Climate Change conveniently drops off agenda at Birmingham Airport

(26.9.2007    West Midlands  FoE press release)

As Birmingham International Airport release their interim statement, the small
issue they try to step over is of course Climate Change.   In presentations they
skip over it while in their press release they indicate that they will “consider
Climate Change”.  

As the Government prepares to bring forward a Climate Change Act in the next
session of Parliament; as local authorities prepare Climate Change Action Plans
and even George Bush leads discussions on the subject, BIA is only prepared to
consider Climate Change within the period of the forthcoming master plan, which
is its vision to 2030.   This shows a considerable lack of leadership from an institution
which sees itself as a lynchpin of the regional economy.

While the huge growth in passengers and air traffic movements will be welcomed
by some the overall results of this master plan will be more noise, more traffic;
surface and airborne, more pollution and a huge increase in carbon emissions;
both at low and high altitudes.  

It will be essential that we all examine these proposals in great detail to expose
the real threats to our quality of life from such outrageous growth from a noisy,
dirty and polluting industry.  

Chris Crean from West Midlands Friends of the Earth said:   “A vision for the
next 23 years which only seeks to “consider” what is arguably the most important
issue of our times, Climate Change, is woeful in the extreme.   The Aviation Industry
behaves as if they are on another planet with no responsibilities for current
and future generations.   Once BIA comes forward with their plans for expansions
and extensions it will be for wider civil society to rein them in and make them
aware of those responsibilities.”  


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