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Local Community Group:  HACAN East

Track aircraft in your area

You can check (60 minute delay) planes arriving at, and departing from, London City airport on

This will show planes over the past two months, with details of airline, flight number, height, speed, destination, type of plane etc.  You can play the replay at different speeds. Compared to Gatwick’s Casper or Heathrow Webtrak, it is easier to use.

Short film explaining why London City Airport should be closed – the site would be much, much more useful and make more money, if it was used for other purposes

Great short video (2 mins 40 secs) by Jay Foreman, setting out why it would make enormous sense for the London City Airport site to be sold, and the land put to better use. Amazingly the land only effectively produces a small amount per unit area.

London City Airport sits on about 500,000 square metres of land, in a prime London location, making only about £100 million per year. That works out at about £200 per square metre per year.

By contrast, the Excel Centre, nearby sits on about 45,000 square metres of land, and makes about £513 million per year. That works out at bout £11,400 per square metre per year.

So that’s £100. Compared to £11,400 per square metre. Logic?


Some basic information about the airport:

Address:  London City Airport, Royal Docks, London, E16 2PX

Airport Terminal, London City Airport, Hartmann Road, Silvertown, London E16 2PX
Tel:   020 7646 0000 / 88                 Email:
Airport Owner:
Until February 2016 it was owned by GIP and Oaktree Capital.
Sold for £2 billion in February 2016 to a consortium led by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension fund, with Borealis Infrastructure, AimCo and Kuwait’s Wren House Infrastructure Management, which is an investment vehicle owned by the Kuwait Investment Authority.
In October 2006, the airport was purchased from Dermot Desmond for about £760 million, by a consortium comprising insurer AIG Financial Products Corp. and Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP). In the final quarter of 2008 GIP increased its stake in the airport to 75%, the remaining 25% belonging to Highstar Capital.  link
Managing Director:   Declan Collier (was Richard Gooding until Nov 2011) link
Airport Operator:   London City Airport Ltd.
Local Community Group:  HACAN East
Map showing location:    Map 

Airport Master Plan:

Master Plan Document (6.4MB)
Community and Environment Report for 2007
Master Plan film     WMV (39MB)
 Local Consultative Committee:
London City Airport Consultative Committee website

London City Airport. Flights and CO2 emissions.

Analysis of flights, routes, and top 10 destinations from London City Airport in 2011.       Also carbon emissions.
And passenger growth and numbers over the past 15 years. 


CAA airport statistics

The CAA produces a range of statistics about most UK airports, each month and each  year.
Passengers :
2015    4,319,000  (up 18% on 2014)
2014    3,648,000
2013    3,380,000
2012    3,016,664   (up  + 0.8% on 2011)
2011     2,993 ( up + 8 % on 2010)
2009    2,796,900 (down – 14.2% on 2008)
2008    3,260,000   (up 12% on 2007)
2007    2,912,123  (up 23% on 2006)
2006    2,358,159
2005    1,996,397
2000    1,580,510
1996    724,290
Air transport movements: 
2015    79,251  (up 13% on 2014)
2014    70,133
2013    68,118
2012    64,310  (up + 5.3% on 2011)
2011    61,000 (up + 2% on 2010)
2010    60,000 (down -10% on 2009)   link to 2010 data
2009    66.9 (down – 20.4% on 2008)
2008    84  approx thousands (up 9% on 2007)
2007    77  (up 17% on 2006)
2006    66
2005    61
2000    49
1996    25


Freight:   None recently.
In 1996  there were 3 tonnes if air freight.

Wikipedia on City Airport:   Wikipedia
Runway:       10/28         1,508 metres      4,984 ft       Grooved concrete

 Proportion of domestic passengers, out of total passengers
CAA  statistics, annual figures   – comparing Tables 9 and 10.2

2006       26.3%
2007       23.9%
2008       20.2%

Business Aviation:   Number of business flights (= private jets)  
CAA  statistics, annual figures – Table 3.1

2007           337   (+ 8,301 air taxis)
2008             283   (+ 6,192 air taxis)
 Some old photos of the area before the airport was built, and of its construction at:
Planning application:The airport submitted an application, in July 2007,  for a substantial incease in flights.   The airport submitted plans for a 50% increase in the number of
flights each year,  and to grow to handle 3.9 million passengers by 2010.   The
airport claims that the proposals would not see any change to the opening hours
or the introduction of night flights.  The planning application was for an increase in flight movements to 120,000 from the current level of 80,000 by 2010. In 2006  it handled 2.4 million passengers.   Application approved on 8th October 2008. Information about the application is at:
Airlines and destinations:  The following airlines fly to London City Airport:
News about the airport at  London City Airport News