Frankfurt protesters

This is information from the Frapedia website, of the protesters at Frankfurt Airport, badly translated into English from the original German at

It gives a summary of some of the actions that the protesters have taken since the opening of the 4th runway in 2011. 

Monday demonstrations

Since the opening of the new Runway Northwest every Monday meet at 18;00 in Terminal 1, Hall B, with up to three thousand people to peaceful but noisiy protest against the expansion of the airport and the associated deterioration in their quality of life. [1]

The demonstrations are logged and organized by the alliance of citizen initiatives and one of each of the Alliance organized initiatives designed.  It always creative forms of action are being tested [2] , are an integral part of rallies and marches through the terminal.

It was only in February 2011 successfully fought Julia Caraway of the “Initiative against deportation” a decision by the Constitutional Court that the fundamental right to freedom of expression and assembly (Article 5 and 8 of the Basic Law ) was also on the area of Frankfurt Airport validity.  Fraport AG had previously relied on its alleged proprietary and Mrs. Caraway granted a lifetime banned. [3] This arbitrary privatization of public space was the highest German court expressly claimed. [4] Ms. Caraway was for her work with the Human Rights Award in 2011, the Foundation Pro awarded asylum. [5] [6]


During the Hessian Summer 2012 every Monday at 18:00 found under the title” Holiday at the Airport “vigils. Up to 300 participants joined together in demonstratively largely noise-free terminal of Frankfurt Airport to holiday activities such as picnics, ball games and drum circles, etc. and offered the passengers to present information and interviews. [7]

Human Chain

On 24 June 2012, the organized alliance of Frankfurt citizens’ initiatives (FBI) by 15 clock a 5 kilometer long human chain on the southern bank of the Main in Frankfurt. On the Tiefkai of the peace to Flößerbrücke over five thousand people went at 15.30 clock one “La Ola wave” of Niederad to Oberrad and again. Then, by 16 clock a rally was held on the Lower Main Bridge.Each one of the eight Frankfurt BIs supervised a section between the seven bridges Frankfurt and offered a family-friendly program. [8]

Sit In

On 18 8th 2012 organized by the BI Frankfurt-North against aircraft noise a “breakfast at Schulte” on a forest road to the private apartment of Stefan Schulte , CEO of Fraport AG . [9] [10][11] The breakfast was logged into the clerk’s office in Bad Homburg and as Assembly / rally was approved and passed peacefully, according to the chairman of the meeting. Mr and Mrs Schulte allegedly leaving her estate waved friendly of the two cars.

Bridges decorated in Rhein-Main

As part of the international day of protest against aircraft noise on 24 November 2012 demonstrated airport expansion opponent on several airports in Germany and in several European countries for a real night ban 22-6 clock and a halt to the expansion of airports.

In the Rhine-Main area were distributed from 14 to 16 clock at least 45 bridges adorned around the Frankfurt airport with banners and the like. Photos of the action were in a drop boxprovided. This action was a wide media coverage .


Constitutional challenge

After the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of 04.04.2012 , which declared the expansion of Frankfurt essentially lawful, and after a rejected Anhörungsrüge put the BI Sachsenhausen or supported by its lead plaintiff, represented by Prof. Rüdiger Zuck, a complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court. Plaintiffs see by the judgment violated mainly the computation state requirement and the right to property of the Basic Law. [12]

Balloon Action

On 15.7.2012 the hosted BI Sachsenhausen from 14:00 to 18:00 Römerberg titled “Summer 2012: Do not fly, but fly let” a family festival with a mass ascension of 499 balloons, information booths, game station of the adventure playground Riederwald as well as drinks and snacks. [13] [14]

Beautifull Noise

On Saturday, 08/25/2012, which hosted BI Sachsenhausen 12 to 14 clock on the Frankfurt Main Station under the title “Beautifull Noise – Let’s talk drums and aircraft engines silent,” a drum workshop for children and adults with extensive supporting program: information booths, performance, song , speeches and picnics. The response from many passersby from near and far for the best shopping time was very encouraging. [15]

Art against aircraft noise

On 11.11.2012 the hosted BI Sachsenhausen 10 to 18 clock an art exhibition on the grounds of the nursery Giersch, Babenhäuser Highway 9-11, in Frankfurt. The site offers aircraft noise warranty, because it is close to the Südfriedhofs at Westwind long right under the flight path of Runway Northwest and east wind at the departure route 07th

Over thirty some prominent artists from the entire Rhine-Main region exhibited paintings, sculptures, photographs and handicrafts. For food and drink in the mild temperate greenhouses was worried. There were also information booths and many personal contacts on the subject of aviation.

This action was the BI Sachsenhausen strengthen the cohesion and solidarity of the people affected by aircraft noise, pollution and landscape destruction residents in the region. All artists donated a self-selected percentage of the sales for the work of citizen initiatives.

This action was very popular among the people and a lot of media coverage. [16] [17] [18]


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