Things are hotting up at Bristol International Airport

14.10.2008   (From Stop Bristol Airport Expansion   – SBAE)

In December 2007, Bristol International Airport (BIA) applied to build a massive
“walkway” more than 4 times as long as the existing terminal under permitted development  rights
(the same rights that allow  people to make minor alterations to  their house without
planning permission).  

SBAE campaigned against this and North Somerset council agreed with them that
this huge development would increase capacity and have significant environmental
impacts,   and was an attempt to avoid proper planning controls.

But  BIA  were not willing to accept this resounding “No”.   Now they are applying
for an

even more arcane judgment called a CLOPUD (Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use
or Development) which would allow them to build the walkway without fear of enforcement
action from the council.

This would avoid all forms of planning control, would prevent the public having
a say, and would allow the airport to expand without ever stating what impacts
it would have upon the environment.

Stop Bristol Airport Expansion believe that this is an abuse of the planning
system.   They are encouraging people to write in to  North Somerset  Council, to
express their dissatisfaction.   They suggest making  the points that this is an
attempt to side-step planning controls; it  ignores a clear decision made by councillors;
it  is not covered

by any envionmental assessment and yet will have significant impacts; and that
the walkway is clearly part of the full expansion and should therefore be applied
for as part of the planning process for the full expansion.

SBAE  believe that the main planning applications for the expansion of   BIA will
be submitted before Christmas, maybe as early as the start of November.

Things are hotting up at Bristol International Airport and the Bristol campaign,  Stop
Bristol Airport Expansioin (SBAE)   urgently need local support to prevent its
uncontrolled expansion.   SBAE is asking  local people to help with their campaign,
both by writing to the council, and helping deliver leaflets.    Details are on  SBAE’s
website at   – please get in touch with the campaign if you want to help.   Email