrow Airport

21st December 2010         BAA has raised its profits expectations for this year and predicted that Heathrow
will handle more than 70m passengers in 2011 – its highest ever. BAA expects full-year
earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (Ebitda) exceed its
most recent guidance of £972m. It expects 2011 ebitda to rise 15.2% £1.12bn, with
revenues up 10.7% to £2.3bn. Heathrow passengers to be highest ever, at 66.3m
for 2010 and 70.4 m for 2011. But Stansted down 5.1%.       Click here to view full story…


Extra planes will land and take-off from Heathrow at night to clear the big freeze

20th December 2010       Heathrow has been given permission by the DfT to relax overnight restrictions,
in order to clear the flight backlog. Planes will be allowed to take off and land
betweem 11pm and 7am. BAA said it had cancelled about 840 out of a scheduled 1,300
flights today. This may last for 4 nights. Heathrow is allowed an average of 16
overnight flights within its quota. (local Guardian)     Click here to view full story…


Putney MP Justine Greening’s bid to tackle aircraft noise with BAA’s chief exec

19th November 2010       Justine Greening met Colin Matthews  to discuss the company’s plans to tackle
aircraft noise from Heathrow.   She raised  concerns from local residents about
increases in aircraft noise and the number of night flights over the area, and
urged BAA to engage in constructive debate with residents on the issue of noise
to move forward. BAA are currently consulting with the DfT and DEFRA  on their
draft noise action plan, due to be published by the end of the year.         Click here to view full story…


 More noise for residents during Heathrow runway repairs

1st September 2010           Residents living under the Heathrow flight path have been warned by the BAA to
expect prolonged aircraft noise for 6 weeks due to “critical” repairs. Most planes
land from the east and take off facing west, but the arrival and departure runways
are swapped daily at 3pm (runway alternation). From 13 September only the southern
runway will be used for arrivals, so there will be no respite for those in areas
like Wandsworth, Putney,Richmond and Hounslow.         Click here to view full story…



 Heathrow Airport food waste to be turned into fertiliser

27th August 2010         Heathrow’s 5 terminals manage currently to throw away massive amounts of food
daily. The airport has plans to get all this composted by a firm in Mitcham –
which is miles away. Why was this food not being recycled already? Heathrow claims
“In the first year, Heathrow will save CO2 equal to around half a million air
miles.” The airport says it currently recycles 50% of its waste, and aims for
70%. The airport will use this to offset carbon.           Click here to view full story…


 “Victory Against All The Odds” – new book from HACAN on the successful Heathrow

22nd August 2010       A new book, written by HACAN Chair, John Stewart, has been launched to tie in
with, and mark, the celebration in Sipson of the 28th August of the victory. The
book outlines how the campaign to stop expansion at Heathrow, including a 3rd
runway, was won. It tells the tale of how a group of people took on the might
of the aviation industry, international business and the UK Government and won.
It outlines the strategy and the tactics used. It’s an inspiring and a very human
story. But it also contains valuable lessons for campaigners wherever they live
and whatever their cause.         Click here to view full story…



Airtrack plans for link to Heathrow – inquiry deferred to later than autumn

18th August 2010       Plans for a high-speed rail link offering travellersa faster route to Heathrow
have been put on hold because of doubts over funding. Airtrack would have led
to some level crossings becoming busier and raised fears it would impact on traffic
congestion. BAA announced on its website in July the public inquiry planned for
the Airtrack proposals had been put on hold &lquot;as a consequence of the Government’s
announcement of a spending review in the autumn&rquot;.         Click here to view full story…



Temporary changes to Heathrow runway alternation for 6 weeks starting 13th Sept

12th August 2010         For 6 weeks essential maintenance work will be taking place on taxiways connecting
Heathrow’s northern runway with the rest of the airfield. This means that Heathrow
will not be able to alternate daytime use of the runways as published during this
period, although night time alternation will be unaffected. On westerly operations,
BAA will use the southern runway for the majority of arrivals and the northern
runway for departures. (BAA)         Click here to view full story…



