Council objects to Robin Hood Airport cargo flights

7.2.2009   (UK Airport News)

 Armthorpe Parish Council has objected to plans to lift restrictions on night-time
cargo flights at Robin Hood Airport.    The airport wants to overturn a ban on
noisier aircraft such as Boeing 747s flying at nigh, t to bring it in line with
other airports that accept cargo flights.

During Armthorpe’s February parish council meeting, councillors unanimously objected
to the plans citing an increase in noise during the night.  Councillor Tony Brown
said: ‘Do we really want to be woken up in the middle of the night all the time?  
 I think that is what it comes down to from us as residents.’

A consultation period into the proposals closed on January 30. The application
is now due to go before Doncaster Council’s planning committee next month.