Lydd Airport chief Jonathan Gordon steps down

7.7.2010 (Kent online)

Lydd Airport’s managing director has resigned after the airport’s £25m expansion
plans were called in by the Government.

Jonathan Gordon said it would be in the "best interests" of the project.

The airport’s expansion plans are to be considered by the Government, which could
veto them despite Shepway Council giving its approval earlier this year.

Mr Gordon, who was brought into the expansion project in August, spoke of his
busy schedule as a consultant to other aviation organisations.

Mr Gordon said: "The airport’s senior management team will now take a more ‘hands-on’
role and, particularly with my other airline and global aviation consultancy commitments,
I thought that it would be in overall best interests if I stand down.

"My remit was to take the planning forward and I was happy with the resounding
success we enjoyed at the Shepway District Council meeting in March, when there
was a overwhelming vote in favour of our two planning applications.

"I believe the airport has a great future and will become an important part of
the local economy with job creation and economic prosperity.

"I will certainly be supporting it and we will continue with our long-term airline
development plans based at Lydd.

"I wish the company all the best for the future – we have parted good friends."

The senior management team at Lydd has taken overall control of the business
and it is now busy preparing to fight the public inquiry.


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