Heathrow sets new passenger record in July to 6.7 million

10th August 2010         Heathrow  had its highest number of passengers during July, up +3.5% compared
to July 2009 (which was itself up +0.9% compared to July 2008). For BAA’s UK airports,
passengers were up by only + 03% this July, and they were down yet again at Stansted,
– 7.2%. Passengers were down -3.6% at Glasgow, down – 1.4% at Southampton, down
– 4.1% at Aberdeen, but up 0.6% at Edinburgh. Air transport movements were down
slightly – 0.4% for all BAA’s UK airports.    The main source of passenger growth
at Heathrow was the European market, BAA said. Across all airports, European passengers
increased by +2.9%, while long-haul traffic was up by +0.5%. But domestic traffic
was -4.6% lower than last year.       Click here to view full story…


Hammond confirms Government opposed to Heathrow mixed mode

28th July 2010         The government has ruled out increasing capacity on existing runways through
mixed-mode operation – allowing aircraft to take off and land on the same runway.
Philip Hammond told the transport select committee that the disbenefits to local
communities outweigh the benefits. He also rejected a Thames airport and the idea
that regional airports could expand in place of Heathrow. He reaffirmed the commitment
to move domestic traffic from air to rail.         Click here to view full story…


British Airways reports £164m loss in first quarter

30th July 2010         BA has revealed a steep loss for the April-June quarter after being hit by cabin
crew strikes (15 days in the reporting quarter) and disruption caused by the ash
crisis. Its pre-tax loss was £164m, larger than the £148m loss it made in the
same period last year. BA’s revenues were were down 2.3%. BA and Iberia may merge,
with Iberia having till the end of September to decide. Its total costs were down
3.3% and per passenger yield rose b 12.7%. (BBC)         Click here to view full story…



Mawhinney report on high speed access to Heathrow published

22nd July 2010     Commenting on the independent report by Lord Mawhinney on High speed rail access
to Heathrow, a CPRE spokesman said “It is clear from this report that Lord Mawhinney
found no compelling case for a high speed link to Heathrow at present. … Instead
the report recommends better planning to integrate the proposed High Speed 2 route
and Heathrow into the existing rail network.”       Click here to view full story…


Hammond unveils proposals on reform of framework for the economic regulation
of airports

22nd July 2010       The Transport Secretary published proposals to improve airports to put passengers
first. Also to encourage competition between airports and promote investment which
will make Britain’s major airports better, not bigger. The CAA will also be given
a supplementary financing duty to drive passenger focused investment. There is
nothing on the environment and nothing to protect the public who are not passengers.

Click here to view full story…


London Assembly opposes any increase in flights at BAA’s London airports.

18th June 2010       The London Assembly has unanimously called for a ban on any increase in the number
of flights operating from BAA’s London airports. It expressed concern that following
the Government’s decision to reject a 3rd runway at Heathrow, BAA may try increase
the number of flights from its airports by the back door, by operational and regulatory
changes like allowing mixed mode operations and increasing the number of night
flights. (These would be strongly opposed).       Click here to view full story…



New talks on increasing capacity at Heathrow – and new task force

15th June 2010         Campaigners against Heathrow noise reacted with suspicion as the Government announced
a task force for &lquot;better not bigger&rquot; airports in the South-East. This is set to
reopen the debate about whether more flights can be squeezed out of Heathrow’s
existing runways, with one of the business groups represented saying that improving
the airports was a &lquot;tall order&rquot; with current capacity. A new South East Airports
Task Force has been set up, with AEF a member.

