BA claim new fuel efficient aircraft fleet for London City airport

22.12.2008   (BA press release)

“New fuel efficient aircraft fleet”

(greenwash warning !     bearing in mind there is to be  a doubling of flights at
London City Airport – it is not going to reduce the emissions over London, or
elsewhere  at all )


The BA press release states:

British Airways has placed firm orders for a fleet of 11 new generation fuel
efficient aircraft that will offer passengers unrivalled levels of space and comfort
on board.

The airline’s wholly owned subsidiary BA CityFlyer is to take delivery of the
first of its new Embraer aircraft, which will fly exclusively from London City
Airport, from September 2009.

Firm orders have been placed for six Embraer 170 and five Embraer 190SR efficiency
jets, known as E-jets, with options for three more in an investment worth US$376
million, based on current list prices.

They will replace the current fleet of 10 Avro RJ100 and two RJ85 aircraft operated
by BA CityFlyer. The new aircraft will be greener and more fuel efficient with
significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions. This was a key consideration in
the order.

The Embraer 190SRs and Embraer 170s will operate on routes from London City Airport
to Scotland, Ireland and Europe.

A ‘double-bubble’ fuselage design means there is more personal space for passengers
and with four-abreast seating throughout the aircraft, everyone will have the
choice of either a window or aisle seat.

Peter Simpson, managing director of BA CityFlyer, said: “We are very excited
about this new fleet of fuel efficient aircraft which will not only help us to
meet our environmental objectives but also provide more space and comfort for
our customers.

“This significant investment in new aircraft further demonstrates British Airways’
commitment to services into and out of London City for our customers.

“Having the combination of the Embraer 170s and 190SRs in the same fleet will
give us greater flexibility, enabling us to match capacity with demand on routes
within our existing and future network.”


Notes to editors:

1.         BA CityFlyer will be the first airline to announce Embraer 170 and 190SR
jet services to London City

2.         The Embraer 170s will be powered by General Electric CF34-8C5 engines
and the 190SRs will be powered by CF34-10E5 engines.

3.         The Embraer 170/190 family of E-Jets feature advanced engineering design,
efficient performance, outstanding operating, economics, low emissions levels
and a spacious cabin.

4.         The E-Jets can fly at a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.82 and at 41,000
feet with ranges of up to 4,448 km

5.         The high degree of commonality between the two aircraft is more economical
in terms of crew training, spare parts and maintenance costs

6.         The Embraer 170 will improve CO2 emissions by up to 56% [ weasel words – “up to 56%] versus the RJ fleet and the 190SR will improve CO2 emissions by up to 28%  
[ weasel words – “up to 28%]

7.         Both aircraft are more fuel efficient than the RJ fleet, with the Embraer
170 being 56% more fuel efficient and the 190SR being 28% more efficient.   [what flight and passengers load factor assumptions are being made?]