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Accurate information for Stansted Noise Action Plan consultation needed, SSE
tells Environment Secretary, Hilary Benn

11th August 2009       SSE has called on Hilary Benn to intervene in BAA’s draft Noise Action Plan consultation
to ensure that correct figures are published which show the true extent of the
noise impacts from Stansted Airport. This is essential to allow public consultation
to be conducted on the basis of accurate and consistent data. Analysis by SSE
has revealed that BAA’s consultation misrepresents and understates the number
of people affected by overflying due to the airport.       Click here to view full story…

BAA July traffic figures – BAA airport traffic stabilising

 10th August 2009       BAA data for July show passengers at BAA UK airports were down 2.4% compared
to July 2008. They were down 4.8% at Gatwick, down 5.7% at Stansted, down 12.9%
at Glasgow, and down 9% at Aberdeen – smaller drops than in previous months. However,
passengers were up 0.9% at Heathrow, and up 5.6% at Edinburgh. Air traffic movements
were down 5.1% at BAA UK airports, and down 3% at Heathrow. UK domestic traffic
was 4.8%, and European scheduled traffic rose 1.2%. (BAA)         Click here to view full story…  


Ryanair’s axing of winter flights from Stansted is met with dismay

 25th July 2009         The announcement by Ryanair that it is to cut winter services from Stansted has
been greeted with dismay in France, where thousands of British homeowners have
come to rely on the low-cost airline. One affected passenger said “Ryanair has
turned itself into a sort of bus route and it’s suddenly saying that it’s going
to take loads of buses off the timetable. It could be a problem for a lot of people.&rquot;
The routes to France to be cut have yet to be announced. (Times)           Click here to view full story…



Ryanair cuts at Stansted raise second home owner fears

 22nd July 2009         Thousands of second home owners face being cut off over the winter as Ryanair
announced drastic cutbacks in services from Stansted. 10 of Ryanair’s routes will
be cut, and frequency cuts on another 30. Services to Spain are likely to be safe
because the Spanish Government has scrapped tourist taxes and the homes are still
used fairly frequently during the winter. Some French flights may be cut. This
is in part a bargaining ploy by Ryanair against airports. (Telegraph)         Click here to view full story…



SSE response to latest Ryanair cutbacks at Stansted

21st July 2009         Commenting on news today of major cutbacks by Ryanair in its winter schedules
for Stansted Airport, Stop Stansted Expansion’s Economics Adviser Brian Ross said:
“The idea that there is any need for a 2nd runway at Stansted is now simply pie
in the sky. It is also clear that expansion plans have become a distraction for
BAA management at Stansted at the expense of the underlying business.”&rquot;Ryanair
accounts for 2/3 passengers using Stansted. (SSE)         Click here to view full story…


Appeal Court refuses to re-open Stansted case

19th June 2009         The application by SSE to the Court of Appeal, asking it to re-examine the legality
of the Government’s decision to approve permission for an extra 10 million passengers
per annum on the existing Stansted runway, has been refused by Lord Justice Elias
and Lord Justice Keene (presiding. SSE will not be seeking any further leave to
appeal because these two highly respected judges have clarified important aspects
of the unsatisfactory original ruling. (SSE)         Click here to view full story…


Stansted runway public inquiry delayed – probably until after the election

18th June 2009        

 A public inquiry into whether a 2nd runway should be built at Stansted was today
delayed for a 2nd time, by the DCLG Secretary, John Dehham. He said, in a letter
to all parties, that it was not yet “feasible nor realistic” to draw up a timetable
for the probe – because the future ownership of the airport remains in question.
The inquiry had already been postponed once by his predecessor Hazel Blears, and
will not now take place till after the election.    

