National Trust speaks out against Heathrow expansion

28.2.2008   (National Trust)

The quality of some of the most precious green spaces across large areas of London
and the South East will be under threat if the Government’s proposals to expand
Heathrow Airport proceed.

Responding to the DfT consultation on the proposed expansion of Heathrow, Ian
Wilson, Area Manager for London said:   ‘This Government’s consultation has completely
failed to reflect the damage that the expansion of Heathrow will have on vital
green spaces across London, which are becoming increasingly important for people’s
quality of life.

‘Osterley Park in Hounslow is already seriously affected by noise from over flying
aircraft and if the proposed expansion of Heathrow gets the green light, park
users and people living in West London could be subjected to constant aircraft

The National Trust is currently directly affected by aircraft noise from Heathrow
at a number of sites across London and the South East, in particular at the 450
Osterley Park which is a highly valued green space in Hounslow.   A recent poll of park users
found that 77% were opposed to further expansion.

In its submission to the consultation the National Trust has also expressed concerns
about the potential climate change impacts of expanding Heathrow airport and the
lack of a clear economic case for expansion.

National Trust speaks out against Heathrow expansion

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National Trust joins Heathrow expansion fight

The National Trust has thrown its weight behind the campaign to block the expansion
of Heathrow airport.


The Trust, which has 3.5 million members and is considered particularly influential,
intervened at the end of the Government’s consultation on plans to build a third
runway by 2020 and allow 60,000 more flights a year by 2015.

Earlier, campaigners from the anti-aviation group Plane Stupid breached security
to stage a three-hour rooftop protest at the Palace of Westminster.

The Trust’s submission to the Heathrow consultation warned that some of the most
valuable green spaces across London and the South East will be threatened if the
plans go ahead.

“People living in west London could be subjected to constant aircraft noise,”
said Ian Wilson, the Trust’s area manager for London. The Trust also warned of
the impact on climate change.


The charity has become increasingly active politically and last year threatened
to buy green belt land to prevent development.

Backing the campaign to prevent the new runway allies the Trust with London’s
three leading mayoral candidates, a swath of local authorities and MPs from the
major parties.

Business leaders and some trade unions support the plans, saying that increasing
the airport’s capacity is essential for economic growth.