Lydd Airport Action Group welcomes Public Inquiry

24.6.2010   (Lydd   Airport Action Group)


Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG) welcomed the decision of the Secretary of State
for Communities and Local Government to call in London Ashford Airport’s ( Lydd
Airport’s) planning application for a public inquiry.
The case for a public inquiry was compelling since this application satisfied
four of the five criteria set out by government to determine whether a public
inquiry should take place. The criteria are:

(i)       May conflict with national policy on important matters

(ii)     Could have significant effects beyond their immediate locality

(iii)   Give rise to substantial regional or national controversy

(iv)     May involve the interests of national security or of foreign governments

The scale of the opposition to this planning application is demonstrated by the
record 14,000 pieces of correspondence received by the Government Office of the
South East – over 98% were opposed to Lydd Airport’s planning application due
to the likely adverse public safety and environmental consequences

There is no case for second regional airport in Kent. The location is inappropriate
since Lydd Airport is surrounded by unique natural habitats, is under a main migratory
bird route and is located less than 3 miles from the Dungeness nuclear complex.
The proposed development will adversely affect the area’s unique natural environment
while the risk of crash damage to the Dungeness nuclear power complex is too high.
The BP oil spillage demonstrates that the unthinkable can occur and that there
is no such thing as fail safe equipment.

A public inquiry will allow the many issues that are relevant to this planning
application to be revealed and assessed by professionals.


Louise Barton

Lydd Airport Action Group

01797 361 548

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Gemma Watts, PR & Events Manager, Protect Kent

24 June 2010

Protect Kent is pleased to hear today that Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for
Communities and Local Government has called in the decision to expand Lydd airport’s
runway and build a new terminal building, for review at a public inquiry.
Protect Kent has always felt the argument put forward by the airport, that it
would provide much-needed jobs is a dubious one. It does not account for how many
jobs would be killed-off in the existing leisure industries, nor does it recognise
that this scale of expansion would destroy the potential for the sustainable growth
of green tourism – an economic development that would directly benefit the local
population rather than business interests outside the area.

In the official referendum conducted by Shepway Council, 66% voted against Lydd
Airport’s expansion. The government Office for the South East has received over
2000 letters against the plans and only about 200 in favour.
The Marsh has a cultural as well as a natural value that is appreciated way beyond
Shepway councillors’ jurisdiction, and Protect Kent has always maintained that
it would be absurd to sacrifice this very special place for the dubious, short-term
economic ‘benefits’ of an airport –especially one that is not wanted or needed.

Deputy Director Sean Furey said:
&lquot;Romney Marsh is one of the most beautiful and tranquil landscapes in South East
England. We want tourists to come to area to appreciate it and support the local
economy, but we have long argued that expanding the airport is the wrong way to
go, and would damage internationally important wildlife habitats in the process.
We are glad that these issues will be explored rigorously by an inquiry.&rquot;