Glasgow airport noise action plan

6.6.2008   (UK Airport News)

A draft Noise Action Plan has been drawn up for Glasgow Airport  as part of a scheme to make life quieter for people living in nearby communities.
 It identifies areas where noise has the greatest impact on residents together
with an action plan, and has been released for consultation in accordance with
the Environmental Noise Directive.

Minister for Environment Michael Russell said: ‘The Scottish Government is determined
to do more to highlight, and therefore deal with, the problem of excessive noise.
Improving our environment is a key part of our plans for a greener Scotland.’

‘In September 2007 we became the first in the UK to publish Environmental Noise
maps. The draft plans are the second stage in reducing public exposure to excessive
noise from transport and industrial sources.’

BAA said they hope to manage and minimise aircraft-related noise at Glasgow Airport
over the next five years. A spokesman for the airport said: ‘We are aware that
noise from aircraft operations remains a real concern for local communities, particularly
with the airport’s plans to grow and expand.

‘We hope the publication of this draft noise action plan will enable us to better
engage with local communities to improve our understanding of residents’ concerns
and priorities, and ensure that we take effective action in response.’

06.06.08 Glasgow airport noise action plan


The Glasgow Noise Action plan document   (pdf, 36 pages)

Responding to the consultation

This consultation was launched on 12 May 2008.
The deadline for responses is 11 July 2008.

You can send your response in several ways:

• on the internet, by completing the response form online at:


• by printing off the response form and mailing to the following address:

BAA Noise Action Plan Consultation

Gfk NOP Datacentre

Caxton House

91 Victoria Road

Chelmsford CM11JW

Next Steps

All responses will be reviewed and assimilated by an external consultant appointed
by BAA. We will then review and
finalise our Noise Action Plan. We plan to issue the finalised Noise Action Plan
by the end of 2008.