Bristol Airport planning approval must be called in for public inquiry

28.5.2010   (Stop Bristol Airport   Expansion – SBAE)

As you will have seen in all the press, North Somerset Council has approved Bristol
Airport’s planning application.      

SBAE  submitted really strong evidence in opposition to the application, but North
Somerset councillors chose to ignore this, the 5,000 plus objections, opposition
by both Bristol and B&NES councils, and the real impacts of the airport’s
expansion on local communities and the wider environment.   It is clear that there
is no current valid policy on which this decision was based, and it is open to

If you share SBAE’s serious concerns about the airport’s planned growth, there
are two things to do that would really help.

The first is we may need to build a war-chest to help fund a legal challenge. Any sum
will help. The easiest way to do this is through the Paypal donation link on our
website You can also pay by cheque, made payable to "SBAE" and posted to Stop Bristol
Airport Expansion, The Hub Bristol,3rd Floor,Bush House,72 Prince Street,Bristol
BS1 4QD.

The second action is to push for the application to be called-in.

The application will now be referred to the Secretary of State at DCLG,  due to
the impacts on the green belt and climate change.   He can either allow the council
to go ahead and issue its decision or ‘call in’ the application and have a public
inquiry. We are pushing hard for a ‘call-in’ and again urgently ask for your help.

It would really help us if you write to Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for
Communities and Local Government at:, copied to David Jones, Planning Manager (Dorset & West of England),GOSW
Planning & Housing Delivery Team at: 

The subject line should read something like: Call in the Bristol Airport application for a public inquiry

In your letter, please state that you:

·    Support the request by North Somerset Council for a call in due to the scale
of the development within the Green Belt. Bristol airport plan to build a car
park of 12.3 hectares/acres that will also be highly visible from the Mendip Hills
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

·   Support the request for the Secretary of State to exercise his call in powers
due to issues related to the national interest: specifically Climate Change, which
North Somerset Council has not yet considered in full in relation to the recent
Heathrow Court Ruling.
  The decision taken by North Somerset taken has also omitted to take into consideration
findings from the Committee on Climate Change and the true price of carbon.

·    Support the call in due to the Heathrow Court Ruling and the devalued status
of the 2003 White Paper.  
In March the High Court ruled that plans to build a third runway at London’s
Heathrow airport must include issues relating to Climate change.     Bristol Airport’s
expansion plans are based on the same out-of-date 2003 Air Transport White Paper
used to justify Heathrow’s third runway.   However the High Court ruling showed
that the Air Transport White Paper is no longer sufficient grounds to support

We believe that North Somerset Council has made a flawed decision based on the
outdated 2003 Air Transport White Paper and the draft Regional Spatial Strategy
which is no longer in use.


Please also add:

 A request that there should be a moratorium on airport expansion until new policy
developments on aviation are in place. These policies should take account of the
latest findings on climate change and noise and health guidance from the World
Health Organisation. The tourism deficit (which was £15.5 billion in 2009 and
£20.5 billion in 2008) should also be included as a cost to the UK caused by aviation.  

There is so much conflicting evidence within policies surrounding airport expansion,
there is no alternative but to call in this application.

The 2003 Air Transport White Paper has always been considered a flawed document,
we need a new and policy that really works to deliver integrated transport within
carbon budgets.

Please urge  Eric Pickles  to ‘call in’ the Bristol Airport planning application.


Thanks and best wishes from

Stop Bristol Airport Expansion