Reading MP on attack over third Heathrow runway

22.1.2009   (Get Reading)

Reading East MP Rob Wilson laid into the Transport Secretary over his announcement
on plans to press ahead with the third Heathrow runway.

Mr Wilson told Geoff Hoon in the House of Commons on Thursday: "Can I suggest
to the Secretary of State that few people in my constituency will take any comfort
from either of his two statements.

"My constituents already suffer considerable noise pollution from Heathrow but
there is nothing in this statement to help them.

"No real commitment to Airtrack, no money to extend Crossrail, no third bridge
across the Thames and nothing to reduce pollution.

"Hasn’t the Secretary of State simply proved the old adage, that the emptiest
vessel makes the loudest noise."

After the debate he blasted the Government for its failure to heed the warnings
of environmental experts and the decision to expand Heathrow to accommodate a
third runway and sixth terminal.

He said: "A Conservative Government will cancel a third runway at Heathrow.

"People now have a clear choice. If they don’t want the runway, vote Conservative,
if they do and are happy to see our environment destroyed, vote Labour."

The Government faces a hard fight if it is to see the plans go ahead with protracted
legal battles – including one from Boris Johnson, the promise of direct action
from environmental campaigners, and other obstacles aimed at stalling the building
work until the General Election.

Mr Wilson said that with this in mind, David Cameron warned firms not to invest
in the airport’s expansion as a Conservative Government would scrap the plans
if it wins.