Leeds Bradford Airport

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Some general information about Leeds Bradford Airport:
Airport Owner    
Leeds Bradford International Airport Limited – Now owned by Australian AMP Capital.(October 2017). Before had been owned by Bridgepoint (bought in 2007 for £145.5 million from 5 west Yorkshire councils  link     see below )
Airport website     http://www.lbia.co.uk/index.php
Airport Master Plan 
Consultation was November 2005 to March 2006.  The plan said:  In 2016, the passenger throughput is expected to reach 5.1 million, and 8.2 million by 2030.  In reality, the number of passengers was just under 4 million in 2019, and then there was Covid.
Airport Consultative Committee 
Local opposition group – GALBA
https://www.facebook.com/GfAoLBA/  on Facebook
GALBA (Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport) is a campaign involving local people affected by Leeds Bradford Airport, our aims are:
1) Keep to current limit of 4 million flights per year
2) Reduce night flights
3) No new access road, no property development associated with the airport expansion
4) Don’t take away the Green Belt

Leeds City Council approves Leeds Bradford airport plans for new terminal (ie. more passengers, more carbon, more noise)

Leeds City Council has approved (subject to additional conditions still to be negotiated) Leeds Bradford Airport’s plans for a larger terminal to accommodate more passengers. This decision will entrench in the Leeds economy the growth of a carbon intensive industry. There is no certainty that the promised jobs will actually materialise, as the sector increasingly automates work. Objectors including climate scientists, transport experts and residents’ groups, warned such an expansion would help facilitate catastrophic climate change, as well as unbearable levels of noise pollution for those living close by. The application sought to demolish the existing passenger pier to accommodate a new terminal building and forecourt area. This would also include the construction of supporting infrastructure, goods yard and mechanical electrical plant. There are also plans to modify flight time controls, and to reduce the night-time flight period, with a likely increase from 5 to 17 flights between 6am and 7am.  A professor of transport planning said there are inadequate contributions to road and rail infrastructure. Local group GALBA says there could still be a legal decision against the  proposals.

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Leeds Bradford Airport. Flights and CO2 emissions.

Analysis of flights, routes, and top 10 destinations from Leeds Bradford Airport in 2011. Also carbon emissions.
And passenger growth and numbers over the past 15 years. http://www.awsw.co.uk/allco2/LBA_co2.html


CAA figures:    CAA aviation statistics

Terminal Passengers:    

Number of passengers (thousands)

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 10.3)  Terminal Passengers  2002 – 2012

2013 data

2013   3,314,000 (  up +12% on 2012)
2012    2,968,700  (up + 1.1% on 2011)
2011    2,937,000  (up + 8%  on 2010)
2010    2,723,934  (up + 6.7% on 2009)  link to 2010 data
2009    2,552,614 (down -10.8% on 2008)
2008    2,860,447 (almost no change since 2007)
2007    2,860,000  (+3% up on 2006)
2006    2,787,217
2005    2,608,721
2000    1,573,056
1996    1,050,608

Air Transport Movements

Number of ATMs (thousands)

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 4.2) ATMs 2002 – 2012

2012     30,223  (down – 8.6% on 2011)
2011     33,000 (down – 1%  on 2010)
2010    33,000 (up +3% on 2009)   link to 2010 data
2009    32,534  (down -13.5% on 2008)
2008    37,605 (down -5% on 2007)
2007    40,000  (6%  up on 2006)
2006    37,000
2005    36,000
2000    29,000
1996    24,000

Air Freight

Freight tonnage  

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 13.2) Freight 2002 – 2012

2012    282 (up + 45% on 2011)
2011    194 (down – 17%  on 2010)
2010    235  (down – 35% on 2009)    link to 2010 data
2009    359  (up +7% on 2008)
2008    334 (up + 206% on 2007)
2007    109 (up +8% on 2006)
2006      92
2005      79
2000    709
1996    331

Airport Contact Details:  Leeds Bradford International Airport, Leeds LS19 7TU.
Tel:  0113 250 9696
Local community group:  Leeds Bradford Airport Campaign (LBAC)
No Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion
 Map:    Multimap
 Wikipedia page on Leeds Bradford Airport – Wikipedia
Runway length and direction:  14/32   2,250 metres     7,382 feet, concrete
Proportion of domestic passengers, out of total passengers
CAA statistics, annual figures  – comparing Tables 9 and 10.2

2006    22.6%
2007    21.9%
2008    20.1%

Business Aviation:  Number of business flights (= private jets) 
CAA statistics, annual figures – Table 3.1

2007       231
2008       210


Leeds Bradford Airport expansion plans approved

24th July 2009    Plans to extend Leeds Bradford, which would double its capacity in 5 years, have been backed by Leeds councillors. The proposals include a £28m extension to the terminal building, a new departure lounge etc. In April the council rejected an original plan due to concerns over the impact on roads around the airport. Projections show the airport’s expansion plans mean it would consume all of Leeds’ carbon budget by 2050. 80% of letters to Leeds City council were against the expansion. (BBC)     Click here to view full story…

Planning application for terminal extension

Leeds Bradford Airport plan to expand their terminal building by two storeys.
This will cost an estimated £28m and will deliver the following facilities:-

  • A larger passenger departure area
  • A new baggage reclaim hall
  • New immigration and security zones.

The effect of this will be that passenger numbers will go up from the current
2.6m per year to 5.1m in 2012 and 8.2m in 2030. This is a much bigger increase than the Government reccomended in its
Air Transport White Paper (they said up to 7m by 2030).

The application for planning permission was made on 28th December 2008.
Leeds Bradford Airport Group’s Objections

We think the council need to deny Leeds Bradford Airport’s application for planning
permission. Why? Because it will increase noise, put a strain on the transport
network and hugely increase the region’s carbon emissions.

As well as that, we have issues with the public consultation which was undertaken
as part of the proposal. It was poorly publicised and concentrated on the airport’s
direct neighbours in Guiseley, Yeadon and Horsforth. There were roughly 300 attendees
and 126 respondants to the questionnaire. There was no reference to the environment,
transport or noise. Instead people were asked about the ‘need to improve’ the
For more info, you can check out: LBIA Masterplan

Yorkshire Post’s article on the expansion


Friends of the Earth briefings on the planning application:
Consultation comments from Friends of the Earth Yorkshire and Humber
 Objection to Leeds Bradford Airport planning application: Plans Panel West 16th
February 2009