Extensive coverage of the BAA injunction story

Press interest in the BAA injunction got going on 27th July, and was extensive
during the duration of the High Court hearing, which started on 1st August and
ended on 6th.

Below are links to some of the stories.

Some of the stories from Tuesday  7th August and Monday 6th August:

Independent  story   7.8.2007     “Joy for protesters as Heathrow is denied ‘mother of all injunctions’
Financial Times story     7.8.2007     “Court limits Heathrow airport protests”
Telegraph   story     7.8.2007     “Heathrow chaos fears despite protest ruling”
Transport Briefing       7.8.2007   “Watered down injunction granted for Heathrow protest”
Guardian story    6.8.2007       “BAA wins airport protest injunction “
BBC story   6.8.2007       “BAA wins Heathrow protesters ban”
Independent story 6.8.2007     “BAA wins right to block Heathrow protest”
Comment by Peter Lockley, of AirportWatch, on Guardian Comment is Free  
(video) Channel 4 news report

Observer article 5.8.2007       “Heathrow devalues the price of happiness”

These are links to some of the main stories on Thursday 2nd August:
The Independent (story by Martin Hickman)
The Guardian (story by John Vidal)
The Times (story by Ben Webster)
The Times on the background on the Harassment Act
Piece in the Observer Sunday 29th July
See the Independent front page story entitled “Battle of Heathrow: Opposition to BAA’s injunction grows “, and leading article   “The flight from democracy” Saturday 28th July
See media coverage from Friday 27th July, and comments from AirportWatch member
organisations under  Latest News
Included are responses from:       Campaign to Protect Rural England, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace’ RSPB,
Woodland Trust, World Development Movement
See also GMB union’s response to BAA injunction objections   27.7.2007
and Ken Livingstone’s press release on this “draconian injunction”      31.7.2007