Lord Hanningfield, leader of Essex County Council, which opposes the 2nd runway,
said: &lquot;This is another nail in the coffin for the Government’s ill-conceived plans
to force unsustainable and unneeded aviation expansion on the British people.    A
public inquiry will now not take place until after the general election, and with
the Conservatives committed to opposing the 2nd runway this is effectively the
death-knell for BAA’s unwanted plans.    The chances of a 2nd runway at Stansted
may be effectively over but we would ask the new minister to take the brave step
of admitting it.&rquot;         Click here to view full story…




Stansted launches consultation on Noise Action Plan

 13th June 2009         Stansted Airport has today launched a 16 week public consultation on its proposed
plans to continue minimising aircraft noise impacts over the next 5 years. The
airport is seeking views on its proposed Noise Action Plan and will hold a series
of noise briefings in local towns and villages affected by aircraft noise during
August and September. The consultation will run until Friday, October 2nd 2009.
(BAA)         Click here to view full story…


BAA passenger numbers fall 7.3% in May compared to May 2008

 11th June 2009         London airports are continuing to suffer falls in passenger numbers, but Heathrow
is showing some signs of stemming the rate of losses, according to the latest
figures from BAA. BAA’s 7 UK airports handled 11.8m passengers in May, a 7.3%
fall on May 2008. Passenger traffic at the 3 London airports was down 7.4%. Heathrow
was down 3.9%, Stansted down 18.5% and Gatwick down 6.5%. Domestic traffic was
down 10%. Edinburgh passengers were up 1.4%. (BAA)         Click here to view full story…

Stansted expansion still on, says BAA

 4th June 2009       BAA last week said it remained committed to building a 2nd runway at Stansted
even though it could be forced to sell the airport and could face planning inquiry
delays. Stansted’s commercial and development director said he was confident the
£1.66bn proposal for a second runway would go ahead. Speaking at a NCE conference
last week he said there is a general growth pattern in aviation, and he expects
a 2nd runway will open around 2017/2018. (NCE)         Click here to view full story…

BAA seeks delay in 2nd Stansted runway inquiry

22nd May 2009       The government’s airport expansion policy was dealt a further blow after BAA asked
for the postponement of a planning inquiry into a 2nd Stansted runway. If the
request is granted, there will be little chance of a new runway being built in
south-east England before 2020, with planning inquiries into expanding Stansted
and Heathrow unable to go ahead until after the general election. BAA said the
Competition Commission has made life difficult for them. (Guardian)   Click here to view full story…


BAA seeks further delay on 2nd runway inquiry – SSE condemns as &lquot;outrageous and
wholly unacceptable&rquot;

 21st May 2009     Stop Stansted Expansion has condemned as outrageous a request by BAA for the
Public Inquiry into its plans for a 2nd runway to be put on hold for what could
turn out to be a period of 3 years. The proposal was made by BAA in a letter on
20 May to the Sec of State for Communities and Local Government, Hazel Blears.
BAA has asked that the inquiry be deferred pending the outcome of its appeal against
the Competition Commission’s ruling that it must sell Stansted. (SSE)       Click here to view full story…

Stop Stansted Expansion launches practical guide to reporting aircraft noise

 18th May 2009       A new leaflet setting out details of how to complain about aircraft noise is
launched this week by Stop Stansted Expansion. The practically-oriented guide
is designed to help people affected by noise from planes using Stansted to report
their concerns in a way which will help lead to improvements to noise management
and better track keeping in future. It could also lead to fines being imposed
on airlines where they break noise and track keeping rules. (SSE)         Click here to view full story…

SSE – Concerned about aircraft noise  –  leaflet

SSE Noise complaint form

Tories vow to ditch Stansted expansion plans

9th May 2009         Theresa Villiers has renewed her pledge to scrap plans for a 2nd Stansted runway
at a meeting with SSE. She discussed the implications of the Competition Commission’s
ruling that BAA must sell Stansted and heard details of the reduction in the Government’s
air passenger forecasts which now show that there would no demand for a 2nd Stansted
runway before 2030. She was even more convinced that the runway could not be justified
economically. (NCE)         Click here to view full story…


Government deals further blow to Stansted runway plans

28th April 2009         Figures contained in last week’s Budget Report – and their impact on the DfT
forecasts for UK air travel demand – show that the gloomier outlook for the UK
economy means that a new Stansted runway would not be needed before 2030 at the
very earliest. SSE calculates that now demand forecasts for Stansted will reduce
to about 42.7 million passengers by 2030, well within the capacity of the existing
runway. BAA had anticipated 68 million passengers by 2030. (SSE)           Click here to view full story…

New date set for Stansted inquiry – at least 3 months ahead

16th April 2009       A date for an inquiry into the development of one Stansted’s 2nd runway will
be announced by the end of next month. The hearing was put back last month. Now
the DCLG has set a new timetable for the public inquiry. There will then be a
minimum of 8 weeks between the announcement and the start of the inquiry. The
hearing had been held up to allow BAA to consider the implications of a Competition
Commission ruling that the airport should be sold. (Gazette)       Click here to view full story…



SSE seeks leave to appeal ‘confusing’ High Court decision

13th March 2009          A High Court Judge has ruled that the Government’s decision to approve permission
for an extra  10 million passengers a year at Stansted was legal.  
The decision by Justice Sir Thane Forbes follows a  4 day hearing at the end of
February.   The wording of his judgment fails to provide the clarification which
SSE was looking for when it brought the case and so SSE is seeking leave to appeal.  
  SSE sought clarification on issues of noise impacts, economic impact on the
UK trade deficit and CO2 emissions. (SSE)

  Click here to view full story…

SSE accuses BAA of unbelievable spin on its February figures

11th March 2009         BAA’s announcement of a 16.2% drop in Stansted passenger numbers in February
has been accompanied by unbelievable spin with BAA attributing half the decline
to bad weather and the fact that last February had an extra day. Comparison with
February figures for 2007 remove the leap year distortion and shows that Stansted
handled 19.5% fewer passengers last month compared to the same month in 2007.
This is the 4th consecutive month showing of steep drops. (SSE)         Click here to view full story  


Stansted Inquiry postponed – common sense beginning to prevail

 2nd March 2009         Stop Stansted Expansion has welcomed today’s decision by Hazel Blears to postpone
the start of the Public Inquiry into BAA’s plans for a 2nd runway – which had
been due to start on 15 April. SSE together with the SACC had made formal representations
for a deferral of the start date of the Inquiry, because of the unfairness of
pressing ahead with the hearing before key matters were resolved. These included
the result of SSE’s High Court Appeal into the decision to permit an increase
of 10 million passengers a year on the existing runway and the implications of
the Competition Commission’s impending report on the future ownership of Stansted.  
 (SSE)     Click here to view full story…



Stansted airport expansion timing in doubt

26th February 2009       The timing of the expansion of Stansted airport was thrown into doubt on Tuesday
as opponents went to the high court to seek to overturn the government’s recent
backing for raising the limit on flights. Airlines at the airport, led by Ryanair
and EasyJet, as well as local campaigners, have also written to ministers seeking
to postpone by up to a year the opening of the planning inquiry into BAA’s plans
to build a 2nd runway and terminal. (FT)

Click here to view full story…


Stansted Airport legal challenge at High Court

 24th February 2009             Controversial plans for an expansion of Stansted,which were given the go-ahead
by the government are facing a High Court challenge by Stop Stansted Expansion.
BAA wants to increase passenger numbers from 25 million to 35 million a year and
flights leaving the airport from 241,000 to 264,000 a year. SSE will argue against
the decision in a 3-day hearing, and have accused ministers of disregarding the
climate change and noise impacts of the expansion. (BBC)         Click here to view full story…


BAA to relax its stance on Stansted

 23rd February 2009             The Competition Commission, in its final report due early in March, is expected
to call for BAA to be broken up, with the sale of 3 of its 7 UK airports: Gatwick,
Stansted and either Edinburgh or Glasgow. Ferrovial is still hopeful of winning
some flexibility over the timing of the sale of Stansted, as well as over its
own freedom to choose which of Edinburgh or Glasgow airports it should sell. A
new owner will have to reconsider the capital spending plans. (FT)       Click here to view full story…



BAA to put Stansted up for sale

22nd February 2009           BAA is to stage a dramatic about-turn by selling Stansted, which handles 23m
passengers a year and is the centre for no-frills airlines in Britain. The move
will finally end BAA’s domination of London airports. BAA is now prepared to drop
its objections to the Competition Commission demands. An industry insider said
there was no point in BAA going on fighting the Competition Commission, now it
has won on the bigger point of expanding Heathrow. (Sunday Times)         Click here to view full story…


