BAA airports passenger numbers down – 0.9% in November and down – 1.3% in October


November traffic figures – BAA’s airports
BAA’s airports served a total of 7.8 million passengers in November; a drop of 0.9% compared with the same month last year. The comparison with last year is complicated by weather related disruptions in both years and the UKBA strike on 30 November 2011…
12 December 2011

October Traffic figures – BAA’s airports
BAA saw an overall softening in demand in October after seven months of continuous growth, reflecting weakness in wider economic conditions. Passenger numbers at BAA airports fell by 1.3% during October 2011 compared with the same month the previous year…
11 November 2011

September Traffic figures – BAA’s airports
BAA’s airports handled 1.0% more passengers during September 2011 compared to the same month last year. Heathrow, which saw passenger numbers grow by 1.4%, experienced a record September for passengers, aircraft movements and the number of seats filled per plane.
11 October 2011

August 2011 traffic figures – BAA’s airports
Heathrow handled 6.6 million passengers in August 2011, up 0.7% on the previous year and the airport’s busiest ever August. In another August record, an impressive 82.2% of seats were filled on Heathrow flights.
12 September 2011

July 2011 traffic figures – BAA’s airports
Heathrow handled a record 6.9 million passengers (up 2.5% on last year) in July 2011, more than in any previous month.
11 August 2011

June 2011 traffic figures – BAA’s airports
Colin Matthews, chief executive of BAA, said: “Heathrow’s position as the UK’s only hub airport enables it to benefit from growth in long-haul routes and emerging economies. June’s passenger figures are an early indication of a busy summer, and we will focus on delivering the best possible service standards at our most popular time of year.”
11 July 2011

May 2011 traffic figures – BAA’s airports
Colin Matthews, chief executive of BAA, said: “Demand is particularly strong on the long-haul routes that connect UK businesses to fast-growing economies around the world.”…
13 June 2011

April 2011 traffic figures – BAA’s airports
Colin Matthews, chief executive of BAA, said: “I am delighted that more passengers departed on time from Heathrow than ever before. These figures reflect the results of our £1 billion annual investment and the commitment of 77,000 staff from 320 companies who work at the airport to improve the experience of our passengers.”
11 May 2011

March traffic figures – BAA’s airports
Colin Matthews, chief executive of BAA, said: “Heathrow’s performance is solid, and the growth in traffic at our Scottish airports is encouraging. “In the UK, consumer confidence remains fragile, affecting airports up and down the country. Continued rises in the price of oil are a concern for airlines and passengers in all our markets.
11 April 2011

February traffic figures – BAA’s airports
Colin Matthews, chief executive of BAA, said: “We remain focused on improving the service we offer passengers and airlines at all our airports. “Heathrow’s strong passenger and freight performance is encouraging for British industry, reflecting steady improvements in the economy and international trade…
11 March 2011

January traffic figures – BAA’s airports
BAA’s airports handled a total of 7.5 million passengers in January, an increase of 3.8% over January 2010
11 February 2011

BAA annual results 2010
Colin Matthews, Chief Executive Officer of BAA, said: “We delivered a robust financial performance in 2010, despite the volcanic ash, strikes and snow that affected major airports across Europe and North America….
22 February 2011




Heathrow set for bumper year

19 December, 2011  (ABTN)
by Rob Gill

Heathrow is expected to record its highest annual passenger numbers this year despite a dip in traffic over the last few months.

BAA, the airport’s owner, said that Heathrow was set to be used by 69.7 million passengers during 2011 after setting six months of consecutive records for traffic between April and September – although numbers have been lower than forecast since September.

Despite this slowdown in the final months of this year, Heathrow will still operate close to its maximum allowed 480,000 aircraft movements per year.

Passenger numbers at Heathrow are expected to set a new record of 70.8 million in 2012 according to estimates from BAA, which said the airport would benefit from a “further modest growth in load factors” next year.

BAA said that larger aircraft would also boost numbers at Heathrow in 2012 such as an extra A380 daily rotation by Emirates to Dubai starting in January. Singapore Airlines is also likely to increase A380 rotations to Heathrow next year while Malaysian Airlines is expected to introduce A380 services to Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian will be the fourth airline to operate A380 services from Heathrow.

The company said that traffic at sister airport Stansted would be around 17.9 million for this year – down from 18.6 million in 2010. BAA expects these numbers to fall further next year to 17.3 million which is being attributed to Easyjet’s decision to move three of its Stansted aircraft to Southend from April 2012.

BAA also said that it expects a decision on whether it will be granted a judicial review to stop it being forced to sell Stansted to be made in the first three months of 2012.

The company is challenging the Competition Commission’s decision that it must offload Stansted and issued proceedings at the Competition Appeal Tribunal asking for a judicial review of this decision.

This case was heard by the tribunal earlier this month when BAA argued that there had been “material changes in circumstances” since the commission’s decision was originally made in 2009.

BAA is also being required to sell either Glasgow or Edinburgh and has already announced that Edinburgh will be sold.

BAA’s Heathrow and Stansted subsidiary is expecting revenue to increase at the two airports by a combined 9.7% from this year’s £2.3 billion to £2.5 billion in 2012 – mainly due to an increase in tariffs at Heathrow.