MANCHESTER Airport faces a multi-million pound lawsuit over claims that noise
and fumes from planes have slashed the value of nearby homes.

More than 200 householders have lodged compensation claims over the airport’s
second runway, which opened in 2002.

The airport says it hopes to come to an agreement with residents, but if that
fails the legal cases will go on into next year.

If all the claims are successful the total bill could be up to £9m.

All the claims so far are from Cheshire – but the first potential Manchester
claimant has just cleared a legal hurdle.

Chris and Audrey O’Donovan of Mill Lane, Wythenshawe, claim the airport has knocked
£200,000 off the value of their £800,000 bungalow.


The couple have lived there for more than 30 years but say their lives have been
blighted by aircraft.

The airport tried to have the case kicked out saying their claim was made one
day after the six-year time limit.

But a tribunal hearing in London last week ruled that because the claim was posted
by recorded delivery the day before the deadline, it should legally stand.

It is understood the airport continues to contest the case.

Mr O’Donovan, 61, said: “This used to be an idyllic place to live, but the new
runway changed things beyond belief. Aircraft are using this runway 24 hours a
day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

“The noise is incredible in itself. It’s so loud sometimes that the reverberation
can break light bulbs in the house.

“Whenever an aircraft takes off we get an appalling smell of aviation fuel, which
actually leaves an oily, sandy, taste in your mouth. You can actually feel it
in the back of your throat.”

A Manchester Airport spokesman said: “For a small number of Mobberley residents,
we accept that there has been an impact from Runway 2. We’d like to resolve this
by agreement but if that fails, the Lands Tribunal will act as arbiter.

“In the meantime, we continue to use our unique position as the only airport
outside London to operate two runways in attracting new airlines, new global routes,
the new businesses and jobs that are so vitally important for Manchester’s international