Stansted 2nd runway now facing 6 year delay over White Paper expectations

 20th February 2009         In a letter sent by BAA’s solicitors to SSE and others, BAA has advised that
the planned opening date of 2015 (assuming it is granted planning permission)
has yet again been put back, this time until 2017. The original expectation in
the Air Transport White Paper was that it would be built by 2011/12. Then in 2004
it slipped to 2012, in 2005 to 2013, in 2008 it was 2015. The dream is over for
BAA but the nightmare and blight goes on for the local community.   (SSE)       Click here to view full story…


Second Stansted runway is put back again to 2017

20th February 2009         The opening of a 2nd runway at Stansted is likely to be delayed by a further
2 years to 2017, it was revealed today. SSE was given the later date in a letter
from solicitors acting for BAA. Protesters said the project had been “a farce
from the start” and should be scrapped but BAA insisted the runway’s completion
date depended on a “number of factors”. The Aviation White Paper envisaged a 2nd
runway in 2011/12, later put back to 2013 then 2015. (Standard)       Click here to view full story…


Get real, BAA tells SSE after they accuse BAA of living in a Walter Mitty world

13th February 2009         BAA told members of SSE to “get in the real world” after the lobby accused BAA
of “living in a Walter Mitty world of make believe”. New figures show passenger
numbers and flights at Stansted falling for the 15th consecutive month. Stansted
handled fewer flights last month than in any month in the past 6 years and SSE
estimates this year it will handle just 155,000 flights – down 20,000 on current
levels, which is half the capacity of the existing runway.         Click here to view full story…

SSE says BAA living in a Walter Mitty world

10th February 2009           Stop Stansted Expansion has accused BAA of living in a Walter Mitty world as
passenger numbers and flights at Stansted Airport fell for the 15th consecutive
month according to figures announced today. 5 years of growth have now been wiped
out by the economic downturn and BAA’s 2007 decision to double Stansted landing
charges to its biggest airline customers. SSE estimates that this year Stansted
will handle just 155,000 flights, 20,000 less than now. (SSE)       Click here to view full story…


Stansted Second runway programme – realism beginning to prevail?

A marathon meeting to discuss the timing, duration and other aspects of the proposed
Public Inquiry into a Stansted 2nd runway has left SSE cautiously optimistic that
a sense of realism is beginning to prevail. There was a consensus that between
144 – 200 sitting days would be required for the inquiry. The inspector appeared
to recognise that concurrent sessions could compromise the inquiry’s fairness
and would not necessarily be more efficient.     19.1.2009  
More …..



Stansted protesters sentenced to community service amid threat of £2m damages

 8th January 2009           The climate change protesters who brought Stansted airport to a standstill in
December were sentenced yesterday, as it emerged that they and others who joined
them face the threat of being sued for more than £2m in damages. Most of the 22
campaigners, members of Plane Stupid, were ordered to do between 50 and 90 hours
community service after admitting aggravated trespass, and must pay compensation
of £60 to cover £3,000 worth of damage to the fence.   (Guardian)   Click here to view full story…


Airport community groups applaud Plane Stupid action closing Stansted


 8th December 2008       Responding to news of the Plane Stupid action at Stansted, HACAN, SSE and GACC
(community groups from Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick) have commented. Carol Barbone,
Campaign Director of SSE said: “No-one can condemn this action without also condemning
the recklessness of the Government’s policy on airport expansion and the major
contribution which the resulting emissions would make to global warming. BAA’s
[plans] must also be condemned.&rquot; (Hacan, SSE and GACC)         Click here to view full story…

Stansted protest delays flights

 8th December 2008           Flights at Stansted have been delayed after more than 50 protesters from Plane
Stupid occupied a secure area near the runway. The protest started at 0315 GMT
by breaching security, cutting through a fence, while the runway was closed for
maintenance. The runway was closed for about 2 hours from the time of the first
scheduled flight at 0610 GMT, and reopened at 0810 GMT. The protesters say planned
expansion at Stansted would damage the environment.       Click here to view full story…


57 arrested as Stansted protest grounds flights


8th December 2008           Police arrested 57 people after a protest by climate change activists forced
flight cancellations and delays at Stansted. Queues grew and tempers frayed in
the departure lounge after Ryanair cancelled 56 flights as a result of the early-morning
protest by Plane Stupid. Activists broke into a secure area at around 3am, forcing
the runway to remain closed till 8.10am. Ryanair called for an investigation into
why BAA had failed to keep the airport secure. (Independent)           Click here to view full story…


SSE takes Government to the High Court over Stansted decision

14th November 2008         SSE has lodged an Appeal with the High Court challenging the Government’s decision
to sanction an additional 10 million passengers a year on Stansted’s existing
runway. SSE’s legal action will say the increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gas
emissions cannt be disregarded in the decision to approve the extra flights; the
economic impact on the UK trade deficit cannot be disregarded; and the adverse
noise impacts do amount to a reason for refusal.         Click here to view full story…

Inspector agrees to think again on Stansted runway Inquiry

 10th November 2008         The Pre-Inquiry Meeting on the Stansted second runway took place today, to consider
the arrangements and timetable for the Public Inquiry. The Inquiry is due to start
in April 2009 and the Inspector had proposed a 6 month timetable which he believed
could be achieved by splitting the Inquiry into two ‘streams’. Today he areed
to re-consider the proposed timetable and insisted that he attached great importance
to the Inquiry being conducted fairly. (SSE)         Click here to view full story…

CAA publishes Competition Commission’s Stansted Airport charges report

6th November 2008         The CAA has published the Competition Commission’s report and recommendations
on charges at Stansted, which will govern how much BAA can charge airlines during
the 5-year period beginning April 2009. It recommends an increase in the maximum
level of airport charges at Stansted to £6.26 per passenger, compared with the
current level of £6.05 per passenger, with an increase of no more than RPI+ 1.75%
per cent each year during the 5 years. (eGov monitor)         Click here to view full story…


Government plans to steamroller Stansted runway Inquiry

1st November 2008           Plans to steamroller through the Public Inquiry into BAA’s application for a
second Stansted runway in just six months have been condemned by Stop Stansted
Expansion (SSE). The intention is to run parallel sessions examining different
subjects in different Inquiry rooms at the same time. This ‘twin track’ approach
would severely compromise the community’s ability to participate fully in the
Inquiry because it would stretch resources beyond the limit. (SSE)             Click here to view full story…


Stansted inquiry to be rushed through to foil runway critics

1st November 2008         The public inquiry into a second runway at Stansted is to be completed in record
time in an attempt by the Government to prevent the Conservatives cancelling the
project if they win the next general election. For the first time, a significant
planning inquiry will be heard in two separate rooms at the same time. Opponents
say that their arguments will not be heard properly because they can afford just
one barrister, while BAA have five. (Times)

Click here to view full story…


Passenger figures down at a number of UK airports during September

20th October 2008         Several of the stories from UK Airport News, showing declines in passenger numbers
at a range of airports during September. Compared to September 2007, Exeter is
down 5%, 11.4% at Norwich, (4.5% down across the UK as a whole), 2.2% down at
the Isle of Man, 2.9% down at Edinburgh, 4.2% down at Aberdeen, 5% less for the
BAA airports combined, and sharp drops at Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley. (UK
Airport News) Click here to view full story…


Richest business travellers use Heathrow (CAA UK Passenger Survey 2007/8)

 19th October 2008           The CAA UK Passenger Survey 2007 / 2008 reveals a great deal of data on passeners
travelling from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Doncaster Sheffield, Humberside,
Liverpool and Manchester airports. The income of business passengers at these
airports is compared (using personal income for business travellers, and household
income for leisure passengers) as well as the percent of business compared to
leisure trips. (Times and CAA)       Click here to view full story…

Councils face £1m bill over ‘unreasonable’ block on Stansted expansion

18th October 2008         An unprecedented decision means council tax payers in Hertfordshire will have
to foot part of a £1m bill after Herts County Council was found to have acted
‘unreasonably’ while opposing the Stansted Airport expansion. Planning inspector
Alan Boyland concluded that the inadequacies of the case presented by Uttlesford
district and Herts county councils mean they should pay part of BAA’s costs, estimated
at more than £1m. (UK Airport News)       Click here to view full story…

Tories warn they will not honour decisions over Heathrow or Stansted expansion

 14th October 2008         The Conservative party told BAA to abandon a £160m planning application for a
2nd runway at Stansted airport yesterday after warning that the project would
be scrapped by a Tory government. Theresa Villiers also warned any firm considering
working on the proposed 3rd runway at Heathrow to be “very, very careful” about
signing contracts. The Tories have pledged to replace a new runway at Heatrow
with a high-speed rail link. (Guardian)         Click here to view full story…



Stansted airport expansion to go ahead – up to 35 million passengers per year  
(9th October 2008)

“PREDICTABLE, CYNICAL AND UNJUSTIFIED” – says SSE in response to Government’s
approval for an extra 10 million passengers a year at Stansted

Stansted, Britain’s biggest budget airline hub, received the go-ahead to handle
10 million more passengers – which  means around 120 more daily flights, on its
existing runway.   Stop Stansted Expansion described the decision by the Government
to approve an increase in Stansted’s permitted passenger throughput from 25 million
passengers per annum to 35mppa as entirely predictable, cynical and unjustified.
However, the campaign group is warning BAA and Ferrovial not to assume the matter
is settled since initial readings of the Inspector’s report and Government decision
letter indicate that there may well be scope for legal challenge.        BAA  was warned
by Ryanair and easyJet that it faces fewer flights if it hikes fees to pay for
the expansion. The  Conservatives backed the expansion but would oppose a 2nd runway.    
9.10.2008    More …..



Some stories below  about Stansted airport from UK Airport News


October 2008

10.10.08 Ryanair boss waiting game on transatlantic venture

09.10.08 Government approve Stansted expansion

08.10.08 O’Leary: another airline failure ‘in weeks’

08.10.08 Ryanair staff unpaid leave; execs 10% pay cut

08.10.08 Ryanair: recession good for business

07.10.08 MEP wants new Stansted noise limit

07.10.08 Greek airline adds Stansted flight frequency

06.10.08 Stansted noise complaints fall

05.10.08 National Trust oppose Stansted runway

04.10.08 Ryanair passengers up 20%; load factor down 1%

02.10.08 Conservatives would block Stansted expansion too

September 2008

27.09.08 Second Stansted runway ‘will destroy rural peace’

24.09.08 Ryanair ‘plan transatlantic flights’

24.09.08 Ryanair unhedged; sees more oil price falls

24.09.08 New hotel near Stansted airport

20.09.08 Trees protest over Stansted expansion

18.09.08 Ryanair will break even at $100 barrel

07.09.08 Stansted Airport ‘runway ramble’ next weekend

05.09.08 Campaign groups claim BAA ‘skullduggery’ on Stansted runway plans

04.09.08 Ryanair passengers up 19%; load factor down 1%

August 2008

30.08.08 O’Leary warning for holiday home owners

27.08.08 Ryanair extends sale

25.08.08 Stansted second runway enquiry date set

20.08.08 BAA ‘should sell 3 airports’

20.08.08 Ryanair ‘delighted at BAA break-up’

19.08.08 10,000 people use Ryanair Flight Tracker Service

17.08.08 New coaches for Southend – Stansted route

16.08.08 O’Leary: I screwed up over oil

14.08.08 Ryanair ‘could be charged with breaching European regulations’

14.08.08 Ryanair fuel unhedged in Q4

13.08.08 Ryanair to at least break even this winter

11.08.08 Ryanair aims to increase pretax profit to €900m by 2012

10.08.08 70 ‘McJobs’ at Stansted Airport

09.08.08 O’Leary ‘not serious’ about Stansted bid

08.08.08 Ryanair announce ‘lowest fare’ seat sale

06.08.08 Ryanair may ‘buy up to 400 aircraft’

05.08.08 Ryanair passengers up 19%

01.08.08 Council rejects Stansted runway inquiry start date



(Stansted) Let the train take the strain

30.6.2008     (Stop  Stansted Expansion press release)     Click here to view full story…