Click here to view full story…


BA threatens to favour Madrid over Heathrow for expansion

11th June 2010       Willie Walsh is saying BA will expand at Madrid rather than Heathrow after its
planned Iberia merger “if the UK fails to address increased demand now that it
has scrapped plans for a 3rd runway”. Walsh says growth in aviation demand will
continue and Madrid has excess capacity. Some in the industry are unsure how such
plans will work, as Heathrow is the only true UK international hub airport.
Click here to view full story…



Heathrow expansion would give negative economic benefit (new NEF report)

6th June 2010         A new report by the NEF (New Economics Foundation) on the costs/benefits of a
3rd Heathrow runway shows that when the full social and environmental costs (not
merely tentative economic benefits) are taken into account, the costs of the runway
would probably outweight benefits by at least £5 billion up to 2030. Their new
analytical tool, SROI (Social Return on Investment) takes account of local impacts,
effects of noise, air pollution, blight and uncertainty. (NEF)         Click here to view full story…


BAA still making plans to resurrect dead Heathrow runway

1st June 2010       BAA has been buying up properties in Sipson and Harmondsworth, under their Property
Market Support Bond scheme. Local residents thought this scheme had now ended,
as the 3rd runway plans have been scuppered, but BAA are again sending out letters
offering to buy properties. The current deadline is 22nd June, but the scheme
continues even after that. The letter demonstrates that BAA will continue to push
for expansion at Heathrow till stopped by government.       Click here to view full story…


BAA Heathrow announces: They are stopping all plans for a 3rd runway

24.5.2010   BAA HEATHROW SAYS: “In response to the new Government’s ‘Coalition
Agreement’, Heathrow Airport today announces that it will stop work on the planning
application for a 3rd runway.” BAA also plans to stop buying properties in Sipson,
after a period of notice lasting till June. Colin Matthews, BAA’s CEO, said: “We
recognise the importance of government policy in a matter as significant and controversial
as runway capacity….The policy intentions of the new government are clear…”     Click here to view full story…

3rd runway plan for Heathrow and 2nd runway plan for Stansted scrapped by BAA

24.5.2010     BAA today formally dropped plans for new runways at Heathrow and

Stansted airports, bringing to a close one of the most controversial parts of
the last Labour government’s transport policy. BAA said late last year it was
shelving its programme at Heathrow until after the election. BAA today said it
would stop all work on a planning application for the 3rd Heathrow runway. It
also said it was also withdrawing its plans for a 2nd Stansted runway. (Guardian)     Click here to view full story…


Heathrow 3rd runway plans scrapped by new government

12th May 2010     Plans for a 3rd runway at Heathrow have been scrapped by the new government.
Local residents and campaigners are absolutely delighted. There were parties all
evening in Sipson, which was due to be demolished under the plans. Residents under
the flight path are delighted and people who stood to lose their homes are relieved.
But there is caution from campaigners because of previous “broken promises”, and
BAA put out a statement about “work with the new government to provide strong
trading connections”.     Click here to view full story…


Coalition sets out plans on runways and nuclear

Date Added: 12th May 2010

The UK’s new coalition government has cancelled controversial plans to build
a 3rd runway at Heathrow, and also refuse new runways at Gatwick and Stansted.
However, it is not clear what this will mean for other airports in the region,
such as London City Airport. In their first press conference Mr Cameron and Mr
Clegg both pledged a low-carbon economy, but there are doubts about whether low-carbon
energy targets will be met, and nothing on regional airport growth. (BBC)   Click here to view full story…


Birmingham Airport says it “Offers Solution to the ‘Heathrow Problem'”

12th May 2010         Birmingham Airport’s CEO, Paul Kehoe, has wasted no time in putting in his plug
about the airport benefitting from the decision to scrap plans for a 3rd Heathrow
runway. The airport says it now handles 9 million passengers per year, and there
is enough spare capacity to take another 9 million passengers immediately – and
another 21 million passengers in future years, with its runway extension, for
which Planning Consent has already been given.     Click here to view full story…


Heathrow 3rd runway ‘buried’: how the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition affects

12th May 2010       Heathrow’s 3rd runway was &lquot;dead and buried&rquot; today after Labour was ousted from
power. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats sealed their opposition to its
expansion in the coalition pact agreed last night. John Stewart, chairman of HACAN,
said the runway is firmly dead and buried, and there will be rejoicing amongst
the residents of west London and beyond. There is no possibility of a U-turn because
of the coalition and commitments by both parties to oppose it.     Click here to view full story…



