New study on climate change caused by Gatwick flights

Since the study was completed, plans have been published for the biggest wind
farm in the world.   It would cover an area, in the Bristol Channel, larger than
the Isle of Wight, and would save 2.3 million tonnes of CO2 a year.      The GACC
study shows that this would be a   small fraction of the damage caused by Gatwick
flights.     Brendon Sewill, Chairman of GACC, said:   ‘Our new study reinforces
the major theme of the current public inquiry at Stansted.   We stand shoulder-to-shoulder
with our colleagues at Stansted, Heathrow, and many other airports around the
UK, in pointing out that the rapid growth in air travel, subsidised by huge tax
concessions, makes a mockery of the government’s attempts to tackle climate change.’  
The success of the G8 summit in reaching agreement on climate change makes it
all the more ridiculous that the government’s targets are being demolished by
the rapid growth in air travel, as shown in this report.  

A full version of the study, including all the calculations and references,  
as well as the summary version are below.   More details are on the GACC website,     (GACC Press Release)

Gatwick – wrecking targets (Short version)

Gatwick – wrecking targets (Long version)

Gatwick press release