Put UK airport expansion on hold, demands green group, the Sustainable Development

21.5.2008   (Guardian)     Click here to view full story…  


BAA compulsory purchase powers to be examined by Competition Commission

22.4.2008     (Stop Stansted Expansion)     Click here to view full story…  

Stansted Airport amends air quality figures


19.2.2008         New research on air quality at and around Stansted Airport has
seen BAA’s technical team amend air quality information from the potential Generation
1 (or G1 – maximising the use of the current runway) development. Details submitted
to the G1 public inquiry in relation to the planning application has to be clarified
and the Secretaries of State are being notified. (BAA and SSE)         Click here to view full story…



Some older stories below  about Stansted airport from UK Airport News


July 2008

04.07.08 Ryanair passengers up 19%; load factor slips

02.07.08 Stansted £50m extension opens

June 2008

28.06.08 BAA Chief executive outlines Stansted ambitions

24.06.08 Stansted Airport ‘still vital for business despite US flights loss’

11.06.08 Stansted passengers fall

08.06.08 Campaigners welcome axing of Stansted flights

07.06.08 Rare bird spotted at Stansted

06.06.08 Ryanair announce 12 new UK routes

03.06.08 Ryanair profits up 20%; report quarterly loss; to ground 20 planes; break even
in 2009


May 2008

31.05.08 Stansted runway consultation extended

28.05.08 American scrap Stansted – New York flights

21.05.08 Council slams NATS air stack plans

14.05.08 Campaigners want to reopen Stansted inquiry

08.05.08 Legal threat to Stansted flightpath plan

02.05.08 Trains suffer as fewer fly from Stansted


April 2008

27.04.08 Second Stansted all business airline goes bust

26.04.08 Stansted Airport users welcome Competition Commission report

21.04.08 Buyers circle Gatwick and Stansted

18.04.08 Horse fears over new Stansted flight stacks

15.04.08 Heathrow profits up 10%; Stansted up 68%

09.04.08 Stansted Airport campaigners target local councils

04.04.08 Ryanair and ASA report each other to OFT

03.04.08 Ryanair passengers up 19%; load factor up 1%

02.04.08 MP warns of noise from Stansted expansion


March 2008

25.03.08 Stansted runway application ‘ignores environment’

23.03.08 Stansted campaigners to hold major rally

16.03.08 Councils slam Stansted runway plan

12.03.08 Mixed reaction to Stansted Airport runway plans

12.03.08 Government denies collusion over Stansted runway

12.03.08 Ryanair in EU court today over Charleroi

11.03.08 Stansted runway application unveiled

07.03.08 Former minister backs Stansted expansion

04.03.08 Stansted road and rail upgrades to be fast-tracked


February 2008

21.02.08 New airport flight paths proposed

19.02.08 Stansted Airport amends air quality figures

18.02.08 Results of probe after plane part from Stansted flight hits home

17.02.08 Ryanair on look-out for UK financial partners

15.02.08 Stansted passengers down 9.3%

08.02.08 Campaigners say BAA ‘wavering’ on Stansted runway

03.02.08 Kaiser Chiefs back Stansted campaigners

27.01.08 Ruinair – new book reveals tales of a traveller on Europe’s biggest budget airline

26.01.08 Stansted Airport charges could double

25.01.08 CAA launch consultation on Stansted Airport fees

17.01.08 Ryanair announce deal to continue Stansted – Turin route

12.01.08 Blue1 switches Helsinki flights from Stansted to Heathrow

10.01.08 Stansted Airport planning inquiry report goes to ministers

09.01.08 BAA still ‘absolutely committed’ to Stansted second runway

05.01.08 CAA criticised by Stansted airlines group



Stansted passengers down 9.3%     15.02.08

Stansted Airport  recorded a 9.3% drop in passenger numbers in January compared
to the same month in 2007. The winter cutbacks from airlines Ryanair and Air Berlin
have contributed to the fall in passenger numbers at the Essex airport.   In the
12 months to the end of January passengers at the airport were down 0.6% to 23,610,500.


UK Airport News:       Stansted passengers down 9.3%