Judge confirms Heathrow campaigners win in Court – and 60% of costs

20th April 2010       Lord Justice Carnwarth confirmed the campaigners against Heathrow expansion scored
a significant win in the High Court last month. In a short court hearing today
to apportion costs the judge said &lquot;Frankly you are entitled to say you have won
substantially.&rquot; He ordered the DfT to pay their own costs plus 60% of the opponents’
costs. TfL was asked to pay its own costs. The DfT was also asked to sign an undertaking
that it would carry out the terms of the judgment.   Click here to view full story…


Heathrow Runway 3 will leave UK £5 billion worse off – says new NEF report

19th April 2010     The NEF has produced a new and comprehensive analysis, using Social Return on
Investment, which shows that a 3rd runway at Heathrow would leave society worse
off by £5 billion. The study used the same economic modelling programme as the
DfT, but updated on economic growth rates, exchange rates, carbon prices, fuel
prices etc. The £5 billion cost estimate includes negative impacts on the local
community valued at £2.5 billion. DfT’s analysis put this at only £0.4 billion.
(Hacan)   Click here to view full story…



Heathrow residents say peace is blissful

17th April 2010         While having sympathy for stranded travellers, residents under Heathrow flight
paths described the clear skies as “bliss”. A Hayes resident said “I can’t describe
how blissful it’s been,” he said. “It’s like another world.” The contrast has
allowed people to realise how noisy the planes are, and how much they have missed
peace and quiet. There have been thousands of comments and Twitter tweets about
people enjoying several nights of undisturbed sleep.     Click here to view full story…



Adonis: Third runway proposals will go ahead

31st March 2010     Lord Adonis has said the government will continue to push ahead with its proposals
for a 3rd runway despite the High Court judgement calling for the government policy
to be reviewed. He said “there is no incompatibility whatsoever” in meeting the
climate change and carbon reduction targets required by the act and allowing the
expansion of Heathrow to take place “which is manifestly in the public and wider
public interest”. (ePolitix)         Click here to view full story…



Heathrow 3rd runway ‘kiboshed’ by High Court ruling – Lord Lawson’s opinions

31st March 2010       Lord Lawson, a well know climate sceptic, has told the Lords he thinks the Climate Act should be suspended, in order to allow Heathrow’s 3rd runway. He said “The third runway at Heathrow has been kiboshed by the courts as the direct and predictable result of the Government’s absurd Climate Change Act, which was passed with enthusiasm and complete thoughtlessness and acclaimed by all parties in this House and the Commons.”    And the  Global Warming  Policy Foundation – a new sceptic organisation.    Click here to view full story…

CO2 ruling may halt new airport runways

28th March 2010       Campaigners will seek to block airport expansion across Britain following a High
Court judgment which criticised the government’s decision to build a 3rd runway
at Heathrow. Environmental groups linked to Stansted, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester
and many other airports hope to use the ruling to launch fresh challenges against
plans for mass growth in flights and passenger numbers. The judgment found ministers
had not taken account of new, legally binding targets to reduce CO2 emissions
when they approved the expansion of Heathrow. It comes after a two-year campaign
by The Sunday Times revealed how BAA, the owner of Heathrow, colluded with the
government to build the case for passenger growth.    (Sunday Times)  Click here to view full story…


Ruling on Heathrow’s 3rd runway will ground big projects

26th March 2010     Geoffrey Lean writes that the High Court judgment that ministers must reconsider
Heathrow’s 3rd runway may prove to be one of the most far-reaching rulings for
decades. It almost certainly ensures that the runway will never be built, but
it also undermines the Government’s entire programme for expanding airports around
the country, and other carbon-intensive infrastructure. The precedent could be
enormously significant for other new developments too.       Click here to view full story…




The Government’s Heathrow policy is in tatters this morning after the High Court
ruled that ministers’ decision to give a green light to the proposed 3rd runway
at Heathrow does not hold any weight. The judge dismissed the Government’s claims
to the contrary as ‘untenable in law and common sense’. If the Government wants
to pursue its plans for Heathrow expansion it must now go back to square one and
reconsider the entire case for the runway. The implications of today’s ruling
are profound, not just for Heathrow but for airport expansion plans across the
UK. Lord Justice Carnwath ruled that the 2003 Air Transport White Paper – the
foundation of expansion plans across the country – is obsolete because it is inconsistent
with the Climate Change Act 2008.         26.3.2010   More …..

and some of the dozens of stories about the landmark legal judgement:



Heathrow protesters win third runway court victory

27th March 2010       The government’s plans for a 3rd runway at Heathrow were dealt a blow after Lord
Justice Carnwath agreed with campaigners that climate change threats had not been
taken seriously enough. In a complex judgment he branded the original position
adopted in the government’s authorisation as untenable, and ordered Whitehall
officials to give a formal undertaking they would carry out a further policy review
and include climate change in the new aviation NPS.(Guardian)     Click here to view full story…


Government is still saying Heathrow ruling will not change plans

27th March 2010         A High Court defeat will not change the government’s plans to build a 3rd runway
at Heathrow; Lord Adonis said the High Court ruling had not killed off plans for
the runway, just ordered more consultation, something he said the government would
do. This interpretation of the ruling is contested by opponents. Gordon Brown
said a new runway was necessary and enables “millions of citizens to keep in touch
with their friends and families”.     Click here to view full story…


Cheap flights from Heathrow are not a God-given right

27th March 2010         Christian Wolmar says it’s time to give up on expanding Heathrow, after the High Court ruling yesterday said there had been insufficient consultation on the 3rd runway. The days of the State being able to bulldoze whole villages out of existence
in the supposed &lquot;national interest&rquot; are long gone. Even the most fervent aviation supporters recognise that it is an environmentally damaging activity and the notion
that cheap flights are a God-given right is nonsense.     Click here to view full story…



Heathrow 3rd runway plans grounded but they could still take flight

26th March 2010         Immediately after the Heathrow 3rd runway ruling today, Transport Secretary Lord
Adonis said he is determined to press ahead with the plans, which could see the
number of Heathrow flights soar to 605,000 a year and then to more than 700,000.
This may be a bit of bravado, but Adonis says Heathrow is full, it is vital for
Britain, and the government had always planned to have another consultation before
going ahead with the runway – (if they win the election).       Click here to view full story…



Heathrow’s third runway ‘dead’ and runway decision ‘untenable’

26th March 2010       The ruling of Judge Carnwath at the High Court has set back plans for a 3rd runway
at Heathrow for years, with campaigners calling the project “dead”. The alliance
of local councils and environmental groups has resulted in a resounding defeat
for the government. Strangely Andrew Adonis quickly put out a statement saying
he welcomed the ruling. If the Government wants to pursue its 3rd runway plans
it must now go back to square one.     Click here to view full story…




Third runway at Heathrow has fewer benefits, Government admits

24th March 2010       The Government (DfT) has admitted that a 3rd runway at Heathrow has fewer benefits
than originally thought. The massive building project was originally thought to
bring in £5.5 billion to the economy, but new ways of calculating the environmental
cost (taking into account not only the damage caused by increased greenhouse gas
emissions, but the cost of offsetting the pollution) mean that the value has been
reduced to less than £1 billion. (Telegraph)       Click here to view full story…

Heathrow braced for new night flights battle

17th March 2010       Ministers are preparing for a fresh battle over night flights at Heathrow which
they fear could harden opposition to a 3rd runway. A consultation on a new night
flights regime is due to take place this year. At present 2,550 take-offs or landings
are allowed at Heathrow between 11.30pm and 6am during the 6-month winter season
and 3,250 in the summer — about 16 a night. Campaigners fear ministers will attempt
to pave the way for more night flights from 2012.       Click here to view full story…



Heathrow local residents pledged to oppose high-speed rail unless 3rd runway
is dropped

