Farnborough Airport allowed to double weekend flights

15.3.2008   (Farnborough News and Mail)

THE operator of Farnborough Airport, TAG Aviation, has won its planning battle
to double the number of weekend flights at the airport.   The government has made
the ruling public this morning (Friday) after making the decision at least  3 weeks

The airport can now accept up to 5,000 take-offs and landings a year – twice
the previous allowed total of 2,500.

For the rest of this year, a pro-rata calculation will allow the airport to accept
a total of 4,200 aircraft movements at weekends.

The government has agreed with TAG that the economic benefits of allowing an
expansion of weekend activities outweighs any environmental impact in the surrounding

The government’s finding overrules the decision by the planning authority, Rushmoor
Borough Council, who originally blocked the application in June 2006, before contesting
the appeal against it by TAG.

Also published today is the 70-page report of the public inquiry held early last
year by planning inspector Ken Smith (see ‘Related files’ below).

Check back on www.farnborough.co.uk for more analysis of the government’s decision throughout the day, and see Tuesday’s
Farnborough Mail and next Friday’s Farnborough News for reports, analysis and

Farnborough Airport allowed to double weekend flights