Climate change activists plan Heathrow camp

“We are simply not going to sit by and let emissions from binge-flying make dangerous
climate change become inevitable,” said Leo Murray, a spokesman for the activist
group Plane Stupid, one of the groups which is helping to organise the camp.  
Last summer, 600 people camped in Yorkshire in an attempt to shut down the Drax
power station, the UK’s single biggest emitter of CO2.   Since then, groups have
invaded an airport runway, occupied airline offices and chained themselves to
the coal belts at a power station. Geraldine Nicholson, chair of the west London
No Third Runway action group, said: “BAA [which runs Heathrow] should not be surprised
that people are planning to come from all over the country to protest at their
expansion plans. This community will be destroyed if a third runway is built at
Heathrow.”   BAA was not available for comment yesterday.   (Guardian)

Climate camp at Heathrow
To find out more, the website for the Climate Camp is:
The website for Plane Stupid is: