Have your say on new Dungeness C nuclear power plant plan close to Lydd

1.1.2009   (Kent News)

Plans for a third nuclear power station at Dungeness will be discussed at a series
of public meetings next month.

With one of its reactors now closed and the other nearing the end of its life,
owner British Energy has earmarked the site as an obvious location for one of
a new generation of plants.

The firm, which announced in September that it is to be bought by the French
company EDF, is also assessing land at Sizewell in Suffolk, Bradwell in Essex
and Hinkley Point in Somerset.

People living in and around Romney Marsh will have six opportunities to discuss
the proposals at meetings between January 13 and 29.

Dungeness B station director Alan Oulton said: "We are very keen to outline our
plans for potential new nuclear build to people in our community, and to allow
them to ask questions and give us their views.

"There is no doubt Dungeness is potentially a key site for new nuclear build
in the UK, and the benefits to Romney Marsh in terms of jobs and the economy are
vast. But an important part of the site assessment process is our dialogue with
the community."

Dungeness B is a 1,200MW twin-unit power station that employs more than 500 full-time
staff but is due to be decommissioned by 2018.

A potential third reactor would produce a maximum output of 1,600MW – sufficient
for about 2.5 million households – and provide jobs for up to 2,000 people during
construction and between 300 and 400 throughout the following 60 years.

Locations for the discussions include New Romney Assembly Rooms, Rye College
of Enterprise and Arts, and Dungeness RSPB visitor centre.

British Energy staff and representatives from the environmental consultation
firm Royal Haskoning will also be at Dymchurch village hall, Hythe Methodist Church
Hall and the Lydd War Memorial Institute Club.

People who wish to attend the meetings are being asked to call 0800 975 5852
or email mail@dungenessnewbuild.co.uk.

Nuclear power currently meets about 20 per cent of the UK’s electricity needs
and is supplied by 19 reactors throughout Britain, the majority of which are nearing
the end of their lives.

The Government supports the construction of a new generation of reactors, but
opponents argue the energy source is unsafe, uneconomic and unnecessary.

They say the Government should be focusing on renewable technology such as solar,
tidal and wind power.

In May 2007, a Kent County Council-commissioned survey of 1,180 residents found
that 44% supported a new reactor at Dungeness while 40 % opposed it.

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Lydd Airport Action Group


LAAG says:




British Energy is holding a series of public meetings in January 2009 to discuss
its plan for the construction of Dungeness C.   We would like LAAG members to attend
these meetings to reinforce the message that the Dungeness nuclear complex and
an expanded Lydd Airport are incompatible.

We especially need LAAG members to attend the first meeting – Tuesday January
13th – as this meeting will be covered by the local press.



Tues 13 January New Romney Assembly Rooms 7.00pm – 9.30pm


Weds 14 January
Rye College of the Arts & Enterprise 6.30pm – 9.00pm


Tues 20 January Dungeness Visitor Centre, RSPB Dungeness Nature Reserve 2.00pm
– 4.30pm


Weds 21 January Dymchurch Village Hall 6.30pm – 9.00pm


Weds 28 January Hythe Methodist Church Hall 6.30pm – 9.00pm


Thurs 29 January Lydd War Memorial Institute Club 2.30pm



We are pleased that British Energy has opposed the planning application but the
nuclear regulator – Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) – has NOT, believing
the increased risk of aircraft crash damage to the existing nuclear installations
at Dungeness is insufficient to justify an objection to Lydd Airport’s planning application.



LAAG has challenged this decision, making representations to the Health &
Safety Executive through its complaints procedure.   Our submission has been based
on reports prepared by Large & Associates (March 2007) and the aviation consultant,
Spaven Consulting (November 2008 – see attached). We note the following:



(1) Independent experts disagree with the NII’s decision including John Large
a leading specialist nuclear consulting engineer, retired and practicing nuclear
engineers and experienced practitioners in the health and safety field.


(2)  The NII’s explanation in its response letter to LAAG members was inadequate.
There are inconsistencies between the logic outlined in this letter, the planning
application and the contents of a previous crash damage safety case assessment
made in 1988 when a similar application for Lydd Airport’s expansion was made.


(3) Failure to recognise changes in the operational environment between1988 and



Since it is NOT British Energy’s job to defend the decisions of its regulator,
we believe an NII representative should be present at the British Energy meetings.  
British energy has replied to LAAG, and to members who have already registered
for meetings, to say that an NII representative will not be present.   In order
to make it clear to British Energy the depth of concern over the NII’s decision
not to oppose the planning application, it would be helpful, if you have not yet
registered, to request in the comments box, that British Energy’s presentation
should explain why British Energy objected to the planning application and why
the NII did not.
 It is also possible to register by phone: 0800 975 5852.



To register on-line follow/copy this link