11th March 2010       Local residents around Heathrow, whose communities are threatened by the third
runway, have pledged to oppose any high-speed rail schemes unless plans for the
new runway are dropped.   The local campaigners,  No Third Runway Action Group say
what they want is a high speed rail scheme that goes all the way to Scotland;
a scheme that is designed to make it easy for people to use the train instead
of the plane. The Government’s schemeonly has detailed plans for a route as far
as Birmingham.       Click here to view full story…




UK-to-US traffic down 10% in 2009; Heathrow’s share of market jumps from 60%
to 75% in two years

9th March 2010

In 2009 there was a 10% fall in passengers on UK-US  routes, compared to 2008.
This was the lowest level since 1997 and a long way short of the 20 million which
the growth in the market during the late 90s would have suggested. Only 14% of
UK-US flights are from airports other than Gatwick and Heathrow. Heathrow’s share
has leapt from 61% in 2007 to 70% in 2008 and 76% in 2009. Gatwick US flights
fell by 31% in 2009. (anna aero)       Click here to view full story…



Manchester Airport ‘to be as busy as Heathrow’

8th March 2010

Manchester Airport will double the number of flights it handles and become as
busy as Heathrow is today, the government has predicted.   According to the official
forecast – in a report by the  DfT to the Committee on Climate Change –  there will
be 449,000 take offs and landings at Manchester by 2050 – up from 213,000 in 2005.
It would mean a flight taking off or landing on average every 70 seconds. The
DfT predict Manchester will be the fastest growing of the 4 biggest UK  airports
and will overtake Gatwick to become the second busiest. By 2050, it is predicted
to handle as many flights as Heathrow does now.       Click here to view full story…


Aircraft noise is no longer just a West London problem – major  new study published


A major study – by the Aviation Environment Federation –  has been published by
HACAN. It outlines practical measures which would reduce aircraft noise for countless
numbers of people living under the Heathrow arrivals flight paths.  The study
was commissioned in response to the increasing number of complaints about Heathrow
noise from people living many miles away from the airport and who used not to
be affected.    The report has identified the reasons these areas are now affected
and  suggests remedies.     Click here to view full story…



“Runway 3: the greenwash goes on”  


Guardian Comment by  Susan Kramer.         Heathrow expansion should preferably be dropped altogether, but if not, the debate should start again with all the issues put forward for discussion. This doesn’t just need a new consultation; it needs a new white paper.       Click here to view full story…



Government ‘ignored own climate policy’ over third runway at Heathrow


In December the CCC said said that the current predictions of demand growth for air travel which underpin current policy were incompatible with national emissions targets. The legal challenge says that the Government’s case for expansion was inconsistent with a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from aviation below 2005 levels by 2050.     (Times)      Click here to view full story…


Heathrow third runway plan unfair, High Court told

23rd February 2010

Plans for a 3rd runway at Heathrow are a “breach of natural justice” because
the consultation process was unfair, the High Court has heard.    Nigel Pleming
QC, appearing for the coalition, told the court the government had failed to provide
adequate reasons for its decision, and  “There was a consultation process here,
but the decision made was fundamentally different from the subject matter of the
consultation. That difference was such as to make it conspicuously unfair.”   He
asked Lord Justice Carnwath to quash the decision and order a further period of
full public consultation.         Click here to view full story…


Heathrow runway opponents launch legal challenge at the High Court to stop expansion

23rd February 2010

A coalition of 6 local councils, green groups Greenpeace, CPRE and WWF, and residents  have mounted a legal challenge to government plans for a 3rd   Heathrow runway. The
coalition’s lawyers will argue that the government’s consultation process for
Heathrow expansion was fundamentally flawed, and there is no evidence to support
the government’s claim that there will be enough public transport to serve the
new runway. The coalition is saying  the expansion decision is at odds with the
UK’s overall climate change targets.   Click here to view full story…


Heathrow third runway ‘ £21.7bn boost to UK economy’

23rd February 2010

The British Chambers of Commerce has suggested a 3rd runway at Heathrow would
provide a £21.7bn boost to the UK economy, and would be the single largest benefit
from 13 key transport projects that would boost the economy by £85bn. The BCC
said spending on key UK infrastructure projects must not be cut despite tight
public finances. (BBC)     Click here to view full story…


