Leeds Bradford Airport expansion plans approved

24.7.2009   (BBC)

Plans to extend Leeds Bradford Airport, which would double its capacity in five
years, have been backed by councillors.

The proposals include a £28m extension to the terminal building, a new departure
lounge, an improved check-in area and an expanded security zone.

In April the city council rejected an original plan because of concerns over
the impact on roads around the airport.

As part of the revised plans thousands of pounds will be invested in public transport
to and from the airport.

The improvements are part of a five-year £70m investment programme promised by
private equity firm Bridgepoint Capital, which bought the airport for £145m last

John Parkin, the airport’s chief executive, said: “We are creating capacity for
the airport to serve the demand for air travel from this region.

“There are more people flying from Manchester who live in our catchment area
than we have total passenger numbers.

“This is a situation that needs to be corrected.”



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After an epic 4+1/2 hour Plans Panel West meeting, the Council committee all
but APPROVED the £28m airport expansion. The vote itself passed on a knife edge
out of the 8 Councillors present for the decision, 1 abstained, 3 voted against,
and 4 voted for
.  The Panel voted to defer the decision until a number of conditions were met,
but once these conditions have been satisfied the Planning Department may approve
the expansion, a process that will take a matter of weeks.

Obviously this is a hugely disappointing result for the campaign, for local residents,
and for anyone concerned about the devastating impacts of climate change.  

We know our concerns are justified – the Council admitted that under the proposals
several key junctions close to the airport would be over capacity on Fridays,
and projections from Friends of the Earth show clearly that the airport’s expansion
plans would mean the airport would consume all of Leeds’ carbon budget by 2050.

Sadly cold hard fact wasn’t quite enough to counter the enormous pressure laid
on by Council officers and Leeds Bradford Airport.

Right now the future of the campaign is being reviewed.   There are several possible
avenues to explore that may stop, delay, or reduce the expansion.    We’ll be discussing
where to go next at an open meeting on  Tuesday 4th August, 3PM-5PM  please feel free to come along, here more about what’s happened, and explore
options for moving forward.     Email  
info@leedstidal.org  for more info, inc. venue once it’s confirmed.



But though this expansion has been approved, already we’ve achieved much in this
campaign – and it may not even be over yet!

  • We have demonstrated the strength of public opposition to airport expansion

    • Out of an unprecedented 2200 letters of representation to the Council, 80% were
      against expansion.


  • We have stopped unconstrained growth at LBA

    • When the proposal was first considered by the Plans Panel, there was a very real
      danger that the proposal would allow growth of up to 7m passengers per annum (mppa)
      at the airport, up from 3mppa!. Now further permission must be sought if the airport
      wishes to go above 4.5mppa


  • We have engaged Councillors with the issue

    • From the arguments they were using and the questions they were asking we unequivocally
      got our point across.
    • To have such a tight vote in the face of overwhelming odds is an achievement
      in itself!


  • We have delayed the expansion

    • Every tonne of carbon that goes into the atmosphere warms the planet that little
      more and costs lives.
    • Our actions have likely delayed this scheme by a year – that’s a full year less
      of increased carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
    • Meanwhile, out in the real world, air traffic at the airport is crumbling, probably
      down to around 2.5mppa this year and next; so that means that for the moment the
      CO2 emissions will be falling as well!
    • It’s very unlikely that the expansion ambitions of the new private owner Bridgepoint
      will ever be achieved, and the returns on their £150m investment will have slumped.
       Now they’ve got to shell out £28m on a new terminal with millions fewer passengers


  • We have built a strong, nimble, powerful coalition

    • This is not the first time we’ll have to respond to an issue like this.
    • We’ve built a powerful coalition that has a model for future work.  

No Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion