Leeds Bradford Airport told to cut noise levels

23.12.2007     UK Airport News

Noise pollution at Leeds Bradford Airport must be cut to meet the EU environmental
policy, according to the findings of a Government study. The airport has been
told to produce a plan to tackle excessive noise, after falling foul of sound
limits set out in the EU’s Environmental Noise Directive.

At its loudest, aircraft using Leeds Bradford Airport create 75 decibels of noise,
affecting areas directly under its flight paths and extending just into the tip
of a residential area of Yeadon. The new noise map shows how noise pollution drops
with distance from the airport and areas above the 55 decibel limit reach as far
north as Guiseley Moor and south through the centre of Horsforth.

A Defra spokesman said: ‘Under the EU’s Environmental Noise Directive, 55 decibels
during the day and 50 decibels during the night are the levels at which noise
is deemed an irritant. 75 decibels is the same as a normal conversation or a vacuum
cleaner and louder than a busy street. That level of noise constantly is an irritant.’

Leeds Bradford already has some restrictions to limit noise pollution. Aircraft
depart by flying over less-populated areas, there is a limit on how many aircraft
arrive and depart at once, and only the quietest aircraft are allowed to fly at

It also operates a noise and track monitoring system that continually records
aircraft noise,
windows of nearby residential properties have been fitted with a third pane of
glass and in some cases, air conditioning fitted to homes.