New Heathrow runway ‘will cause chaos across London’

20th February 2010

London transport bosses today attacked plans for a third runway at Heathrow as
they claimed it would cause severe Tube overcrowding. Transport for London insiders
said the Piccadilly line could be thrown into chaos by demand from millions of
extra passengers a year and people could also be “pushed back into their cars”
In its first official statement on the Heathrow expansion, TfL accused ministers
of ignoring the problem. (Standard)       Click here to view full story…



GLA Report on Heathrow – ‘Flights of Fancy’

17th February 2010

The Environment Committee of the GLA has issued a report – ‘Flights of Fancy:
Can an expanded Heathrow meet its environmental targets?’   – on environmental
controls for Heathrow.  It  is critical of the regime of environmental controls
and targets  proposed.   AEF agrees with some of the  GLA conclusions, though an
area of slight concern is the way that the committee seemed to accept without
question the economic benefits of Heathrow expansion claimed by its supporters.   Click here to view full story…


Labour continue to back Heathrow third runway

10th February 2010

The Government’s decision to give the go-ahead for a third runway at Heathrow
has ‘stood the test of time’, Transport Secretary Lord Adonis has said yesterday.
He added he was ‘confident’ an agreement would be reached with the European Commission
over pollution levels at the airport, which already exceed EU limits. (UK Airport
News)          Click here to view full story…


Heathrow BA plane crash caused by ‘unknown’ ice fault

9th February 2010

The crash landing, by a BA Boeing 777, just short of the runway at Heathrow on
17th Jan 2008, was caused by restricted fuel flow caused by ice in the fuel system,
the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) have said.   It lost power in both
engines approaching landing, 2 miles out. This ice is a previously unrecognised
risk. The captain presumed a crash was inevitable, but managed to adjust the flaps
to gain distance to just reach the airport. (BBC)            Click here to view full story…


Heathrow faces threat from plan to link high-speed rail route with Birmingham

8th February 2010

A Birmingham station  could become a serious competitor to Heathrow under government plans for a 200mph high-speed rail network.   A site near Birmingham
airport is being considered as a station on a new route that will link the 2 cities
by a 50-minute train ride.   If the government pushes ahead with the plan it would
take no longer to reach Birmingham from Euston station than it currently takes
to get to Heathrow. The route would link to Crossrail, from Heathrow to Canary
Wharf to open in 2017. (Guardian)
Click here to view full story…


DfT criminal investigation over Heathrow airport expansion cover-up

7.2.2010       The DfT is facing a criminal investigation following a complaint
that it deleted sensitive internal emails about the expansion of Heathrow. It
is accused of disposing of emails to and from BAA, between Sept and Nov 2007 as
the government prepared to push through its plans for a 3rd runway. The investigation
unit of the Information Commissioner’s Office has asked to interview DfT civil
servants about the apparent destruction of evidence.         More …..



2M Group Urges European Environment Commissioner Dimas To Take Urgent Action
Against Heathrow Pollution

6th February 2010

The 2M group is warning that the UK Government could face daily fines after allowing
air pollution at Heathrow to breach European limits. Ministers have so far taken
no action to improve air quality of the area despite previously admitting that
NOx levels around the airport were above permitted levels. They know they are
breaking EU law and damaging the health of UK citizens yet they are still hell-bent
on building a 3rd runway, which will increase pollution. (eGov monitor)       Click here to view full story…


Heathrow third runway pollution plan ‘inadequate’

29th January 2010

The London Assembly have said there are “clear inadequacies” in pollution safeguards
imposed on the planned expansion of Heathrow.    The GLA environment committee say  measures against the impact of a 3rd runway were not “fit for purpose”, and is concerned
no single authority would ensure BAA and airlines complied with pollution rules.
Murah Qureshi said “We would also question whether the suggested noise benchmark
is fit for purpose and if the aviation emissions targets are achievable.”     Click here to view full story…

Heathrow Airtrack inquiry delayed again

04.02.10       A public inquiry into the Heathrow Airtrack rail plans that would link Heathrow
Terminal 5 with the existing rail network to the south and west, including Reading,
Guildford and London Waterloo has been postponed for a second time.    The  hearing into the £673m high-speed rail link was originally due to take place
this month but was held off until the summer. It is now expected to be heard in
the autumn after applicants BAA applied to the Department for Transport (DfT)
for more time to work on details of the scheme.   http://www.uk-airport-news.info/heathrow-airport-news-040210.html



Heathrow protesters plan 3rd runway site ‘fortress’ and launch a competition
for the fortification design

28th January 2010

Protesters plan to build a “fortress” occupied by “ordinary people” on land earmarked
for  a 3rd runway.   Last year a Greenpeace coalition bought an acre of land near
Sipson village and gave ownership to 60,000 people.   Greenpeace has now  invited
architects – and  non-architects –  to submit designs for a “fortress” to resist
bulldozers, if the runway goes ahead. If Labour are returned to power, the runway
is due to be built in 2015, but  Conservatives and Lib Dems are fighting the £7bn
plans. (BBC)          Click here to view full story…



Residents of Sipson, near Heathrow, divided over house sales

26th January 2010

A quarter of residents of Sipson, which will be wiped out if the  3rd runway goes
ahead, have tried to sell their homes to BAA – which  has  offered to buy 400 homes.
Almost 100 owners have applied for their properties to be purchased and BAA has
made offers on 45, since it launched  its its Property Market Support Bond scheme  in
October 2009. Campaigners and residents fear the community is being destroyed
and have urged other residents not to sell up. (BBC)        Click here to view full story…


Heseltine backs Heathrow expansion report

21st January 2010

David Cameron’s decision to oppose the expansion of Heathrow has been questioned
in a report backed by Lord Heseltine. Mr Cameron wants to cancel Heathrow’s 3rd
runway and spend the money on high-speed rail. But a report by Tory think tank
the Bow Group says rail versus air is a “false debate” and there was a need for
extra capacity at Heathrow. The Bow group argues that the new rail link will actually
create demand for more flights. (BBC)           Click here to view full story…


A 3rd runway at Heathrow could lead to more domestic flights, the Government
has admitted

20th January 2010

Ministers have encouraged travellers to opt for a train for domestic and short-haul
European trips. But in evidence to the Commons transport committee’s inquiry into
aviation, the Department for Transport said a third runway could result in more
flights to parts of the UK.   “Additional runway capacity would clearly provide
more opportunity to cater for demand for regional air services,”” it said. (Standard)                 Click here to view full story…


Lack of high-speed rail link to Heathrow ‘threatens City’

London will lose its status as a leading city for business unless Britain’s second

high-speed railway connects Heathrow with the capital, Conservative think tank
the Bow Group warned today.   Lord Heseltine said “If the new rail link does not
build a direct link from London to Heathrow, it may as well not be done at all.”
Click here to view full story …..


BAA plans for 3rd Heathrow runway delayed — but is it too late for Sipson?

20th January 2010

BAA has confirmed it will not launch a public consultation on a planning application
until after the election. With expansion strongly opposed by the Conservatives who are ahead in the polls, any planning proposal could be quashed by a Tory
administration. Opponents remain  cautious as even if the  Tories win power they
could change their mind in the face of relentless lobbying from BAA and BA. “It’s
like a slow death for Sipson,” with up to 75 homes already bougth by BAA.
(Guardian)   Click here to view full story…

Residents face up to first anniversary of Heathrow putting Sipson on Death Row

15th January 2010       Friday 15th January marks the first anniversary of the government’s
announcement that BAA could apply for planning permission for a third runway,
which would destroy the villages of Sipson and Harmondsworth.   Sipson, which was
first recorded in 1110 with the Anglo-Saxon name Sibbeston, would be totally wiped
off the map.   The January 2009 announcement had the same impact as putting “No
Future” signs up in Sipson and Harmondsworth.     More from NoTRAG …..


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